Lost: Music from the Island for Solo Piano - EP
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Christopher Ryan
August 14, 2012
Little Jacket Industries, Inc
Michael Giacchino
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Lost: Music from the Island for Solo Piano is an album of music from Lost rearranged and played on the piano by composer Christopher Ryan.


On May 23, 2010, the day that the series finale aired, Christopher Ryan uploaded a video to YouTube featuring twelve minutes of piano music based on the musical score to Lost.[1] Composer Michael Giacchino viewed the video and was impressed by it:

"Chris had created remarkable solo piano arrangements," said Giacchino, "which captured the characters and emotions of all the major themes I had written for the show."[2] Wanting to share Ryan's work with Lost fans, Giacchino contacted Ryan about producing a professional recording.

The two recorded the album together at Warner Brothers Eastwood Scoring Stage.[3]


The album reached number 5 on Billboard's New Age album chart.[4] Damon Lindelof called the album "beautiful," telling his Twitter followers, "GET READY TO CRY!"[5]

Track list

# Track title Length Content
1 "The Characters, Pt 1" 4:47 Main theme, Claire and Aaron, Sayid's theme, Sun and Jin's theme, Rose and Bernard's theme, Jack's theme, Sawyer and Juliet's theme
2 "The Characters, Pt 2" 4:42 Ben's theme, Kate and Sawyer's theme, Claire's theme, Juliet's theme, Locke's theme, Charlie's redemption theme, the end of "Oceanic 815" (Main theme, Locke's mystery theme, Mystery theme), Main theme
3 "The Island" 4:40 Locke's theme, first traveling theme, second traveling theme, Locke's adventure theme, Jacob's theme, Richard's theme, the Light theme, main theme (in the style of "Aloha"), main theme, Locke's adventure theme
4 "The Journey" 4:51 LA X theme, departure theme (in the style of "The Gathering"), home theme, departure theme (in the style of "Parting Words"), life and death theme
5 "Moving On" 6:50 A rendition of "Moving On"

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