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Lost: Destiny Calls

Originally aired January 25, 2009.

Narrated by: Doug Hutchison, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse

Produced by: Met|Hodder


NARRATOR: Oceanic Flight 815...

[The plane breaks up with a loud explosion.]

NARRATOR: ...crashed in the South Pacific. 48 people survived...

[The engine blows up.]

HURLEY: We're all in this together, man.

NARRATOR: ...on a mysterious island...

[Lightning crashes as the Monster pursues Jack and Kate.]

KATE: Jack!

NARRATOR: ...far from home.

SAYID: You think they would've come by now.

CLAIRE: They don't know where to look.

NARRATOR: They fought for survival.

TOM: This is our island.

NARRATOR: And after 108 days...

JACK: I'm one of the survivors of Flight 815.

NARRATOR: ...six people...

KATE: So we can go off the island?

NARRATOR: ...found rescue.

KAREN DECKER: Ladies and gentlemen--the Oceanic Six.

NARRATOR: But the friends they left behind...

[Buzzing, magnetic humming]

NARRATOR: ...vanished. Now...

SUN: Jin!


NARRATOR: ...destiny calls.

JACK: Some very bad things happened.

HURLEY: It wants us to come back.

NARRATOR: And the six who came home must find a way...

JACK: We have to go back!

NARRATOR: return.

MAN: [On phone, to Kate] The Island needs you. You have to go back.

Act 1

NARRATOR: The story of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 has captured the imagination of audiences around the globe. And tonight, we explore the many reasons why.

DAMON LINDELOF: I think for us as storytellers, what's really exciting about the show is, when the audience is watching it, they have this effect of, "What's gonna happen next on the show? What are they gonna do? How are they gonna surprise us?"

CARLTON CUSE: Well, you can watch Lost and you can enjoy it. You realize there's a bunch of people that crashed on an island. They're trying to survive and make lives for themselves. There's kind of an elemental quality to it.

LINDELOF: Ultimately, anybody could crash on an island like this, and the idea of being surrounded by strangers and getting to reinvent yourself in some way is sort of readily identifiable.

JACK: I don't know your name.

KATE: I'm Kate.

JACK: Jack.

[Loud mechanical creaking and whirring]

CLAIRE: Did anybody see that?


CUSE: The Island is a mysterious place. It is its own world.


CHARLIE: It's a polar bear.

CUSE: We don't know where this island is. We don't know how it is that they can't be found.

SAYID: Hey! We've got a bar!

VOICE: [On radio] Iteration 7-2-9...

KATE: What is that?

[Rousseau speaking French]

SAYID: It's a distress call. It's been playing over and over for 16 years.

KATE: Maybe they came for them.

SAWYER: If someone came, why's it still playing?

CUSE: The Island clearly has a larger sort of spiritual quality to it. We have a mysterious smoke monster...


CUSE: ...that comes and goes.

KATE: Yeah, I saw it.

LINDELOF: You might see someone from your past that is dead. Jack has seen his father on the Island...

JACK: Dad?

LINDELOF: ...Christian Shephard, who died in Australia.

JACK: [Whispers] That's him.

CUSE: The reappearance of dead characters on the show kind of provide guidance for our characters.

HORACE: I'm not making any sense, am I?


HORACE: That's probably because I've been dead for 12 years.

CUSE: All these characters are sort of seeking redemption...

HURLEY: [Mouth full] You're not here!

CUSE: ...for misdeeds of their past.

JACK: I'm chasing something.

LOCKE: You see him?

JACK: Yes. But he's not there.


JACK: Last week, most of us were strangers, but we're all here now, and God knows how long we're gonna be here.

LINDELOF: Jack Shephard is our hero. He's a doctor. He's kind of the guy who most of the other castaways have been looking to to kind of give them leadership and guidance.

JACK: If we can't live together, we're gonna die alone.

LINDELOF: He's not really comfortable in this role.

JACK: I'm not a leader.

LOCKE: And yet, they all treat you like one.

LINDELOF: He grew up with a sort of tyrannical dad.

JACK: What'd I do wrong? Let's hear it.

CHRISTIAN: You might wanna try handing out some hope every once in a while.

LINDELOF: And as a result, sort of second-guesses himself often.

KATE: You did a good thing. You're taking care of everybody and just giving us something to count on.

CUSE: The people on this island have a second chance at their lives.

LINDELOF: You could strip away every aspect of your life. If you're a lawyer or you're a doctor, whatever you do in the real world doesn't matter anymore on a desert island.

KATE: I wanna tell you what I did.

JACK: I don't want to know. It doesn't matter, Kate. We should all be able to start over.


CUSE: Kate was a fugitive who was apprehended in Australia by a U.S. Marshal...

MARS: Don't run, Kate.

[Kate knees Mars in the groin, and he grunts.]

