Lost (Original Television Soundtrack)
March 21, 2006
Varèse Sarabande
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The Lost (Original Television Soundtrack) was released on March 21 2006, by the record label Varèse Sarabande. It includes full length versions of the themes heard on the show during the first season. Season 1's disc artwork features the jungle. At rear, Shannon is sunbathing, and Boone stands nearby, with the fuselage wreckage in the background.

A Note from the Producers

During the nine days we scurried to cut the LOST pilot, we had to put in temporary music before presenting the project to the studio and network. Bernard Herrmann, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, James Horner, Vangelis, John Carpenter, and half a dozen other composers unknowingly lent their brilliant music for the first test screening of the pilot - which led to its "pick-up" by ABC.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with temp music, many network executives had already grown to love the music - which left Michael Giacchino with the unenviable task of writing a score to replace some incredible music by some of Hollywood's leading composers.

Immediately, Michael dismissed the existing music and set out to create his own vision for the show. Instead of using music to simply enhance the scenes, Michael's score gave life to the characters. We no longer watched Jack walk through the debris of the plane wreck or Jack, Kate and Charlie flee from the cockpit - we now felt their grief, their angst, and their horror. From the pilot and on to the series, Michael used his own voice and passion to give LOST a sound all its own.

Hopefully, this collection will remind you of our characters' journeys through their first season on the island. For us, we finally have one CD to meet all our future temp music needs - at least until Michael releases his next score.

J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Bryan Burk, Jack Bender, Carlton Cuse

Track list

Season 1 back cover
Back cover
S1 soundtrack inner
Image behind the disc tray
# Track title Length Episode
1 "Main Title (Composed by J.J. Abrams)" 0:16 None
2 "The Eyeland" 1:58 "Pilot, Part 1"
3 "World's Worst Beach Party" 2:44
4 "Credit Where Credit is Due" 2:23
5 "Run Like, Um... Hell?" 2:21
6 "Hollywood and Vines" 1:52 "Pilot, Part 2"
7 "Just Die Already" 1:51 "Tabula Rasa"
8 "Me and My Big Mouth" 1:06
9 "Crocodile Locke" 1:49 "Walkabout"
10 "Win One for the Reaper" 2:38 "White Rabbit"
11 "Departing Sun" 2:42 "House of the Rising Sun"
12 "Charlie Hangs Around" 3:17 "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"
13 "Naval Gazing" 3:24 "Whatever the Case May Be"
14 "Proper Motivation" 2:02 "Hearts and Minds"
15 "Run Away! Run Away!" 0:30
16 "We're Friends" 1:32 "Homecoming"
17 "Getting Ethan" 1:35
18 "Thinking Clairely" 1:04 "Outlaws"
19 "Locke'd Out Again" 3:30 "Deus Ex Machina"
20 "Life and Death" 3:39 "Do No Harm"
21 "Booneral" 1:38 "The Greater Good"
22 "Shannonigans" 2:25
23 "Kate's Motel" 2:07 "Born to Run"
24 "I've Got a Plane to Catch" 2:37 "Exodus, Part 2"
25 "Monsters Are Such Innnteresting People" 1:29
26 "Parting Words" 5:30 "Exodus, Part 1"
27 "Oceanic 815" 6:11 "Exodus, Part 2"

Track descriptions

# Track title Episode Track type Scene
1 "Main Title"
2 "The Eyeland" "Pilot, Part 1" Suspense Jack wakes up and runs towards the beach.
3 "World's Worst Beach Party" Action Jack does his best to rescue people from the crash site.
4 "Credit Where Credit is Due" Emotion Jack walks amidst the wreckage and fellow survivors.
5 "Run Like, Um... Hell?" Action Jack, Kate, and Charlie run from the monster.
6 "Hollywood and Vines" "Pilot, Part 2" Adventure The survivors journey up a mountain to get a radio signal.
7 "Just Die Already" "Tabula Rasa" Emotion The survivors complain about the dying marshal.
8 "Me and My Big Mouth" Suspense Michael searches for Vincent in the jungle.
9 "Crocodile Locke" "Walkabout" Character Locke helps the survivors hunt for boar.
10 "Win One for the Reaper" "White Rabbit" Emotion The survivors drink water at night.
11 "Departing Sun" "House of the Rising Sun" Emotion Sun contemplates leaving Jin at the airport.
12 "Charlie Hangs Around" "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" Suspense Jack and Kate find Charlie hanged from a tree and try to resuscitate him.
13 "Naval Gazing" "Whatever the Case May Be" Adventure Kate and Sawyer discover a waterfall and go for a swim.
14 "Proper Motivation" "Hearts and Minds" Suspense Boone looks for Shannon before she is attacked by the monster.
15 "Run Away! Run Away!" Action Boone and Shannon run from the monster.
16 "We're Friends" "Homecoming" Character Claire talks to Charlie about their relationship.
17 "Getting Ethan" Action Jack and some other survivors ambush Ethan.
18 "Thinking Clairely" "Outlaws" Character theme Claire at the beach.
19 "Locke'd Out Again" "Deus Ex Machina" Character theme Locke cries over his failed attempt at getting into the hatch.
20 "Life and Death" "Do No Harm" Emotion The morning after Aaron's birth and Boone's death.
21 "Booneral" "The Greater Good" Emotion The survivors have a funeral for Boone.
22 "Shannonigans" Emotion Locke apologizes to Shannon for Boone's death.
23 "Kate's Motel" "Born to Run" Character theme Kate arrives at a motel in disguise.
24 "I've Got a Plane to Catch" "Exodus, Part 2" Adventure Hurley rushes to catch his plane at the airport.
25 "Monsters Are Such Innnteresting People" Action The survivors encounter the monster in the Dark Territory.
26 "Parting Words" "Exodus, Part 1" Adventure The survivors farewell the people on the raft as it departs.
27 "Oceanic 815" "Exodus, Part 2" Emotion The survivors meet on the plane, and Jack and Locke look down into the hatch.

