The Lost Season 3 (Original Television Soundtrack) was released on May 6, 2008. Varèse Sarabande released an exclusive 2-CD set with music from the third season of the show, composed by Michael Giacchino. Disc one contains selections of music from "A Tale of Two Cities" to "The Man Behind the Curtain". Disc two features the complete original scores from "Greatest Hits" and the two-part finale "Through the Looking Glass". [1] The disc artwork features DHARMA logos for the Hydra and the Looking Glass. The rear shows the survivors following Jack to see Rousseau from "Greatest Hits".

A Note from the Producers[]

If you were to open any LOST script you'd find two things that would probably surprise you: lots of swear words and references to Michael Giacchino. Now before you draw conclusions, the two are not related in the way you might think. But both serve an important purpose for us as writers: they exist to convey emotion - emotion above and beyond the expected.

Our prodigious use of expletives is our way of amplifying the intensity of what we put on the page. But even pulling out all the stops, there are times when words fail, when we find ourselves unable to convey the depth of the emotions we are trying to express. And that's when we turn to Michael.

Both on the page and on the screen we count on his brilliant and unique music to raise the bar, to make any given scene better. The script might say something like, "As they board the raft with hope of rescue finally at hand, Giacchino plays the moment for all its worth." Or "With Giacchino's DRUMS POUNDING like hell, they run fast as they can through the jungle rain." You get the idea. In other words, we rely on Michael a lot to save our asses.

For season 3, Michael has taken the themes he's developed for all the main characters - Jack, Hurley, Locke, Ben and the rest - turned them, deepened them, and found new ways to express the emotion of the show. From heart pounding action to lyrical emotional pieces that dig deep into the soul, Michael can do it all.

We are blessed to have Michael as our collaborator and even more as a friend. LOST would be nothing close to the show it is without him.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

Track list[]

Disc One[]

Season 3 back cover

Back cover

# Track title Track length Episode title
1 "In with a KABOOM!" 1:56 "A Tale of Two Cities"
2 "Main Title (Composed by J.J. Abrams)" 0:16 None
3 "Awed and Shocked" 1:34 "A Tale of Two Cities"
4 "Fool Me Twice" 3:18 "The Glass Ballerina"
5 "Pagoda of Shame" 2:02
6 "The Island" 2:57 "Further Instructions"
7 "Eko of the Past" 2:45 "The Cost of Living"
8 "Church of Eko's" 0:58
9 "Leggo My Eko" 3:12
10 "Romancing the Cage" 1:48 "I Do"
11 "Under the Knife" 4:18
12 "Teaser Time" 2:52 "Not in Portland"
13 "Here Today, Gone To Maui" 4:53
14 "Distraught Desmond" 3:36 "Flashes Before Your Eyes"
15 "Achara, Glad to See Me?" 2:25 "Stranger in a Strange Land"
16 "Ocean's Apart" 3:02
17 "The Lone Hugo" 3:34 "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"
18 "Fetch Your Arm" 2:24
19 "Ain't Talkin' Bout Nothin'" 2:05
20 "Shambala" 2:04
21 "Claire-a Culpa" 5:21 "Par Avion"
22 "A Touching Moment" 2:34 "The Man from Tallahassee"
23 "Sweet Exposé" 4:36 "Exposé"
24 "Storming Monster" 1:31 "Left Behind"
25 "Heart of Thawyer" 1:51
26 "Juliette is Lost" 1:28 "One of Us"
27 "Beach Blanket Bonding" 1:54
28 "Rushin' the Russian" 1:06 "D.O.C."
29 "Deadly Fertility" 2:05
30 "Dharmacide" 3:56 "The Man Behind the Curtain"

Disc Two[]