CUSE: in terms of a character who really got a chance to start a life over, it would be hard to top Kate in that department.

LINDELOF: Is Kate one of those fugitives where she was framed for a crime she didn't commit?

DIANE JANSSEN: Katherine, what did you do?

KATE: I took care of you, Mom.

CUSE: No. She actually blew up her dad...


CUSE: a giant fireball.

LINDELOF: So there you go.

SAWYER: Why do you wanna go back, Kate? If you think there's anything waiting for you back home other than handcuffs, then you really don't know how the world works.

CUSE: She is a person who's used to running from problems in her life.

KATE: I'm going back to the beach.

SAWYER: What, you're leavin'?

CUSE: It's very hard for her to not revert to being the person that she was and just flee.

SAWYER: In about a week, you'll find some reason to get pissed at Jack and bounce right back to me.

[Kate slaps Sawyer.]

CUSE: She finds herself torn between Jack, our doctor, and Sawyer, who's kind of the bad boy.

KATE: Why are you sticking up for Sawyer? He'd never do it for you.

JACK: Because I love you.

LINDELOF: Jack is the guy that she should be with, and she does genuinely love him and she knows that he would take excellent care of her, but Sawyer is the guy that she's really drawn to.

SAWYER: Did you tell him about you and me?

KATE: No, but he knows. He saw us on one of those surveillance monitors.

SAWYER: Well, now that that's out of the way, how about a little afternoon delight? Come on, Freckles, wait! You need me to make you a mix tape?

KATE: Yeah, why don't you do that?


SAWYER: Back in a flash, gorgeous.

[Briefcase unlocks]

CUSE: Sawyer was a con man before he got on flight 815.

CASSIDY PHILLIPS: Are you trying to con me?

LINDELOF: And he's a con man on the Island, too.

CUSE: Yeah, he's a con man on the island.

SAWYER: There's a new sheriff in town, boys!


CUSE: And he's a rogue, a scalawag. He's dangerous yet handsome yet charming.

LINDELOF: He likes beer. He's like Han Solo.

CUSE: And he makes a lot of funny jokes. He calls people nicknames.

LINDELOF: He has nicknames for everybody.

SAWYER: Hey there, Sunshine.

SAWYER: What's your problem, JumboTron?

SAWYER: Here comes Dr. Giggles.

SAWYER: Who are you getting your orders from, Colonel Kurtz?

LINDELOF: He'd call you "Stripey"...

[Cuse laughs]

LINDELOF: ...'cause of that shirt you're wearing.

CUSE: He'd call you Necktie.

LINDELOF: [Chuckles] Nice.

JACK: You do this back home, too? Steal from the dead?

SAWYER: You're just not lookin' at the big picture, Doc. You're still back in civilization.

JACK: And where are you?

SAWYER: I'm in the wild.

CUSE: They're basically stuck here and then they begin to explore the Island...

TOM: Over here.

CUSE: ...and they discover that there's some other mysterious people who live on this island.

SAYID: Have you seen other people on this island?

ROUSSEAU: No, but I hear them... they're out there, in the jungle.

[Ghostly voices whispering]

JACK: Sayid!

SAYID: Listen to me. [Pants] We're not alone.

LINDELOF: The show has sort of a reputation for being crazy and wacky and weird and strange. But 90% of our day is talking about the people on the show--what they would do, how they would feel, who's fighting with who, who has a crush on who--and that's the part of it that's really fulfilling for us.

CUSE: I think that the reason people like these characters is they see themselves in them.

LINDELOF: The show is about the same things that life is. It's about love. It's about forgiveness. It's about redemption. It's about pain. It's about excitement.

CUSE: The idea that they have a chance at redemption because of where they are on this mysterious island, that allows us to tell, I think, fairly universal stories about the human condition.

Act 2

NARRATOR: When John Locke arrived on the Island, he finally found the place where he truly belonged.

HURLEY: [Mutters] Mallomars.

LOCKE: Wake up, Hugo.


LOCKE: Time to get up. We're gonna get going.

HURLEY: I thought we didn't know where we were going, dude.

LOCKE: We do now.


RICHARD: I run a school for kids who are extremely special, and I have reason to believe that you might be one of them.

CUSE: John Locke's entire life has been people telling him that he is special, that he's meant for something. But all that ever got him was in a wheelchair, in a dead-end job in a cubical.

LINDELOF: He was a guy who really at sort of the low nadir in his life.

LOCKE: [Falling out of building] Aah!

ABADDON: You survived falling 8 stories out of a building. That's a miracle, Mr. Locke. Do you believe in miracles?

LOCKE: Nope, I don't believe in miracles.

[Whooshing, metal creaking of engine of crashed Flight 815]

CUSE: When he landed on this island, he discovered he could walk.

JACK: You, come on! Get over here and give me a hand!

