Lost Season 5 (Original Television Soundtrack)
Season 5 soundtrack cover
May 11, 2010
Varèse Sarabande
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The Lost Season 5 (Original Television Soundtrack) was officially released on May 11, 2010 and released a week early to iTunes on May 5, 2010. The soundtrack contains orchestral pieces from the fifth season of Lost. The disc art is the DHARMA logo for the submarine, and behind it Locke and Ben sit at the old beach camp.

Track list

Season 5 back cover
Back cover
# Track title Track length Episode title
1 "Making Up for Lost Time" 3:23 "Because You Left"
2 "The Swinging Bendulum" 5:43 "The Lie"
3 "Locke's Excellent Adventure" 4:01 "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"
4 "The Science of Faith" 2:19 "316"
5 "More Locke Than Locke" 3:13
6 "Together or Not Together" 4:02
7 "Through the Window" 2:07
8 "Dharma Delinquent" 1:51 "LaFleur"
9 "La Fleur" 2:36
10 "Crash and Yearn" 2:28 "Namaste"
11 "Your Kharma Hit My Dharma" 2:05 "Whatever Happened, Happened"
12 "Alex in Chains" 1:35 "Dead Is Dead"
13 "I Hear Dead People" 1:52 "Some Like It Hoth"
14 "For Love of the Dame" 3:17 "The Variable"
15 "Follow the Leader" 7:50 "Follow the Leader"
16 "Sawyer Jones and the Temple of Boom" 5:14
17 "The Tangled Web" 1:41 "The Incident, Part 1"
18 "Dharma Disaster" 5:17
19 "Blessings and Bombs" 1:30
20 "Jack's Swan Song" 1:15 "The Incident, Part 2"
21 "Dharma vs Lostaways" 4:23
22 "The Incident" 3:07
23 "Jacob's Stabber" 7:32

Track descriptions

Season 5 soundtrack inner
Image used behind the disc tray
# Track title Track description Track type
1 "Making Up for Lost Time" Ben and Jack speak in Ben's hotel room; Those on the Island find themselves launched back in time. Emotion/Suspense track
2 "The Swinging Bendulum" Hurley refuses to go with Ben and gets himself arrested; Eloise Hawking locates the Island's current coordinates and informs Ben how much time he has left to gather the Oceanic 6. Suspense track
3 "Locke's Excellent Adventure" After talking to Ilana, Locke remembers what happened when he turned the wheel and moved through time. Suspense track
4 "The Science of Faith" Eloise Hawking gives Jack Locke's suicide note and explains how to use Locke's body as a proxy. Emotion track
5 "More Locke Than Locke" Ben telephones Jack and asks him to pick up Locke's body; Jack places Christian's shoes on Locke and rejects the suicide note. Suspense/Emotion track
6 "Together or Not Together" The Oceanic 6 board Ajira Flight 316 and take off. Emotion/Suspense track
7 "Through the Window" Ajira 316 flashes while flying and Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid are flashed to the 1970's. Suspense track
8 "Dharma Delinquent" Phil spots Horace blowing up trees on the Dharma surveillance system; Sawyer is revealed to be security chief Jim LaFleur. Suspense track
9 "La Fleur" Sawyer picks a flower and walks to his Dharma home; Sawyer is revealed to be living with Juliet Emotion track
10 "Crash and Yearn" Frank pilots Ajira 316 as turbulence hits; Jack, Kate, Sun, and Sayid disappear off the plane. Suspense track
11 "Your Kharma Hit My Dharma" Jin sounds the alarm as he finds young Ben shot; Horace places the Barracks' residents on alert. Suspense track
12 "Alex in Chains" Ben steals baby Alex from Danielle Rousseau. Character theme/Suspense track
13 "I Hear Dead People" Young Miles hears a dead man from behind a motel door. Character theme/Suspense track
14 "For Love of the Dame" Daniel talks to young Charlotte in Dharmaville; Daniel, Jack, and Kate get into a gunfight with Radzinsky and his gunmen. Emotion/Suspense/Action track.
15 "Follow the Leader" Kate announces her intention to stop Jack's plan; Dharma evacuates; Juliet & Sawyer board the Dharma submarine; Jack and Sayid swim to the Tunnels; Locke announces his intentions to the Others. Character theme/ Emotion/Suspense track
16 "Sawyer Jones and the Temple of Boom" Sawyer and Juliet plan for the future; Kate arrives; The Dharma submarine departs; Jack and Sayid arrive at Jughead; Locke leads the Others toward Jacob. Character theme/ Emotion/Suspense track
17 "The Tangled Web" Jacob weaves his tapestry, then catches and prepares a fish. Character theme
18 "Dharma Disaster" Nadia is run down by a car and dies next to Sayid; On Island, Sayid and Jack get in a gunfight while trying to smuggle Jughead's core out through the Dharma barracks. Character theme/ Emotion/Suspense track
19 "Blessings and Bombs" Jacob visits Sun and Jin at their wedding reception; Hurley drives the Dharma van until Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate block his path. Character theme/Suspense track
20 "Jack's Swan Song" Jack tells Sayid his plan is going to work, then marches solo off toward the Swan site. Character theme/Suspense track
21 "Dharma vs. Lostaways" Miles suggests Jack might actually cause the Incident with his actions; Sawyer, Kate, and Juliet follow Dharma security to the Swan site; Shootout at the Swan site; Jack drops Jughead down the shaft. Suspense track
22 "The Incident" The Swan energy pocket gives way, pulling all local metal to the shaft; Juliet is caught in chains and dragged down as well. Suspense/Emotion track/Character theme
23 "Jacob's Stabber" Ilana's team arrives at the statue to show Richard Locke's body; "Locke" and Ben confront Jacob; Jack and Kate pull Sawyer away from the Swan site wreckage. Character theme/Suspense track.

