"Lost: Reckoning"
Lost reckoning
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26 April 2006
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"Lost: Reckoning" is a clip show that aired on April 26, 2006 during the normal Lost time slot in the week after the broadcast of episode 2x19 "S.O.S.", and before episode 2x20 "Two for the Road".


The survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 have been locked in a test of faith ever since they crashed on the island. Discover how this faith has been tested for both the middle section survivors and tailies.

Are you a person of faith or science? This is the dilemma that plagues the Island survivors and also defines their character. Discover how faith in the hatch led Locke on a mission to find a way inside, and how his discovery of Desmond led to his belief that punching in the numbers every 108 minutes would ensure everyone's survival. In addition, Michael's dogged mission in finding Walt, the tailies fight for survival during their first 48 days through their collision with the fuselage survivors, the uncertainty of prisoner Ben's (aka Henry Gale) allegiances, and tensions between the survivors and "The Others" have left everyone questioning what they believe in. Additionally, the healing powers of love are explored through a timid Hurley's struggle with asking Libby out on a date, through the strong bond between Sun and Jin, and through Jack and Sawyer's mutual - yet unrequited - attractions to Kate. ABC