Lost: The Final Season (Original Television Soundtrack) is a two-disc album featuring two and a half hours of music from the first 13 episodes from Season 6, along with two bonus tracks from the series finale. It was released on September 14, 2010. The music from the rest of the episodes in the season were featured in a subsequent release entitled The Last Episodes.

Note from the producers

How many television shows can you identify just by hearing the music? Very few. The fact that LOST is one of them is a testament to the amazing talents of Michael Giacchino. Michael created music for LOST that was unlike any we'd ever heard for a TV show or movie before it. It quickly became so indelible that his music didn't just compliment the show - it defined it.

Listening to these discs, the range of emotions conveyed in Michael's work is truly incredible. From cues that are urgent and intense as the characters explore the island, to skin-tingling mystery cues as they try to unlock the island's secrets. Michael's deeply emotional scores still bring tears to our eyes even after dozens of listens. Occasionally, the show is even funny, and Michael nails that too. It's impossible for us to imagine LOST without Michael as our collaborator. As Hans Christian Anderson once said, "Where words fail, music speaks." And for each and every episode of the show, Michael Giacchino's music did exactly that.

Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof


Disc One

Season 6 back cover
Back cover
# Title Length Episode
1 "A Sunken Feeling" 1:34 "LA X, Part 1"
2 "Heavy Metal Crew" 1:01
3 "Doing Jacob's Work" 1:58
4 "Smokey And The Bandits" 4:55
5 "LAX" 4:08
6 "Temple And Spring" 1:53 "LA X, Part 2"
7 "Locke At It This Way" 1:37
8 "Richard the Floored" 1:55
9 "Coffin Calamity" 3:46
10 "Lie Thou There" 2:30
11 "Trouble Is My First Name" 1:51
12 "Death Springs Eternal" 6:23
13 "The Rockets' Red Glare" 3:34
14 "Temple And Taxi" 3:37 "What Kate Does"
15 "My Orca" 0:40
16 "Helen Of Joy" 2:00 "The Substitute"
17 "Jacob's Ladders" 3:26
18 "The Substitute" 4:45
19 "Peculiar Parenting" 2:54 "Lighthouse"
20 "Door Jammer" 0:42
21 "The Lighthouse" 3:33
22 "Sundown" 7:37 "Sundown"
23 "Catch A Falling Star" 1:46
24 "Linus and Alpertinent" 2:27 "Dr. Linus"
25 "Karma Has No Price" 4:11

Disc Two

Season 6 soundtrack inner
Image behind the disc tray
# Title Length Episode
1 "Recon" 3:23 "Recon"
2 "Crazy Town" 2:01
3 "None The Richard" 1:20 "Ab Aeterno"
4 "Love In A Time Of Pneumonia" 1:35
5 "The Fall of Man" 2:58
6 "Dead Man Talking" 1:18
7 "Jacob's Advocate" 5:50
8 "Standing Offer" 1:20
9 "And Death Shall Have No Dominion" 3:54
10 "Sayid After Dentist" 1:49 "The Package"
11 "Shepharding Sun" 2:16
12 "Tesla Tester" 2:33 "Happily Ever After"
13 "George of the Concrete Jungle" 1:09
14 "World's Worst Car Wash" 2:00
15 "None The Nurse" 3:48
16 "Happily Ever After" 2:00
17 "Hugo Reyes of Light" 1:41 "Everybody Loves Hugo"
18 "Passing The Torch" 3:40
19 "A Memorable Kiss" 1:23
20 "The Last Recruit" 4:07 "The Last Recruit"
21 "Kool-Aid Claire" 1:19
22 "The Sub Group" 3:50
23 "Sunny Outlook" 0:40
24 "Reunion And Reneging" 2:58
25 "The Hole Shabang" (Bonus Track) 7:02 "The End"
26 "Moving On" (Bonus Track) 7:54