Album credits

  • Produced by Michael Giacchino
  • Executive Producer: Robert Townson
  • Orchestration by Michael Giacchino
  • Additional Orchestration by Andrea Datzman and Chad Seiter
  • Conducted by Tim Simonec
  • Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony
  • Contracted by Reggie Wilson
  • Assistant Conductor: Connie Boylan
  • Recording Engineer: Danny Wallin
  • Copyist: Brooker White
  • Music Editors: Alex Levy, Stephen M. Davis
  • Assistant Music Editor: Alexandra Apostolakis
  • Music Production Supervisor: Cheryl Foliart
  • Mastered by Erick Labson
  • Recorded at Capitol Records, Warner Bros. Clint Eastwood Scoring Stage, LA Sound Gallery

The Hollywood Studio Symphony


  • Jim Sitterly (concertmaster)
  • Ken Yerke (principal 2nd)
  • John Wittenburg
  • Norman Hughes
  • Terrence Glenny
  • Harris Goldman
  • Armen Garabedian
  • Rebecca Bunnell
  • Ezra Kliger
  • Jean Sudbury
  • Shalini Vijayan
  • Shari Zippert
  • Peter Kent
  • Charlie Everett
  • Robert Matsuda
  • Ron Clark
  • Vladimir Polimatidi


  • Darrin McCann (principal)
  • Karie Prescott (alt. prin.)
  • David Stenske
  • Richard Rintoul
  • Harry Shirinian
  • Jorge Moraga
  • Marda Todd
  • Caroline Buckman
  • Pamela Goldsmith
  • Scott Hosfeld


  • Larry Corbett (principal)
  • Steve Richards (alt. prin.)
  • Timothy Landauer (alt. prin.)
  • Daniel Smith
  • Victor Lawrence
  • Suzie Katayama
  • John Acosta
  • Rick Naill
  • Stefanie Fife
  • Matthew Cooker

String Basses

  • David Stone (principal)
  • Karl Vincent (alt. prin.)
  • Norman Ludwin
  • Edward Meares
  • Nico Abondolo
  • Charles Nenneker


  • Alex Iles (principal)
  • Alan Kaplan
  • Charlie Loper
  • Steven Holtman
  • Kenneth Kugler
  • Bruce Otto
  • William Reichenbach
  • Robert Sanders
  • Phillip Teele


  • Gayle Levant
  • Marcia Dickstein


  • Mark Gasbarro


  • Emil Richards
  • Daniel Greco

Special thanks

I would like to give thanks to the writers, producers, cast and crew of LOST, who continually inspire me with each episode. To the members of the orchestra, who rise to the occasion and blow me away at every session, you are at the heart of this music. Special thanks to my music team, who are my family at work, and especially my family at home - Mick, Gracie and Griffy.

Michael Giacchino


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