LINDELOF: Suddenly, he's walking around, and he's like, "This is what everybody was talking about. This is what I was meant for. This is what makes me special."

LOCKE: What if everything that happened here, happened for a reason?

LINDELOF: Locke basically believes, "Who needs science?" You know, "Who needs a scientific explanation?"

LOCKE: It's destiny.

JACK: I don't believe in destiny.

LOCKE: Yes, you do. You just don't know it yet.

LINDELOF: The Island is kind of like the worst A.A. meeting you could possibly imagine, 'cause it forces you to relive your past over and over again. So if you were a torturer, the Island is gonna present a situation for you where you get to choose whether or not you're gonna torture again.

SAYID: I served five years in the Republican Guard. Just give me ten minutes with him.


CUSE: Sayid was a guy who has tried on many occasions to shed this very dark sort of soul that he has inside of himself.

KELVIN: Guess you're lucky you have a new skill set you can use.

CUSE: He is carrying the burden of having tortured people, and that is a very heavy burden for him.

SAYID: This isn't a game, Nadia.

NADIA: Yet you keep playing it, Sayid, pretending to be something I know you're not.

CUSE: He escaped his existence in Iraq and was on a quest to find, uh, this woman Nadia who he lost track of.

SAYID: I've been holding on for the past seven years to just a thought, a blind hope, that somewhere she is still alive.

CUSE: Is he capable of transcending the bad guy that he once was? That's what makes him really compelling as a character.

SAYID: I'm willing to give my life if it means securing rescue. I'm not giving it up for nothing.

CUSE: That idea of redemption is really sort of the central thematic of the show.

HURLEY: He's gonna be all right. Jack's gonna be all right. We all are.

SAWYER: Well, what a relief.


CUSE: In a lot of ways, Hurley, I think, is kind of the heart and the soul of the show. I mean, he's this guy who's just trying to get along and make his way here. And Hurley, we discovered in the first season, won the lottery.

[Hurley faints with a thud.]

CUSE: But this money made him utterly miserable.

HURLEY: I've kind of had some bad luck, too. Grandpa Tito died of a heart attack, and the first house I bought my mom burnt down.

DAVID REYES: Going to Australia's not gonna break any curse.

[Hurley zips up his bag.]

DAVID REYES: You need a little hope.

HURLEY: I have hope.

CUSE: There is a DHARMA bus on the island. He decides that getting this car running will really be a manifestation of the possibility of hope.

[Revs engine]



SAWYER: Son of a bitch.


LINDELOF: But the van actually represents a little more than just that because Hurley finds a dead body in the van.

SAWYER: Bottoms up.

HURLEY: That's not cool, dude. That guy had a mom... oh, and a name. It's not "Skeletor"--it's Roger Workman.

SAWYER: It's "work man", you blockhead! He was a DHARMA janitor.

ROGER: I'm a janitor?

OPAL: I'm sorry, Mr. Linus.


LINDELOF: Now the DHARMA Initiative was on the Island back in the '70s, early '80s.

DR. CHANG: I'm Dr. Edgar Halliwax. This is the orientation film...

LINDELOF: What brought the DHARMA Initiative to the island, it depends on whether or not you believe these orientation films that our characters keep finding.

DR. CHANG: For the briefest of the moments, the animal will seem to disappear.

[Tape rewinds]

LINDELOF: All we really know about DHARMA is what we see in the films. The DHARMA Initiative says that they came to the island to kind of make the world a better place. But when you look a little closer at these hatches...


LINDELOF: feels like they were into psychological experiments. Every one of these hatches is loaded with guns, so they seemed to have been a little bit more militaristic than we originally surmised.

CUSE: They set up their own utopian society and they were trying to carry out these various experiments. But then they discovered, oh, there's these indigenous people on the Island called the Others, or the Hostiles.

[Alarm blaring]

OLIVIA: Okay, everyone into your positions.

NARRATOR: The so-called Hostiles lived on the Island long before the DHARMA Initiative. And while they were wary of outsiders, they did make a few exceptions.

BEN: Are you one of them?

RICHARD: One of who?

BEN: A Hostile.

RICHARD: Do you even know what that word means?


LINDELOF: Benjamin Linus has a very sort of troubled history with the Island.

HORACE: Hey! Welcome to the Island, man! Namaste. And this must be Ben.

ROGER: Yeah.

LINDELOF: He was a member of the DHARMA Initiative. He lived amongst these people with his father.

ROGER: [Sighs] Happy birthday, Ben. Sorry I forgot. It's kind of hard to celebrate on the day you killed your mom.


[Newborn Ben cries]

ROGER: You had to come early. Now she's gone, and I'm stuck here on this Island... with you.

LINDELOF: And that led him to become a fairly dark and twisted individual...

BEN: Good-bye, Dad.