S3 soundtrack inner

Image used behind the disc tray

# Track title Track length Episode title
1 "Paddle Jumper" 1:16 "Greatest Hits"
2 "She's Dynamite" 1:16
3 "The Good, the Bad and the Ominous " 1:07
4 "Charlie's Fate" 2:58
5 "Paddle Jumper Reprise" 2:12
6 "Ta-Ta Charlie" 1:28
7 "Heirloom Holiday" 1:21
8 "Greatest Hits" 6:03
9 "Flying High" 6:30 "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1"
10 "The Good Shepherd" 0:58
11 "Manifesting Destiny" 0:40
12 "The Looking Glass Ceiling" 3:30
13 "Ex Marks the Jack" 2:10
14 "Jintimidating Bernard" 2:42
15 "Benomination of the Temple" 0:39
16 "An Other Dark Agenda" 0:36
17 "Kate Makes a Splash" 0:32
18 "Diving Desmond" 0:47
19 "Weapon of Mass Distraction" 0:50
20 "The Fallen Hero" 0:26
21 "Sticking to Their Guns" 0:58
22 "Torture Me Not" 2:44
23 "Through the Locke-ing Glass" 2:13
24 "The Only Pebble in the Jungle" 1:31 "Through the Looking Glass, Part 2"
25 "Early Mourning Mystery" 1:54
26 "Patchy at Best" 2:04
27 "All Jack'ed Up" 0:12
28 "Hold the Phone" 3:49
29 "Code of Conduct" 1:42
30 "Act Now, Regret Later" 5:11
31 "Just What the Doctor Ordered" 1:24
32 "Hurley's Helping Hand" 1:06
33 "Looking Glass Half Full" 4:16
34 "JACK FM" 0:30
35 "Naomi Phone Home" 4:01
36 "Flash Forward Flashback" 4:16
37 "End Title" 0:32 None

Track descriptions[]

Disc One[]

# Track title Track description Track type
1 "In with a KABOOM!" The Others witness the crash, then Ben sends Goodwin and Ethan to each of the two crash sites to pose as survivors of Flight 815. Suspense track
2 "Main Title (Composed by J.J. Abrams)" Opening theme Opening Theme
3 "Awed and Shocked" Sawyer and Karl try to escape from their cages only to be caught by Tom and Juliet. Action track
4 "Fool Me Twice" A group of Others board the Elizabeth causing Sun to shoot Colleen and forcing Sayid and Jin to engage in a shootout. Suspense/Action track
5 "Pagoda of Shame" In flashback, Sun speaks with her father at Jae Lee's funeral. In realtime, Jin comforts Sun on the beach before Sayid tells them they have a long walk ahead. Character theme
6 "The Island" Locke has a vision of Boone, who tells him to "clean up [his] own mess." Suspense track
7 "Eko of the Past" Eko has memories of his brother Yemi who appears to him and tells him "it's time to confess." Afterwards, Eko's tent burns down, forcing Charlie and Hurley to drag him out. As soon as they turn their backs, Eko is gone. Suspense track
8 "Church of Eko's" Eko begins to embrace his new role as a priest. Character theme
9 "Leggo My Eko" Eko is attacked and killed by the Monster. His last words to Locke are "You're next." Action/Emotion track
10 "Romancing the Cage" Kate and Sawyer have sex in the cage. Emotion track
11 "Under the Knife" Jack slices open Ben's kidney sac and urges Kate to run. Suspense/Action/Emotion track
12 "Teaser Time" Kate and Sawyer escape from their captors while Juliet gives orders to recapture them and kill them if necessary. Action/Suspense track
13 "Here Today, Gone To Maui" Juliet shoots Pickett and Jack makes Kate promise never to come back. Action/Emotion track
14 "Distraught Desmond" Desmond regrets the choices he made with his relationship with Penny. Character theme
15 "Achara, Glad to See Me?" Achara visits Jack. Character theme
16 "Ocean's Apart" The Others take Jack home with him, while Sawyer and Kate head back to camp leaving Karl alone in the jungle looking up at the night sky. Emotion track
17 "The Lone Hugo" Hurley visits Libby's grave. Emotion track
18 "Fetch Your Arm" Vincent leads Hurley to the DHARMA van. Character theme
19 "Ain't Talkin' Bout Nothin'" Kate and Sawyer trek back to the beach camp. Emotion track
20 "Shambala" Hurley drives the DHARMA van. Emotion track
21 "Claire-a Culpa" Charlie and Claire send a seagull with their letter tied to its leg to find rescue. Emotion track
22 "A Touching Moment" Jack talks to Kate in the Barracks. Emotion track
23 "Sweet Exposé" Nikki runs through the jungle, buries the diamonds, continues running, and collapses in front of the survivors, apparently dead. Action/Suspense track
24 "Storming Monster" Kate and Juliet run from the Monster. Action track
25 "Heart of Thawyer" The survivors enjoy nourishment thanks to Sawyer. Emotion track
26 "Juliette is Lost" Juliet is brought to the Island. Character theme
27 "Beach Blanket Bonding" Jack accepts Juliet into the survivors' camp. Emotion track
28 "Rushin' the Russian" Mikhail is chased and attacked by Jin. Action track
29 "Deadly Fertility" Sun learns that her baby is Jin's thanks to Juliet. Emotion track
30 "Dharmacide" Ben participates in the Purge by killing his father. Character Theme