Track descriptions

Disc One

# Track title Track description Track type
1 "A Sunken Feeling" Jack and Desmond converse as The Island is revealed to be underwater.
2 "Heavy Metal Crew" Kate hears Juliet under the wreckage. Sawyer calls for Jin to get the DHARMA van.
3 "Doing Jacob's Work" Jacob tasks Hurley with bringing Sayid and the guitar case to the Temple. Afterwards, Jin, together with Hurley and the injured Sayid, return to the Swan wreckage.
4 "Smokey And The Bandits" Juliet dies in Sawyer's arms. At the foot of the statue, Bram grows impatient waiting for "Locke" to reemerge from inside. He takes four men inside the statue where the Man in Black transforms into the Monster and kills them all.
5 "LAX" The passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 exit the plane.
6 "Temple And Spring" While waiting in the Temple spring room, Hurley and Miles sit near Sayid's body. Hurley says goodbye to his friend. Kate explains to Sawyer where they are.
7 "Locke At It This Way" Locke's sideways theme. Locke and Jack talk at LAX's lost baggage department.
8 "Richard the Floored" Richard realizes the true identity of "John Locke", who then assaults him and marches off into the jungle.
9 "Coffin Calamity" The Temple theme. Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Jin are captured by The Others as they make their way through the underground tunnels and are taken to the Temple.
10 "Lie Thou There" Sawyer convinces Miles to listen to Juliet's last thoughts. Meanwhile, the survivors are introduced to Dogen and the Temple Others.
11 "Trouble Is My First Name" Dogen opens Hurley's guitar case to find a large ankh. Dogen then promptly smashes the Egyptian symbol, revealing a slip of paper hidden inside. Dogen reads it and asks for each of the survivors' names. Hurley demands to know what the paper says and Lennon tells him that it says they all will be in trouble if Sayid dies.
12 "Death Springs Eternal" Sayid is brought to the spring room, where Dogen and The Others drown him.
13 "The Rockets' Red Glare" The Others perform security measures to protect the Temple from the Man in Black. In the statue, the Man in Black confirms to Ben that he is the Monster.
14 "Temple And Taxi" Kate and Sawyer discuss Sayid's resurrection. Kate hijacks a cab in the sideways universe. Further on, the driver makes a run for it. In her distress, Kate kicks a pregnant women out of the vehicle.
15 "My Orca" Kate and Claire's Sideways theme. Kate prepares to change into Claire's clothes in a mechanic's bathroom, but when she opens her bag, she discovers a picture of the pregnant woman she had kicked out of the cab and a stuffed whale. Kate realizes her mistake and decides to go back for her.
16 "Helen Of Joy" Locke tells Helen what he was really doing in Australia.
17 "Jacob's Ladders" The Man In Black's theme. Sawyer and the Man in Black descend to the cliffside cave.
18 "The Substitute" Dr. Linus introduces himself to Locke. The Man in Black explains why the passengers of Oceanic 815 were brought to the Island.
19 "Peculiar Parenting" Jack's Sideways theme. Jack and David talk after the recital. Jin is introduced to Claire's "friend".
20 "Door Jammer" Jack and Hurley examine the Lighthouse. Jack kicks the door open.
21 "The Lighthouse" Jack and Hurley turn the lighthouse wheel, and see the images in the mirror. Jack smashes the mirror with a telescope.
22 "Sundown" Sayid kills Dogen and Lennon. The Man in Black invades the Temple, the surviving denizens of which find refuge.
23 "Catch A Falling Star" The Man in Black leads his new followers.
24 "Linus and Alpertinent" Richard explains why he's lost the will to live. Jack lights dynamite but it doesn't explode.
25 "Karma Has No Price" Ben's Sideways theme. Hurley, Jack, and Richard reunite with the people at the beach camp. Widmore's submarine arrives.

Disc Two

# Track title Track description Track type
1 "Recon" Claire attacks Kate, until the Man in Black intervenes. Sawyer investigates the Ajira plane.
2 "Crazy Town" The Man in Black tells Kate that his mother was insane. Sawyer is brought to the submarine.
3 "None The Richard" Richard's theme. Richard rides through the forest on his horse.
4 "Love In A Time Of Pneumonia" Richard arrives with medicine for his wife, before discovering that she has died.
5 "The Fall of Man" The Man in Black tells Richard to kill Jacob.
6 "Dead Man Talking" Jacob proves that Richard is alive, by almost killing him.
7 "Jacob's Advocate" Jacob explains the Island to Richard and grants him eternal life.
8 "Standing Offer" Richard returns to the place where he buried the necklace, and calls out to the Man in Black.
9 "And Death Shall Have No Dominion" Isabella appears and talks to Richard. Jacob talks to the Man in Black, who smashes Jacob's wine.
10 "Sayid After Dentist" Sayid admits his emptiness.
11 "Shepharding Sun" Jack gives Sun a notepad with which to communicate.
12 "Tesla Tester" A man is killed by the solenoid coils.
13 "George of the Concrete Jungle" Desmond's Sideways theme.
14 "World's Worst Car Wash" Desmond's car crashes into the water.
15 "None The Nurse" Desmond has a strange experience in the MRI, and asks Charlie what is happening to him.
16 "Happily Ever After" Desmond asks Penny out to coffee.
17 "Hugo Reyes of Light" Hurley's Sideways theme. Hurley receives his Man of the Year award.
18 "Passing The Torch" Jack cedes leadership of the group to Hurley.
19 "A Memorable Kiss" Hurley awakens.
20 "The Last Recruit" Jack learns the truth of his visions of Christian.
21 "Kool-Aid Claire" Sawyer convinces Kate that Claire is beyond help.
22 "The Sub Group" Jack, Sun, Frank, and Hurley separate from the Man in Black's group.
23 "Sunny Outlook" Sun frets over her wound's impact on her unborn child.
24 "Reunion And Reneging" Sun and Jin reunite for the first time in 3 years. Jack is nearly hit by Widmore's mortar attack.
25 "The Hole Shabang" (Bonus Track) Jack descends into the Source. Kate, Claire, and Sawyer board the Ajira plane. Jack reignites the Source. The plane takes off.
26 "Moving On" (Bonus Track) Jack realizes that he is dead. Everyone in the church rejoices and becomes one with the Light. On the Island, Jack dies.

