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Lost in 4:24 is a humorous recap of events of the first three seasons and the first eight episodes of Season 4 of Lost in 4 minutes and 24 seconds. It was produced by Met|Hodder for ABC in anticipation of the return of Season 4 after the hiatus forced by the WGA strike. The name is a reference to the date of the return April 24th. It is a follow-up to Lost in 8:15.



FEMALE NARRATOR: Here's everything you need to know about Lost in four minutes, twenty-four seconds:

  • Oceanic 815 leaves Sydney for Los Angeles, and crashes on an island in the South Pacific—a very mysterious island.
  • There are 48 survivors but some of them die later on.
  • Jack is a doctor. He has a compulsive urge to fix things.
  • Kate's on the run from the law for killing her dad.
  • Sawyer's a con man.
  • Locke is in a wheelchair, but after the crash he can walk.
  • Charlie is a musician in a one-hit-wonder band. He has the hots for Claire,

CLAIRE: Peanut butter?!

  • the cute pregnant girl.
  • Sayid was in the Republican Guard and tortured people.
  • Sun and Jin are from Korea. They have marital issues.
  • Michael and his son Walt are just getting to know each other.
  • Hurley won millions in the lottery, but thinks it's a curse.


  • After the crash, Jack helps everyone out. He becomes the de facto leader.
  • Jack meets Kate. Kate stitches up Jack. They bond.
  • On the first night there's a monster in the jungle. There's other weird stuff, too.


KATE: It's a polar bear.

  • Jack, Kate, and Charlie find the tranceiver in the cockpit, but a monster comes and eats the pilot. They get a signal on the transceiver. It's a French woman...

ROUSSEAU: Il les a tués.

  • ...speaking French.
  • Charlie asks:

CHARLIE: Where are we?

  • Locke kills wild boar, loves life on the Island.
  • Jin catches sea urchins.
  • Claire's baby starts to kick.


  • Sawyer hoards meds to get a kiss from Kate.

KATE: What?

  • They kiss.
  • Michael builds a raft.
  • The Others come and take Walt.

WALT: Help me, Dad!

  • They blow up the raft.

RAFT: Boom.

  • The Others are the Island's original inhabitants.

HURLEY: The Numbers are bad!

  • Locke blows open a hatch. There's a man down there. His name is Desmond. And he's been pushing a button to save the world.

JACK: Savin' the world?

  • Desmond bolts and Locke starts pushing the button.
  • Sawyer gets sick. Kate is worried. Jack gets jealous. Kate freaks out. Jack consoles her. They kiss. Kate freaks out again. Jack gets confused.
  • Sun is pregnant, but Jin is sterile. What's up with that?
  • Michael iChats with Walt, gets caught by the Others.
  • An Other named Henry Gale gets caught in a net.
  • Michael sets Henry free and betrays his friends. He gets a boat to leave the Island with Walt.

BEN: We're the good guys, Michael.

  • Meanwhile, the survivors see a boat.

SURVIVORS: Over here!

  • It's Desmond. He's drunk.
  • Locke and Desmond don't push the button in the Hatch.

DESMOND: You've killed us all.

  • The sky turns purple and the Hatch is obliterated.
  • Hurley finds Desmond running naked in the jungle.


  • The Hatch blew his clothes off, and now he can see the future.
  • Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are held prisoner by the Others. Jack is greeted by Henry, whose real name is Ben.
  • Jack meets an Other named Juliet.
  • Ben has a tumor and he wants Jack to take it out.
  • Kate and Sawyer think they're going to die, so they have sex.
  • Jack sees Kate and Sawyer on an old TV and says he'll do the surgery.
  • Jack does a trick and says Ben will die if Kate and Sawyer don't go free.

JACK: Kate, dammit, run!

