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Introductory Course: LOST 101
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Semester 2
HIST 101: Ancient Writing on the Wall ART 101: Inspiration and Expression with Jack Bender
LAN 101: Foreign Language for Beginners LAN 201: Advanced Foreign Language
PHI 101: I'm Lost, Therefore I Am PHI 201: I'm Right, You're Wrong: The Us Vs. Them Mentality
PHY 101: Introductory Physics for Time Travel PHY 201: Advanced Physics of Time Travel
PHY 301: New Physics with Jeremy Davies PSY 201: Self Discovery Through Family Relationships
SCI 201: Jungle Survival Basics

PHI 201
I'm right, you're wrong:
the us vs. them mentality
Professor(s) Stephen Finlay, PhD
Shlomo Sher, PhD
Semester 2
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This course examines the complex relationship between Right vs. Wrong, Us vs. Them, and Good vs. Evil, and applies it to both LOST and the real world.

Class 1


Why do we consider "others" as inherently bad? Through a philosophical discussion on morality, ethics, and how group dynamics influence our decision-making, this class is designed to provoke thought and discussion about how we come to decide between right and wrong.

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