Disc Two[]

# Track title Track description Track type
1 "Paddle Jumper" Karl runs through the jungle, grabs a canoe, and paddles around the Island. Action track
2 "She's Dynamite" Jack tells the survivors about his plan against the Others with Danielle using the dynamite from the Black Rock to blow up a tree. Suspense track
3 "The Good, the Bad and the Ominous" Juliet tells the survivors that Ben is using a DHARMA station called the Looking Glass to block all the signals off the Island except theirs. Suspense track
4 "Charlie's Fate" Desmond reveals that Charlie has to die to get everyone else rescued. Emotion track
5 "Paddle Jumper Reprise" Karl arrives to warn the survivors that the Others are coming sooner than expected. Six hours before, Ben reveals that Jacob wants the Others to push the move to the survivors' camp forward. Action/Suspense track
6 "Ta-Ta Charlie" Charlie bids Hurley goodbye before leaving. Emotion track
7 "Heirloom Holiday" Charlie remembers the Christmas Liam gave him the Drive Shaft ring. Emotion track
8 "Greatest Hits" Charlie remembers the night he met Claire, then shows Desmond his "greatest hits" before swimming down to the Looking Glass to meet his fate. Emotion track
9 "Flying High" Off the island, Jack is a broken-down man contemplating suicide before saving a victim of a car accident. On the island, Jack leads most of the survivors to the radio tower to call Naomi's freighter, while Sayid, Bernard, and Jin stay behind to ambush the Others. Emotion/Adventure track
10 "The Good Shepherd" Jack tells Naomi he used to be a spinal surgeon. Naomi then shows Jack how to use the satellite phone. Adventure track
11 "Manifesting Destiny" Charlie is questioned by his captors in the Looking Glass. Suspense track
12 "The Looking Glass Ceiling" Ben is told of Charlie's presence in the Looking Glass, while ten Others walk into the trap set by the survivors killing seven of them. The plan backfires, however, when there are only two out of the three intended explosions due to Jin missing, leading to him, Sayid, and Bernard being captured. Suspense/Action track
13 "Ex Marks the Jack" Off the island, Jack receives a visit from his ex-wife Sarah. On the island, Jack assures the group everything will be OK and urges them to keep moving. Emotion/Suspense track
14 "Jintimidating Bernard" Ben orders the Others to kill Jin to get answers about where the survivors have gone. Suspense track
15 "Benomination of the Temple" Ben tells Richard to take their people to the Temple. Suspense track
16 "An Other Dark Agenda" Ben allows Alex to accompany him on a walk to find Jack. Adventure track
17 "Kate Makes a Splash" Kate worries about Jin, Sayid, and Bernard. Adventure track
18 "Diving Desmond" Desmond dives down to the Looking Glass to avoid being shot by Mikhail. Action/Suspense track
19 "Weapon of Mass Distraction" Charlie urges Desmond to hide from his captors in the Looking Glass. Suspense track
20 "The Fallen Hero" Off the island, Jack sees a report of him rescuing the car accident victims on TV at the hospital. Suspense track
21 "Sticking to Their Guns" Sawyer and Juliet excuses themselves from the group to head back for the beach. Emotion track
22 "Torture Me Not" Ben tells Mikhail to kill Charlie and keep the jamming equipment running at all costs. He also wants both Greta and Bonnie taken care of since they can't risk telling their people what they've done. Suspense track
23 "Through the Locke-ing Glass" After being shot and left for dead by Ben in the DHARMA grave, Locke prepares to end his life when Walt appears to him and tells him get up and out because he has "work to do." Suspense track
24 "The Only Pebble in the Jungle" Jack tells Kate he loves her as the reason why he's sticking up for Sawyer. Adventure track
25 "Early Mourning Mystery" Off the island, Jack mourns the death of someone who's neither friend nor family. On the island, the group is an hour away from the radio tower, but they're intercepted by Ben. Emotion/Adventure/Suspense track
26 "Patchy at Best" Following orders from Ben, Mikhail shoots Greta and Bonnie, only to be shot himself by Desmond. Meanwhile, Ben gets five minutes alone with Jack. Action/Suspense track
27 "All Jack'ed Up" Jack is unable to get anymore refills on his perscription. Suspense track
28 "Hold the Phone" Ben and Jack argue about the satellite phone. Suspense track
29 "Code of Conduct" Before Bonnie dies, she gives Charlie the code to switch off the jamming mechanism in the Looking Glass, which happens to be the song "Good Vibrations". Suspense track
30 "Act Now, Regret Later" Jack talks to Kate about what happened/Hurley rescues the beach hostages. Emotion/Action track
31 "Just What the Doctor Ordered" Jack rants to Dr. Hammill about his life. Suspense track
32 "Hurley's Helping Hand" Hurley tells Jack that he saved Jin, Sayid, and Bernard. He also assures Claire that Charlie's fine. Emotion track
33 "Looking Glass Half Full" Charlie sacrifices himself in the station in order for the survivors to be rescued. Suspense/Emotion track
34 "JACK FM" The group arrive at the radio tower. Adventure track
35 "Naomi Phone Home" The group makes contact with the freighter, much to the dismay of Ben and Locke. Suspense/Emotion track
36 "Flash Forward Flashback" The final scene which reveals the flashforwards, Jack tells Kate they "have to go back". Emotion track
37 "End Title" Ending theme

