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Lostpedia was launched on September 22, 2005 one day after the Season 2 Premier episode "Man of Science, Man of Faith" aired on ABC, and one year to the day since the mysterious crash and disappearance of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 somewhere in the South Pacific. The site, launched by Kevin Croy, was created in order to allow fans of the show to organize the massive amounts of theories, plotlines and cast information that was generated by the show's premise.

Since the launch of the site, over 80,000,000 page hits have been generated and 5,000 pages created that chart the progress of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, as they live day to day on the mysterious Island. This has made Lostpedia one of the most visited wikis on the web, outside of Wikipedia.

In 2007, Lostpedia expanded to include a discussion forum, IRC channel, and blog. As of June 2009, the discussion forums had over 32,000 members, and 1,600,000 posts within 25,000 threads.

Lostpedia is an unofficial Lost fan wiki and is not connected in anyway with ABC or Bad Robot Productions. In December 2008, Lostpedia was acquired by Wikia.

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