Album credits

Recorded at Capitol Records, Warner Bros. Clint Eastwood Scoring Stage, LA Sound Gallery

The Hollywood Studio Symphony


  • James Sitterly (Concertmaster)
  • Kenneth Yerke (Principal 2nd)
  • John Wittenberg
  • Norman Hughes
  • Terence Glenny
  • Armen Garabedian
  • Rebecca Bunnell
  • Ezra Kliger
  • Jean Sudbury
  • Shalini Vijayan
  • Shari Zippert
  • Peter Kent
  • Mark Robertson
  • Charles Everett
  • Robert Matsuda
  • Belinda Broughton
  • Laurence Greenfield
  • Haim Shtrum
  • Razdan Kuyumjian
  • Charles Bisharat
  • Galina Golovin
  • Vladimir Polimatidi
  • Debra Price
  • Alan Grunfeld
  • Barbra Porter
  • Alexander Shlifer
  • Ron Clark
  • Gina Kronstadt
  • Songa Lee
  • Cameron Patrick
  • Clayton Haslop
  • Tiffany Hu


  • Darrin McCann
  • Karie Prescott
  • David Stenske
  • Richard Rintoul
  • Harry Shirinian
  • Jorge Moraga
  • Marda Todd
  • Maria Newman
  • Evan Wilson
  • Caroline Buckman
  • Pamela Goldsmith
  • Alma Fernandez
  • Denyse Buffum
  • Karen Elaine
  • Miriam Mayer
  • Dan Neufeld
  • Miriam Granat
  • Jessica Van Velzen
  • Jeanie Lim
  • Robin Ross


  • Steven Richards
  • Victor Lawrence
  • Suzie Katayama
  • Richard Naill
  • Stefanie Fife
  • Vahe Hayrikyan
  • Matthew Cooker
  • Miguel Martinez
  • Giovanna Clayton
  • Rudolph Stein

String Bass

  • David Stone
  • Karl Vincent
  • Norman Ludwin
  • Edward Meares
  • Nico Abondolo
  • Charles Nenneker
  • Donald Ferrone
  • Timothy Emmons
  • Nicholas Rosen


  • Alexander Iles
  • Alan Kaplan
  • Charles Loper
  • Steven Holtman
  • Kenneth Kugler
  • Bruce Otto
  • Lori Stuntz
  • Loren Marsteller
  • Bruce Fowler

Bass Trombone

  • William Reichenbach
  • Craig Ware


  • Gayle Levant
  • Eleanor Choate


  • Mark Gasbarro


  • Emil. Radocchia
  • Daniel Greco
  • Bernard Dresel
  • Walter Rodriguez


  • Grant-Lee Phillips

Special thanks

I really want to thank my team - Andrea Datzman, Chad Seiter, Tim Simonec, Dan Wallin, Steve Davis, Alex Levy, Paul Apelgran, Reggie Wilson, Connie Boylan, Booker White, Marshall Bossen, Cheryl Foliart, and especially Dave Craftsman. You guys were, are and always will be, fantastic to work with.

Michael Giacchino


  • "LA X, Parts 1 & 2" has the most tracks on the album: 13.
  • This album has music from every Season 6 episode except "The Candidate", "Across the Sea" and "What They Died For".
  • Several tracks take their titles from the episode they appear in: "The Substitute", "Sundown", "Recon", "Happily Ever After" and "The Last Recruit".
  • At 7 minutes, 54 seconds, "Moving On" is the longest track on this soundtrack.
  • The score, unlike past musical releases, is not entirely chronological with its songs and their order on the album. For example, "Temple and Spring", a piece which plays after Sayid's death, is three songs ahead of "Coffin Calamity", a piece from when the survivors ventured under the temple wall with a still-living Sayid.

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