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Introductory Course: LOST 101
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Semester 2
HIST 101: Ancient Writing on the Wall ART 101: Inspiration and Expression with Jack Bender
LAN 101: Foreign Language for Beginners LAN 201: Advanced Foreign Language
PHI 101: I'm Lost, Therefore I Am PHI 201: I'm Right, You're Wrong: The Us Vs. Them Mentality
PHY 101: Introductory Physics for Time Travel PHY 201: Advanced Physics of Time Travel
PHY 301: New Physics with Jeremy Davies PSY 201: Self Discovery Through Family Relationships
SCI 201: Jungle Survival Basics

This course will glance into both the culture and history of ancient Egyptian communication through hieroglyphics. The significance of these writings, from their inception to their current state, will be explored over two sessions as we decipher this once forgotten language of the Gods.

Class 1: Ancient Egypt & the Medu Netjer


The ancient world from which Egyptian hieroglyphics emerged might be a thing of the past, but is definitely not forgotten. A professor guides students through the historical significance of the ancient Egyptian civilization and how their hieroglyphics, medu netjer or "utterances of the Gods," withstood the shifting sands of time to give the modern world a glimpse into a once great civilization.

Class 2: Deciphering Hieroglyphics


Have you ever wondered how to interpret ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics? This class examines these symbols at a basic level. An instructor will break concepts down into the vital pieces of information that are necessary for introductory comprehension, from the many ways to read hieroglyphics to the phonetic sounds they represent.

Additional Material

Class1 Notes

Class2 Notes


Reading List

Reading List:

Egyptian Hieroglyphics: How to Read and Write Them (Stephane Rossini)

Ancient Egypt, A Very Short Introduction (Ian Shaw)

A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian (Raymond O. Faulkner)