Album credits

  • Produced by Michael Giacchino
  • Executive Producer: Robert Townson
  • Orchestration by Michael Giacchino
  • Additional Orchestration by Chad Seiter
  • Conducted by Tim Simonec
  • Performed by The Hollywood Studio Orchestra
  • Orchestra Contracted by Reggie Wilson
  • Recording Engineer: Dan Wallin
  • Copyist: Booker White
  • Music Editors: Stephen M. Davis, Michael Andreas
  • Mastered by Erick Labson
  • CD Package Design by Matthew Joseph Peak
  • Recorded at Capitol Records, O'Henry Sound Studios, Warner Bros. Clint Eastwood Scoring Stage

The Hollywood Studio Symphony


  • Jim Sitterly (concert master)
  • John Wittenberg
  • Kenneth Yerke
  • Robert Brosseau
  • Rebecca Bunnell
  • Susan Chatman
  • Ron Clark
  • Charles Everett
  • Armen Garabedian
  • Berj Garabedian
  • Terence Glenny
  • Harris Goldman
  • Galina Golovin
  • Alan Grunfeld
  • Steven Holtman
  • Norman Hughes
  • Peter Kent
  • Ezra Kliger
  • Razdan Kuyumjian
  • Robert Matsuda
  • Alyssa Park
  • Vladimir Polimatidi
  • Debra Price
  • Mark Robertson
  • Shalini Vijayan
  • Shari Zippert


  • Darrin McCann
  • Karie Prescott
  • Maria Newman
  • Caroline Buckman
  • Alma Fernandez
  • Jorge Moraga
  • Andrew Picken
  • Shanti Randall
  • Richard Rintoul
  • Harry Shirinian
  • Evan Wilson
  • David Stenske
  • Jean Sudbury
  • Marda Todd
  • Robert Becker
  • Pamela Goldsmith


  • Larry Corbett
  • Suzie Katayama
  • Victor Lawrence
  • Daniel Smith
  • Stefanie Fife
  • Steven Richards
  • Richard Naill
  • Matthew Cooker
  • Miguel Martinez
  • Timothy Lauderer


  • David Stone
  • Karl Vincent
  • Norman Ludwin
  • Charles Nenneker


  • Alexander Iles
  • Alan Kaplan
  • Charles Loper
  • Bruce Otto
  • Kenneth Kugler
  • Andrew Martin
  • William Booth
  • Bob McChesney

Bass Trombone

  • William Reichenbach
  • Craig Ware


  • Gayle Levant
  • Marcia Dickstein
  • Katie Kirkpatrick
  • Amy Shulman


  • Carl Verheyen
  • Lorin Ellis Lathrop
  • Kevin Riepl


  • Emil Radocchia
  • Alan Vavrin
  • Daniel Greco

Special thanks

Special Thanks to Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Ra'uf Glasgow, Cheryl Foliart, Chad Seiter, Samantha Thomas and Stephen Davis.

I'd also like to thank my team - without the help of the Disney music department, my conductor, contractors, copyists, music editors, and assistants I could not do this. Seriously, I COULD NOT do it.

To the players of the Hollywood Studio Symphony - whenever I am in your presence - the first word in my head is simply "WOW!".

A special thanks to Bryan Burk - who makes me feel as if I am in business with both a friend and a brother. His love of movie music is a shared enthusiasm that is a rare trait in today's producers.

And finally, a resounding thanks to my good friend, J.J. Abrams - you give me the freedom to be creative and to have fun with my work - there's no better gift.

And one last mention for the best family a guy could have - Jamie, Mick, Gracie and Griffith. One day you kids will watch this show and say - "so THAT's what daddy was doing up in his office all the time!"

Michael Giacchino


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