  • Kate, Locke, and Sayid come back for Jack. They see Jack play football with Mr. Friendly. Mr. Friendly throws like a girl.
  • Locke blows up the submarine, hangs with the Others. They all think he's special.
  • Juliet and Jack grow closer and head back to the survivors' camp.
  • Locke wants to meet Jacob. Jacob lives in a creepy cabin surrounded by white ash. Locke hears Jacob say:

JACOB: Help me.

  • So Ben shoots Locke and leaves him for dead.
  • A woman named Naomi parachutes on the Island. She says Desmond's girlfriend Penny sent her to find him. She came from a freighter 80 miles away and has a phone.


  • Desmond has a vision that Charlie flips a switch and drowns to save his friends.
  • Charlie knows he's going to die, so he says goodbye to Claire.

CHARLIE: Don't worry about me.

  • Very sad.
  • Juliet tells everyone the Others are coming to take the pregnant women. So the survivors blow up the Others.

OTHERS: Ayiahhh!

  • But Sayid, Jin, and Bernard get caught.
  • Hurley saves the day by running over the Others with the DHARMA van.
  • Jack leads everyone to the radio tower to make the call for help.
  • Charlie flips the switch. Charlie talks to Penny.

PENNY: Who's Naomi?

  • Patchy blows up the station.
  • Charlie writes on his hand, "NOT PENNY'S BOAT". Charlie drowns. Very sad.
  • Locke is going to kill himself, but Walt appears.

WALT: Now get up, John.

  • Whoa.
  • Naomi calls the freighter but falls over with a knife in her back. Locke threw the knife. Jack is mad.

JACK: John!

  • Jack and Locke have a standoff. Jack calls the freighter anyway. The freighter says they will be there soon. Everyone is happy. They think they're finally rescued.
  • But Jack and Locke disagree. The survivors split into two camps. Some go with Locke, some go with Jack.
  • Four people from the freighter arrive on the Island. They have a chopper. Jack and his gang believe it's the ticket off the Island. But the freighter people came to find Ben.
  • Sayid heads to Locke's camp.

JACK: You should go with him, Kate.

  • Bad idea, Jack. Sawyer wants Kate to stay and play house. Kate stays. And everyone goes Norman Rockwell.

SAWYER: Coffee smells good.

  • Locke keeps Ben in the basement. Kate and Sawyer have a fight.


  • Kate goes back to the beach.
  • Sayid and Desmond head to the freighter. Des has side effects. Then he calls Penny and all is well.

DESMOND: I love you, Penny.

  • Gotta love Des.
  • Ben tells Locke the freighter is Charles Widmore's boat. Widmore is Penny's father and he's going to kill everyone on the Island.
  • On the freighter, Sayid and Desmond meet Ben's spy.

RAY: Johnson!

  • But it's Michael. Whoa.


  • Flash forward to an unspecified time in the future. Six survivors get off the Island: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron, and Sun. They're known as the Oceanic 6 and they're big-time celebrities.
  • Hurley goes on a high-speed chase in his old Camaro.


  • Jack sees it on TV and has a screwdriver for breakfast.
  • Sayid is a hitman working for Ben.


  • Sun has her baby.

SUN: Aaghhhhh!

  • Hurley comes to Korea for a visit.

HURLEY: She's awesome.

  • They go to Jin's grave. It says he died the same day as the crash.
  • Kate wears cool shades when she goes to her trial. Jack lies on the stand and the charges are dropped.


  • Kate is mommy to Claire's son Aaron, now a toddler.
  • Flash forward to another unspecified time in the future. Jack has a beard. Jack is a drunk and addicted to pills.
  • Jack meets Kate out by the airport. Jack tells Kate:

JACK: We have to go back!

  • So there you have it. Six survivors get off the Island. Find out how when Lost returns.

MALE NARRATOR: Start at the beginning with Seasons 1, 2, and 3 on DVD now. Start anytime and catch up with episodes now playing on ABC.com. And start fresh with an all-new episode of Lost, Thursday, April 24th, at a new time, 10/9 Central, on ABC.

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