Lost: The Complete Fifth Season
The Journey Back - Expanded Edition

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Mysteries of the Universe: The DHARMA Initiative
Making up for LOST Time
An Epic Day With Richard Alpert
Building 23 & Beyond With Michael Emerson
LOST on Location
Deleted Scenes
LOST University (Blu-ray only)
LOST 100 (Blu-ray only)

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Lost: The Complete Fifth Season: The Journey Back - Expanded Edition is the fifth box set compilation of Lost episodes, featuring all 17 hours of the show produced as part the fifth season of Lost, as well as a number of special features. The set is available on both DVD (Regions 1, 2 and 4) and Blu-ray Disc (Region A and B). The DVD retail price in the USA is $59.99 and the Blu-ray Disc list price is $96.99. The set was released in Region 4 on October 21, 2009 [1], Region 2 territories on October 26, 2009 [2], and in North America (Region 1) on December 8, 2009.

The fifth season is also available in a special Dharma Initiation Kit format, with a DVD list price of $119.99 and Blu-ray Disc version price of $134.00.

Press release information

The epic story of Lost twists, turns and time shifts in its brilliant fifth season. Packed with bonus material, including a revealing interview with the cast and an exclusive behind the scenes feature with Josh, Lost is better than ever!

When destiny calls, the Oceanic 6 frantically race back to the island. Discover what forced them to return and find out the fate of all those who were left behind. The answers to some of Lost's most pressing questions are revealed in this spectacular 5-disc collection, complete with deleted scenes, a behind the scenes celebration of the 100th episode and an incredible vault of exclusive bonus features.

The show that revolutionized primetime proves once again why it is television's most addictive and creative series!!

Disc breakdown

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4

Disc 5

Bonus features

Disc 5

Blu-ray Disc exclusive features

Hidden hieroglyphics on the Region A release of Season 5 on Blu-ray.

  • Lost University (BD-Live access required)
  • LOST 100 - Go in depth as the cast reflects on the first 100 episodes, and be a part of the cake-cutting ceremony with Duff Goldman of Ace of Cakes. (Disc 4)
  • The UK Blu-ray Disc release did not include the HMV bonus disc extras on the set, which were only released on the standard DVD set. However, the bonus DVD was available with the Blu-ray Disc set.
  • The Blu-ray Disc set appears to have at least four times as many easter eggs as the DVD set.

Easter eggs

Disc 1:

  • The menu on this disc gives you a view from inside the microwave in Hurley's kitchen. If you wait, Hurley will open the door and put a Hot Pocket inside to warm it up. Wait some more, and he removes it.

Disc 3:

  • The menu on this disc shows Locke at "the exit" in the Sahara Desert. If you wait, Charles Widmore's men will arrive in a car and pick him up.

Disc 5:

  • When you first view the disc, the menu background is a picture of the statue from behind. Selecting "Bonus Features" takes you to a menu with the statue seen from the beach in "The Incident, Part 1". When you try to select an option, an explosion is heard and the menu changes to all white with the options at odd angles.
  • On the main menu, highlight 'Episodes' and press left. The video shows Sean Whalen talking about the possibility of Frogurt returning on the show.
  • On the main menu, highlight 'Bonus Features' and press left. The video shows Jorge Garcia and Michelle Rodriguez talking about what has happened on the show since she left.
  • On the main menu, highlight 'Bonus Features' and press right, then up. The video shows Damon and Carlton talking about opening a "Dharma Times" restaurant.
  • On the main menu, highlight 'Play All' and press left, then up. This plays a brief deleted scene from "The Variable".
  • On the Bonus Features menu, highlight 'Lost on Location' and press left, then up. This gives you a video of Evangeline Lilly and Jeremy Davies talking about the horses on set.


  • Hieroglyphs are faintly visible on the cover of the Blu-ray and DVD releases (excluding region 2 DVD covers). While the age ratings placed on UK Blu-ray covers obscure some of the symbols, the series is already familiar from the Lost University website. The series is:


This series of hieroglyphs translates as "The summoned one ordains it." (Hieroglyphs)

Blu-ray Disc

Discs 1 & 3

  • Easter eggs on these discs are the same as the DVD versions. See above for details.

