Lost: The Untold

This article/section contains information officially created to be part of the Lost mythos
but ultimately rejected. It may be endorsed by ABC, or feature cast members.

Lost: The Untold is a program on the UK Channel 4 website devoted to Lost. It includes flash videos about events that have occurred in the main characters lives (flashbacks covered in Season 1), as well as interesting images and videos. However, it has been dubbed 'deuterocanon' by the Lost community.

The website was actually nominated for a prestiguous British Academy of Film and Television Award (BAFTA) under the category "Television and Craft - New Media Developer". The nominated individuals for the site are Janine Smith, Mark Limb and Tracy Blacher, with the companies Channel 4 and Hi-ReS! [1].

Hi-ReS! description

Hi-res untold.jpg
Hi-ReS! designing part of the game.
Taken from the Hi-ReS! book, "Amantes sunt Amentes":

Our first collaboration with Channel 4 was for the UK launch of ABC's hit series LOST. As we didn't want to give away the plot, we created a 6-week long episodic online narrative which aimed to explore the elements that you don't see on the island: the characters' dreams and their unconscious and the reality they left behind. Channel 4 supported the site with a dedicated phoneline you could call to retrieve weekly clues and passwords for the site and even got their news team to produce a fake news report for us.


The flight manifest shows passengers named:

  1. Kate Austin (Kate Austen) 27H
  2. Roy Alison 06A
  3. Carl Burgess 46A
  4. Leroi Brady 26F
  5. Boone Carlyle 09E
  6. Gratien Charlton 33D
  7. Eddy Colby 44A
  8. Michael Dawson 34A
  9. Thomas Eberwein 41A
  10. Mattie Esmond 66C
  11. James Ford 15D
  12. Kendal Fredrik 52C
  13. Dolph Gresham 84C
  14. Sayid Jarrah 16A
  15. Jin-Soo Kwon 50A
  16. Marc Kremers 03D
  17. Claire Littleton 55F
  18. Steve Lalawethika 65F
  19. Walt Lloyd 34B
  20. John Locke 24D
  21. Anna Lucia (Ana Lucia Cortez) 42F
  22. Edward Mars 27G
  23. Charlie Pace 29C
  24. Sun Paik (Sun-Hwa Kwon) 50B
  25. Hugo Reyes 29G
  26. Ava Roy 14A
  27. Shannon Rutherford 09F
  28. Jack Shephard 23A
  29. Harold Wollstein 24C
  30. Elijah Weldor 67D
  31. Toras Yorick 56R


  • Kate's last name is misspelled as "Austin" instead of "Austen".
  • Ana Lucia's name is incorrectly given as "Anna Lucia" rather than "Ana Lucia Cortez".
  • Sun's name is incorrectly listed as "Sun Paik" instead of "Sun-Hwa Kwon".
  • Elijah Weldor and Harold Wollstein are listed in reversed alphabetical order.
  • According to the website, the plane only had 42 rows of seats; however, this manifests lists no less than 84 rows. Also, Sun and Jin are listed as sitting in row 50, which would place them in the tail section, eight rows behind Ana Lucia, and Claire is listed as sitting five rows behind Sun and Jin, in row 55.
  • An updated and extended version of this manifest was also seen on the German website
  • The manifest is missing Gary Troup and Leslie Arzt, both of whom were on Flight 815. Several crash victims listed in "White Rabbit" are also missing from the manifest.

Pictures of interest

The site has many images which have information that other officially-affiliated US websites do not.


The manifest seen on the Channel 4 website
The manifest shows a number of the main characters of LOST and lists their seat positions. However, some of the seat numbers have been disputed by other information given in the show itself. In addition, some names are spelled wrong ("Austin Kate" instead of "Austen") or incomplete ("Lucia Anna" instead of "Cortez Ana Lucia").

FAA letter

The FAA statement on the crash
This letter details a report by the FAA into the crash of Flight 815, giving us the times when radio and radar contact was lost with the plane. The text on the page begins to be blotched out, and eventually all that is left is the words '48 are left here'.

FAA incident report

The incident report and map with an X
This appears to be a picture of a desk with a letter, cup and a map of Fiji with an X in the ocean. This could be interpreted as where the FAA supposedly believe Flight 815 crashed, though obviously this cannot be construed as canon. The rest of the report is largely reiterating previous facts, and space is available to enter a user and email to obtain information about the program.

Video clips of interest

As well as pictures, there are a number of fake news reports on the Untold program which add to the uniqueness of the site.

The News Readers

A screencap of the news reports, which appear overlapping each other on the site
When clicking 'I am new to this' on the site, a video begins showing the plane experiencing turbulence and showing Jack with an oxygen mask on. Videos then begin to play of fictional newcsasters talking about the crash. Newcaster 1 has the tag Tom Stevenson BBD7 (perhaps imitating the BBC, another prominent UK television channel, but the logo for the channel is in the style of ABC 7). Newscaster 2 is apparently from CCI News which broadcasts 'LIVE.' Finally, newscaster 3 seems to be from 'Earth News'(With a logo similar to Sky News').

Newscaster 1: Oceanic Airlines Flight 815, from Sydney heading to LA appears to have disappeared from the radar.

Newscaster 2: The FAA has released information that the flight may have changed course half way through and was headed to Fiji.

Newscaster 3: Oceanic Flight 815, the case that has now been dubbed the Fiji Triangle Mystery.

The Channel 4 Newscast

Perhaps the most interesting newscast is one hidden on John Locke's Untold page, where one can access his work computer (which has a postit sticker on saying 'on vacation'). On the computer desktop, a video can be played which actually features a well-known Channel 4 News presenter in the UK, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, which adds the sensation of reality.

Guru-Murthy: We’ve just received news that Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 traveling from Sydney to Los Angeles has disappeared from radar over the Pacific. Air-traffic control received no warning or irregular communications from the crew, and a search-and-rescue operation has not yet recovered any information. Oceanic Airlines will shortly be releasing a statement and contact number for concerned friends and relatives. We’ll have more news, as we get it.

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