Album credits[]

  • Produced by Michael Giacchino
  • Executive Producer: Robert Townson
  • Orchestration by Michael Giacchino
  • Additional Orchestration by Chad Seiter
  • Conducted by Tim Simonec
  • Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony
  • Orchestra Contracted by Reggie Wilson
  • Recording Engineer: Dan Wallin
  • Copyist: Booker White
  • Music Editors: Alex Levy, Stephen M. Davis
  • Assistant Music Editor: Paul Apelgren
  • Additional Score Preparation: Andrea Datzman
  • Mastered by Erick Labson
  • CD Package Design by Matthew Joseph Peak, SoundChaser Studios
  • Recorded at Capitol Records, Warner Bros. Clint Eastwood Scoring Stage, Westlake Recording Studios, Martinsound

The Hollywood Studio Symphony[]


  • Jim Sitterly (concertmaster)
  • Kenneth Yerke (principal 2nd)
  • John Wittenberg (alt. cm, principal 2nd)
  • Peter Kent
  • Norman Hughes
  • Armen Garabedian
  • Terence Glenny
  • Harris Goldman
  • Rebecca Bunnell
  • Ezra Kliger
  • Jean Sudbury
  • Shari Zippert
  • Charles Everett
  • Razdan Kuyumijian
  • Robert Matsuda
  • Robert Brosseau
  • Ron Clark
  • Shalini Vijayan
  • Vladimir Polimatidi
  • Galina Golovin
  • Haim Shtrum


  • Darrin McCann (principal)
  • Karie Prescott (alt. prin.)
  • David Stenske
  • Maria Newman
  • Richard Rintoul
  • Harry Shirinian
  • Jorge Moraga
  • Marda Todd
  • Caroline Buckman
  • Karen Elaine


  • Larry Corbett (principal)
  • Steve Richards (alt. prin.)
  • Daniel Smith
  • Victor Lawrence
  • Suzie Katayama
  • Stefanie Fife
  • Rick Naill
  • Kevan Torfeh

String Basses[]

  • David Stone (principal)
  • Karl Vincent (alt. prin.)
  • Norman Ludwin
  • Chuck Nenneker


  • Alex Iles (principal)
  • Alan Kaplan (alt. prin.)
  • Charlie Loper
  • Steve Holtman
  • William Reichenbach
  • Kenneth Kugler
  • Bruce Otto


  • Gayle Levant
  • Marcia Dickstein
  • Amy Shulman


  • Mark Gasbarro


  • Emil Radocchia
  • Dan Greco


  • Grant-Lee Phillips
  • Carl Verheyen

Special thanks[]

I would love to give special thanks to my partners in crime - the writers and producers of LOST. Without their work, their words, their trust - I have nothing. I am also fortunate to have at my side the best music team in the business, with an extra special thanks to my assistant Chad who is "Johnny On The Spot" no matter what time of day or night. And my favorite thing about working on LOST? Being with members of the orchestra, who are truly at the heart of what I do. They bring LOST to LIFE.

And last but not least - special thanks to my family - Jamie, Mick, Gracie and Griffy. You make all this fun.

Michael Giacchino


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