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A Saturday Night Live sketch, first aired on December 2, 2006, featuring Matthew Fox in an elevator with a group of people, all of whom turn out to be fans of Lost and subsequently keep bugging him with their theories, criticism and obsessions. As such, the sketch is more a parody of the Lost fandom than of the show itself.


  • Man (Fred Armisen)
  • Matthew Fox (himself), star of the TV show Lost.
  • Diane (Amy Poehler)
  • Karen (Maya Rudolph)
  • UPS delivery man (Kenan Thompson)
  • Bike messenger (Andy Samberg)

Fan staples parodied

The sketch features various theories, complaints and obsession the audience is actually having about the show:

  • Fred Armisen's character openly accuses Matthew Fox of not having any idea what the show is actually about, and refuses to believe Fox when he claims otherwise.
  • Diane and Karen (Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph) are mostly obsessed with the Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle, although Karen is only halfway through season 2 (she's watching it on DVD), and Armisen's character deliberately spoils the destruction of the Hatch for her; subsequently, he continues by spoiling the movie Se7en.
  • Armisen's character suggests the smoke monster is "nightmares plus trees"; the UPS delivery man (Kenan Thompson) counters by sarcastically suggesting that the Others are "ghosts", which causes Karen to leave the elevator.
  • Diane claims she knew that Ben was evil from the start.
  • The UPS delivery man complains about the death of Mr. Eko and how there is no black cast member left after Michael and Walt departed from the show.
  • Armisen's character points out that the polar bears on an island are "nonsense".
  • The bike messenger (Andy Sarnberg) states that he supports the purgatory theory, which Matthew Fox denies is true.
  • Armisen's character suggests it's better than what Fox has, a "big pile of nothing".
  • Diane tells Matthew Fox that she thinks Kate made the wrong choice by deciding for Sawyer. She then claims she's only watching the show because of Fox and asks him out, to which he replies that he's married with two kids.
  • Karen (who ran up the stairs) returns, also asking out Matthew Fox, to which he replies the same he did before to Diane.
  • Armisen's character points out that the elevator ride is actually happening, unlike things on Lost.
  • The UPS delivery man suggests that the whole island is part of Walt's imagination.
  • The bike messenger repeats his purgatory theory.
  • Armisen's character suggests the island is on the toenail of a giant.
  • In the end, an annoyed Matthew Fox tells the group that all of their theories are right, just so they leave him alone.


  • Seth Meyers had the idea for the sketch[1].

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