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Lost University
Introductory Course: LOST 101
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Semester 2
HIST 101: Ancient Writing on the Wall ART 101: Inspiration and Expression with Jack Bender
LAN 101: Foreign Language for Beginners LAN 201: Advanced Foreign Language
PHI 101: I'm Lost, Therefore I Am PHI 201: I'm Right, You're Wrong: The Us Vs. Them Mentality
PHY 101: Introductory Physics for Time Travel PHY 201: Advanced Physics of Time Travel
PHY 301: New Physics with Jeremy Davies PSY 201: Self Discovery Through Family Relationships
SCI 201: Jungle Survival Basics

This course examines the complex relationship between Right vs. Wrong, Us vs. Them, and Good vs. Evil, and applies it to both LOST and the real world.

Class 1

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Why do we consider "others" as inherently bad? Through a philosophical discussion on morality, ethics, and how group dynamics influence our decision-making, this class is designed to provoke thought and discussion about how we come to decide between right and wrong.

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Reading List

Equality and Partiality (Thomas Nagel)

Ethics and the Limitations of Philosophy (Bernard Williams)

Boundaries and Allegiances: Problems of Justice and Responsibility in Liberal Thought (Samuel Scheffler)