Disc 5:

  • The same menu changing effect happens on the Blu-ray Disc set as on the DVD set. See above for details.
  • The following easter eggs are found on the main menu:
    • Highlight 'Episodes' and press left, and the dot will move to just below 'Disc 5'. The video shows Sean Whalen talking about how he doubts Frogurt will ever come back, and how he suspects Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway were behind him being killed off because he was too good looking.
    • Highlight 'Episodes', then press right, then left. It's a video of Malcolm David Kelley talking about how he thought Walt would actually work out to be a bad guy and that the kidnapping was him and Ben pulling all the strings.
    • Highlight 'Features' and press left, the dot moves to the middle of the word 'SeasonPlay'. Press play and the video shows the first time Jorge Garcia and Michelle Rodriguez have a scene together and Jorge catching her up on what happened so far on the show since she left, much to her disbelief.
    • Highlight 'Features', then press right and up. The video is an interview with with Damon and Carlton coming up with an idea for a 'Dharma Times' styled restaurant.
    • Highlight 'Set Up' and press right. It shows a video (with no sound) of Jorge Garcia painting a picture of an Egyptian Sphinx.
    • Highlight 'SeasonPlay' and press right on your remote, the dot that shows you where you are moves in to open space, then press play. It gives a video of Jorge Garcia explaining the term 'ass-dirt'.
    • Highlight 'SeasonPlay' and press left, then up, and the dot will move up to above 'Episodes'. The video is about the make-up used on Jin for his appearance in "The Little Prince".
  • The following easter eggs can be found after selecting 'Features' on the main menu:
    • Highlight 'Lost University' and press left, then up. The video shows Evangeline Lilly with one of the horses from Season 5 with Jeremy Davies, talking about if they've ever ridden before.
    • Highlight 'Mysteries of the Universe', then press right, up, left. It shows Cheech Marin filming making a sandwich in "The Lie".
    • Highlight 'Mysteries of the Universe', then press left, down. The video shows Mark Pellegrino and Damon Lindelof discussing Jacob.
    • Highlight 'Lost 100', then press left twice. A video plays of Jorge Garcia in the Dharma Van finally finding the horn button on the last day of shooting with the van.
    • Highlight 'Lost 100' and press right. The video shows Damon and Carlton talking about when they first found out how awesomely the pilot did and then realising they'd have to carry on and make more.
    • Highlight 'An Epic Day With Richard Alpert' and press left, then down. A video plays of the Rob Kyker and the props department making the Boat in a Bottle that Richard has in "Follow the Leader".
    • Highlight 'Building 23 and Beyond' and press left. It is a video of Damon and Carlton talking to Michael Emerson about how he plays Ben and how beneficial it is that the actors don't see the scripts until it actually comes to the filming of the scene.
    • Highlight 'Building 23 and Beyond' and press right then up. It is another video with Damon and Carlton talking to Michael Emerson, this time discussing whether he watches the episodes when they air, as they eat lunch.
    • Highlight 'Deleted Scenes' and press left. A deleted scene of Daniel Faraday getting his qualification in physics from "The Variable" is played.
    • Highlight 'Lost Bloopers' and press left, then up. A video plays of all the stunt coordinators being introduced.

Special edition

Contents of Lost: The Complete Fifth Season Dharma Initiative Kit.

This was the first Lost box set to have a special edition version. It is called the Dharma Initiative Orientation Kit. It comes in a unique package and contains five discs, one VHS tape, maps, patches, pamphlets, and other paperwork. [4][5] The set contains the following:

  • A welcome message from Horace Goodspeed. [6]
  • A VHS tape containing a long version of the Barracks video [7]
  • Three leaflets about certain DHARMA departments. The Motor Pool[8][9], the Cafeteria [10][11]and Security. [12][13]
  • A map of the Barracks. [14]
  • Terms and conditions of the DHARMA Initiative. [15]
  • Four DHARMA logo jumpsuit patches. The Cafeteria, the Lamp Post, the Swan and the Security Team. A limited edition fifth Submarine patch is available in selected sets.
  • All five discs of Season 5 on DVD or Blu-ray Disc.
  • A CD version of Geronimo Jackson's single "Dharma Lady".
  • A sealed envelope from the Security Team, marked "Confidential." It contains the Letter of Truce, dated August 15, 1973.

