Lost: The Last Episodes (Original Television Soundtrack) was officially released on October 11, 2010. It is a two-disc album featuring over two hours of music and is limited to 5000 copies. [1] It is now available for purchase on iTunes. It covers the music of the show's final four episodes, with Disc 2 consisting entirely of music from the series finale.

A Note from the Producers

The end of LOST occurred, of course, on May 23, 2010 when the final episode of the series was broadcast, but for us, LOST ended several times before that. It ended once when we finished writing the final scene of the last script. It ended again when we flew to Hawaii and watched our director and so many members of our amazing cast shoot the culminating scenes of the finale in the church. It ended again when we raised glasses and toasted with the editors after locking the final cut of the show.

But the most profound ending of them all happened the day we went to the scoring stage to watch Michael Giacchino and his orchestra record the score for the finale. Anyone who was there that day will tell you what an incredible experience it was. Many of the professional studio musicians, who have all worked on hundereds of projects, said it was the most emotional day of their careers. For the finale, Michael wrote a score that took all the major themes he'd developed over the six years and wove them together in brand new ways. The picture played on screens above us, but the dialogue was muted. It was humbling to watch how powerfully the music told the story without a single word. As those themes were played that day one final time, there was not a dry eye in the house. In fact, the two of us had to leave the scoring stage itself and retreat to the control booth so our own sniffling didn't ruin Michael's work.

We strove for an ending of our series that was spiritually uplifting, and at the end we were the ones who were uplifted by the power and emotion of Michael's work. It was, for us, perfect. And as we listened to each and every cue, we knew our journey was over and our story was finally complete.

Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof

Track list

Disc One

Back cover

# Title Length Episode
1 "Cage Crashers" 0:45 "The Candidate"
2 "Shephard's Why" 1:08
3 "Sub-Primed" 6:33
4 "SS Lost-tanic" 6:56
5 "Flew The Coop" 2:06
6 "Across the Sea" 1:54 "Across the Sea"
7 "Don't Look At The Light" 3:31
8 "A Brother's Quarrel" 2:58
9 "Make Like A Tree" 6:10
10 "Mother of a Plan" 5:14
11 "Mother of Sorrows" 3:56
12 "Love is Stronger Than Death" 2:51
13 "Cereal Experience" 2:25 "What They Died For"
14 "The Four Amigos" 1:13
15 "Walk and Talk and Aah!" 2:31
16 "Hide and Snitch" 3:00
17 "A Better Ben" 1:56
18 "What They Died For" 3:30
19 "Jack's Cup Runneth Over" 1:41
20 "Get Out Of Jail Free Card" 3:10

Disc Two

Image used behind the disc tray

# Title Length Episode
1 "Parallelocam" 3:23 "The End"
2 "Leaver-age" 1:10
3 "The Stick With Me Speech" 3:05
4 "Ultrasonic Flash" 2:52
5 "Fly By Dire" 0:52
6 "Down The Hobbit Hole" 4:34
7 "Dysfunctional Setup" 2:15
8 "The Well Of Holes" 3:21
9 "Pulling Out All The Stops" 2:28
10 "Blood From a Locke" 0:33
11 "Our Lady of Perpetual Labor" 4:35
12 "If A Tree Falls" 2:56
13 "Locke v. Jack" 2:21
14 "Can't Keep Locke Down" 2:51
15 "The Long Kiss Goodbye" 5:29
16 "We Can Go Dutch" 2:28
17 "Kate Flashes Jack" 1:13
18 "Hurley's Coronation" 2:47
19 "The Hole Shabang" 7:29
20 "Aloha" 1:12
21 "Closure" 8:08
22 "Jumping Jack's Flash" 0:58
23 "Moving On" 7:55
24 "Parting Words (Drive Shaft)" 3:32 Bonus Tracks
25 "Moving On (Alternate, with Ukulele)" 7:55

Album credits

Recorded at Capitol Records, Warner Bros. Clint Eastwood Scoring Stage, LA Sound Gallery

The Hollywood Studio Symphony


  • James Sitterly (Concertmaster)
  • Kenneth Yerke (Principal 2nd)
  • John Wittenberg
  • Norman Hughes
  • Terence Glenny
  • Armen Garabedian
  • Rebecca Bunnell
  • Ezra Kliger
  • Jean Sudbury
  • Shalini Vijayan
  • Shari Zippert
  • Peter Kent
  • Mark Robertson
  • Charles Everett
  • Robert Matsuda
  • Belinda Broughton
  • Laurence Greenfield
  • Haim Shtrum
  • Razdan Kuyumjian
  • Charles Bisharat
  • Galina Golovin
  • Vladimir Polimatidi
  • Debra Price
  • Alan Grunfeld
  • Barbra Porter
  • Alexander Shlifer
  • Ron Clark
  • Gina Kronstadt
  • Songa Lee
  • Cameron Patrick
  • Clayton Haslop
  • Tiffany Hu


  • Darrin McCann
  • Karie Prescott
  • David Stenske
  • Richard Rintoul
  • Harry Shirinian
  • Jorge Moraga
  • Marda Todd
  • Maria Newman
  • Evan Wilson
  • Caroline Buckman
  • Pamela Goldsmith
  • Alma Fernandez
  • Denyse Buffum
  • Karen Elaine
  • Miriam Mayer
  • Dan Neufeld
  • Miriam Granat
  • Jessica Van Velzen
  • Jeanie Lim
  • Robin Ross


  • Steven Richards
  • Victor Lawrence
  • Suzie Katayama
  • Richard Naill
  • Stefanie Fife
  • Vahe Hayrikyan
  • Matthew Cooker
  • Miguel Martinez
  • Giovanna Clayton
  • Rudolph Stein

String Bass

  • David Stone
  • Karl Vincent
  • Norman Ludwin
  • Edward Meares
  • Nico Abondolo
  • Charles Nenneker
  • Donald Ferrone
  • Timothy Emmons
  • Nicholas Rosen


  • Alexander Iles
  • Alan Kaplan
  • Charles Loper
  • Steven Holtman
  • Kenneth Kugler
  • Bruce Otto
  • Lori Stuntz
  • Loren Marsteller
  • Bruce Fowler

Bass Trombone

  • William Reichenbach
  • Craig Ware


  • Gayle Levant
  • Eleanor Choate


  • Mark Gasbarro


  • Emil. Radocchia
  • Daniel Greco
  • Bernard Dresel
  • Walter Rodriguez

Special thanks

I want to give a heartfelt thanks to all involved in the production of LOST, both in front of and behind the camera - your tireless and wonderful work proved an unforgettably creative experience for me. I would also like to thank all the fans for supporting the show for six fantastic seasons. I will miss LOST for years to come. Time to move on. Thank you!



  • At 8 minutes, 8 seconds, "Closure" is the longest track on all of the soundtrack releases.

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