Lost Via Domus (Original Video Game Score)
February 26, 2008
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The Lost Via Domus (Original Video Game Score) is the score composed specifically for the tie-in video game Lost: Via Domus. Unlike the music scores for the television episodes, it was never released as a packaged soundtrack.

Track list

# Track title Track length Episode title
1 "Main Theme" 2:32 None
2 "Menu Theme" 1:09 None
3 "Eye Open" 0:49 ("Force Majeure")
4 "Jungle" 1:32
5 "Chasing Vincent" 0:32
6 "Stopping Fuel Leak" 1:35
7 "Pause Screen" 0:57 None
8 "Attacked on the Beach" 0:38 ("Force Majeure")
9 "Monster" 0:45 ("A New Day")
10 "A Beach in Thailand" 0:50
11 "Caves" 1:59
12 "The Cockpit" 1:24
13 "Ben Encounter" 0:40
14 "Back On The Beach" 0:43 ("Via Domus")
15 "More Jungle" 1:06
16 "Discovering The Hatch" 0:33
17 "The Compass" 1:57
18 "Even More Jungle" 0:32 ("Forty-Two")
19 "Hatch is Open" 0:26
20 "In the Hatch" 0:45
21 "Countdown" 1:04
22 "Suspicious Laptop" 1:16
23 "Kate Unlocks the Door" 0:23 ("Hotel Persephone")
24 "Dark Territory" 1:00
25 "Black Rock" 0:13
26 "Magnet Room" 1:59
27 "Magnet Disabled" 1:00
28 "Smoke Chase" 1:59 ("Whatever It Takes")
29 "Sonic Fence" 1:05
30 "Betrayal" 0:46
31 "The Flame" 1:14
32 "Back at Black Rock" 2:27 ("Worth A Thousand Words")
33 "One Mile Dash" 2:15
34 "End Credits" 2:01 None
35 "Game Over" 0:34 None

Track descriptions

# Track title Track description Track type
1 "Main Theme" Elliot’s Theme. Emotion track/Character theme
2 "Menu Theme" Selection Menu Theme. Action track
3 "Eye Open" Elliot wakes up in the jungle after the Crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Suspense track
4 "Jungle" Elliot explores the jungle, chasing Lisa before finding Kate. Suspense track
5 "Chasing Vincent" Elliot walks amongst the wreckage at the crash site of Oceanic Flight 815. Action track
6 "Stopping Fuel Leak" Following instructions from Jack, Elliot stops the fuselage of Flight 815 from exploding. Action track
7 "Pause Screen" The game is paused, waiting . . . Emotion track
8 "Attacked on the Beach" While trying to find his things, Elliot is attacked by Beady Eyes. Suspense track
9 "Monster" The first day after the crash, Jack, Kate, and Charlie come running out of the jungle, chased by the Monster. Emotion/Suspense track
10 "A Beach in Thailand" Lisa and Elliot talk while on vacation. Emotion track/Love theme
11 "Caves" Elliot navigates a system of caves to reach the plane’s cockpit. Suspense track
12 "The Cockpit" Elliot finds and searches the cockpit of Flight 815. Suspense track
13 "Ben Encounter" Leaving the cockpit, Elliot is confronted by Ben before being attacked by Tom and sedated by Juliet. Suspense track
14 "Back On The Beach" Elliot’s wakes up on the beach to discover that he has been gone for two weeks that he has no memory of. Suspense track
15 "More Jungle" Elliot is attacked by the Others while in the jungle. Suspense track
16 "Discovering The Hatch" Locke finds Elliot at the Hatch and instructs Elliot to follow him. Suspense track
17 "The Compass" Elliot finds a compass on a corpse in a cave and, with Locke’s help, narrowly escapes the Monster. The next night his attention is drawn to an explosion as the hatch is blown open. Suspense track
18 "Even More Jungle" Elliot is again attacked by the Others while in the jungle. Action track
19 "Hatch is Open" Elliot finds that the Hatch has been blown open with dynamite. Suspense track
20 "In the Hatch" Elliot explores the Swan station after a lockdown traps him inside and attempts to reopen the station. Action track
21 "Countdown" With the Swan timer rapidly reaching zero, Elliot must find a hidden blast door map and enter the code. Action track
22 "Suspicious Laptop" After the Swan is reopened, Elliot is confronted by Jack and Sayid about his absences, memory and the violent data on his laptop. Suspense track
23 "Kate Unlocks the Door" Kate lets Elliot out of the Swan armory, convinced that he is not lying about his memory. Emotion track
24 "Dark Territory" The Monster prowls the Dark Territory, attempting to find Elliot. Suspense track
25 "Black Rock" In search of dynamite, Elliot finds the Black Rock. Adventure track
26 "Magnet Room" In a quest to disable magnetic forces that prevent use of his compass, Elliot explores the Swan Station Incident Room. Suspense track
27 "Magnet Disabled" Finally able to use his compass after disabling the Swan Station reactor, Elliot is sent an ominous message by the Others, then chased by the Monster outside of the station moments later. Suspense track
28 "Smoke Chase" The Smoke Monster chases Elliot through the jungle away from the Swan Station. Action track
29 "Sonic Fence" Chased by the Monster to the sonar fence, Elliot is confronted by Juliet about the death of Lisa. Suspense track
30 "Betrayal" Attempting to gather a story on Zoran Savo at the Hotel Persephone, Elliot betrays Lisa to Savo’s hired men. Suspense track
31 "The Flame" In the Flame, Elliot talks with Mikhail before being knocked unconscious with a dart and waking up in the Hydra Aquarium. Suspense track
32 "Back at Black Rock" Elliot realizes that he let Lisa die for a news story – but now risks repeating his mistake at the Black Rock. Suspense/Action track
33 "One Mile Dash" Elliot races the Others to reach the Via Domus before they can destroy it. Action track/Character theme
34 "End Credits" Credit where credit is due is given to the game’s creative workers. Action track
35 "Game Over" Elliot or an essential character dies through one of many possible ways and the player must return to a checkpoint. Suspense track

Album credits

  • Produced by Michael Giacchino
  • Music Composed by Michael Giacchino
  • Additional Music by Chad Seiter
  • Orchestration by Michael Giacchino & Chad Seiter
  • Conducted by Tim Simonec
  • Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony
  • Music Recording & Mixing by Dan Wallin
  • Music Editing by Alex Levy & Paul Apelgren
  • Orchestra Contracted by Reggie Wilson
  • Score Preparation by Andrea Datzman
  • Copyists Chad Seiter & Gregg Nestor
  • Record Crew: Greg Dennen & Ryan Robinson
  • Recorded and Mixed at Warner Bros. Eastwood Scoring Stage


  • Although the music composed was 35 entirely original songs, the soundtrack never gained a release. Therefore, the only records of the tracks, their names, and their lengths are from fan rips from the game files online.
  • A number of the themes in the score, such as the Main Theme, Menu Theme, mystery theme, and the second movement of Back at Black Rock use themes or close variations on themes from the show.
  • Several songs use sound effects from either the game or the show, such as the presence of sounds of the monster in The Compass.
  • The art for the album is fan created.
  • At 38 minutes and 16 seconds, it is the shortest of all the Lost soundtrack albums.

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