This special edition box set was only released in the US and Spain.

Bonus DVD

A special bonus disc containing extra features is available with this set, sold exclusively at certain retailers: UK media retailer HMV [16], U.S. retailer Best Buy (who gave away similar disc promotions for Season 1 and Season 2), and in Australia, as a special edition six-disc set at JB Hi-Fi. The bonus disc includes:

  • Lost on Location
    • This Place Is Death - An inside look at a landmark episode and the return of the Smoke Monster.
    • 316 – Explore the creation of the Lamp Post Station and Ajira Flight 316 sets.
  • Easter eggs (featurettes)
    • Ben vs. Desmond Fight - Join Michael Emerson (Ben) and Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), and their stunt doubles as they rehearse and film their big fight scene.
    • Locke's Leg – Witness how the make-up team crippled Locke.
    • Rose and Bernard Retirement - Discover what has become of the devoted couple in the years since their disappearance.
    • Ben in Smokey's Lair – Enter Smokey's lair with Michael Emerson and the LOST crew as Ben prepares to confront the Smoke Monster.
      • Note: Although this feature was listed on the HMV website, it was not included on the disc for the US, UK and Australian releases so it was likely cut.


Street Date: December 8, 2009
Feature run-time: 731 minutes
Rated: TV-14-LV

Blu-ray Disc

Discs: 5
Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
Video: 1080p MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz/24-bit)
Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Subtitles: English, English SDH, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Cantonese, Indonesian, Korean, Malay, Thai
SRP: $96.99 U.S., $109.99 Canada


Discs: 5
Aspect ratio: 1.78:1 (Anamorphic Widescreen)
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1
Languages: English, French
SRP: $59.99 U.S., $79.99 Canada

(technical specifications may only apply to feature)


  • The Season 5 DVD introduces a new type of box; the inside packaging slides out from the side, with the back cover facing up, in contrast to the DVDs of seasons 1-4, with the packaging sliding out from the bottom and the front cover faced up.
  • This DVD has the least amount of discs, one less than Season 4, even though Season 4 had fewer episodes.
    • However Season 4 did have two bonus discs, instead of one to make up for fewer episodes.
  • The colours of the cover are inverted, much like the title card at the conclusion of the finale.
  • This season has the least amount of audio commentaries on only two episodes, also its the first season to not have any actors taking part in the commentaries.
  • "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2" was split into two separate episodes for the Region 2 DVD release, as with season three's DVD. The Region 1 release contains the full 2 hour episode as it originally aired on ABC. However due to the split, the order of scenes in the two episodes have been drastically altered from the original broadcast on ABC to make it "flow" better. While all finales are altered slightly for the DVD split, Season 5's seems to be heavily edited. Some of the differences are:
    • There is no "Previously on Lost" on part 1.
    • There were a few lines cut from Rose and Bernard's scene. They never said the line "because we're retired" and the question before that was cut. The cut parts can be seen on the exclusive HMV/JB HiFi DVD feature "Rose and Bernard's Retirement".
    • There is a "Previously on Lost" added to the start of part 2, recapping the events of part 1.
    • On the original broadcast, the second half of the hour (40 mins) starts with Locke and Richard arriving at the statue. In this DVD cut, the scene was moved half way into part 2 and Locke's flashback followed it, when Locke's flashback was originally in Part 1 just after the Cabin is burned. Hurley's flashback was the last one to feature on the TV broadcast. This means Locke's party is not featured until late into part 2.
      • These versions of these episodes aired on Sky1 in the UK, instead of the ABC version.
  • A version of the fifth season with six discs was also released in Brazil's video rental stations from April 29th to August 12nd, 2009. Each disc contained three episodes, except the last one that contained the season's last two-hour episode, and none of them had bonus features. The normal version was also released.[17]
  • When using Season Play, at the end of disc one it asks "What did she say her name was?" with an accompanying picture of a young Danielle Rousseau. This scene doesn't actually occur until the following episode on disc 2.

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