LINDELOF: Someone dark and twisted enough to basically kill his own father in cold blood.

[Loud hissing]

[Roger coughs]

LINDELOF: Ben is, in fact, complicit in or potentially responsible for the genocide of all these people. He killed the DHARMA Initiative.

NARRATOR: Ben emerged from this incident as the leader of the Others.

RICHARD: You want us to, um, go get his body?

BEN: No. Leave him out there.

[Richard mouths "Okay".]

NARRATOR: And when Oceanic 815 crashed on the Island...

[Loud explosion as the plane breaks in two]

NARRATOR: ...everything for Ben was about to change, though he did everything he could to maintain his power.

BEN: Goodwin! If you run, you can make that shore in an hour. Ethan, get up there to that fuselage. There may actually be survivors. Listen, learn, don't get involved. Go!


LINDELOF: Whenever somebody else comes to the Island, the others essentially, sort of like hermit crabs, wipe them out and start to use their stuff. So they have access to satellites, and they live in houses and have little book club meetings and this submarine that used to go between the Island and back to the real world, so they're able to sort of leave the Island at their own will.

CUSE: And they're very unhappy about the fact that these survivors landed on their island. There's an uneasy truce that exists for a while.

TOM: This is our Island, and the only reason you're living on it is 'cause we let you live on it.

CUSE: But there's also hostility and conflict.

SAWYER: Aah! [Grunts]

CUSE: Ben is a bad guy, and Ben has basically done a lot of horrible things to further his own power.

LOCKE: You ever wonder what happened to the DHARMA Initiative, Hugo?


LOCKE: There must have been at least a hundred of 'em living on this Island.

HURLEY: What happened to 'em?

LOCKE: He did.

Act 3

RICHARD: The place we're taking you to is special.

JULIET: Special, huh?

RICHARD: You'll see things there that you never imagined.

NARRATOR: And one can only wonder where it all began.

LINDELOF: We know that the Island's been around for a long time because occasionally we will stumble upon the people who were here before.

LOCKE: Our very own Adam and Eve.

LINDELOF: We find a ship in the middle of the jungle. How it got there, we don't know, but we know that it's from the 19th century.

CUSE: We saw this foot of a giant statue that was by the water on part of the Island.

SAYID: has four toes.

LINDELOF: So the idea that there have been people coming to this island for many, many years--why has the Island been drawing people to it all this time?

ETHAN: We're here!


CUSE: Juliet's a doctor who lived in Miami, and she got recruited by the Others. She thought she was going to work for a pharmaceutical company in Portland, Oregon, but in fact, she woke up on the Island.

BEN: My name is Benjamin Linus. I'm really looking forward to working with you.

CUSE: Juliet was recruited by the Others because she was a fertility expert...

[Monitor emits continuous tone]

CUSE: ...and one of the problems that the Others were having is that they couldn't have kids on this island.

JULIET: I think it happens at conception. There's nothing I can do about it, at least not here.

CUSE: Juliet, at a certain point, really becomes aware that Ben is manipulating her, and all she wants is to to get off this island.

BEN: That's not our agreement. You need to stay here until your work is finished.

JULIET: It's impossible! The mothers keep dying.

NARRATOR: So juliet left the Others to join the survivors, seeing them as her best chance to get home.

JACK: You want to get off this island more than anything else in the world. It makes you one of us.

SUN: I want to know about your research.

JULIET: Sun...

SUN: What happens to pregnant women?

JULIET: They all die.


LINDELOF: Sun and Jin are from Korea. They're married. And when we first meet them, we assume that Jin is this sort of domineering husband, and she is the submissive wife. But as time goes by, we realize that Sun was having an affair. She's pregnant, and she doesn't know, uh, if the baby is her husband's or this guy that she was having the affair with.

JULIET: The baby was conceived about eight weeks ago. You got pregnant on the Island.

SUN: It's Jin's. [Cries]

LINDELOF: She comes to find out that it was Jin's, and she eventually comes clean. She tells him everything.

JIN: [Speaks Korean] [Subtitles: I know the man I used to be. So I forgive you.]

SUN: [Speaks Korean] [Subtitles: I love you so much.]

NARRATOR: While many wanted to leave the Island, one survivor had reason to stay.

CINDY: Don't mind them. They're all just excited you're here.

LOCKE: Excited?

CINDY: We've been waiting for you.

CUSE: Locke is really now on a mission to try to understand the mysteries of this island.

RICHARD: It's beautiful, isn't it? No matter how much time you spend on the Island, you just never get tired of this view. We haven't been formally introduced. I'm Richard.


LINDELOF: Richard Alpert is the guy behind the guy.

CUSE: He is an Other, a very mysterious figure, and we have seen him in sort of an advisory role.

RICHARD: There's 40 of them. What do you think's gonna happen when you get there?

CUSE: We saw him visit John Locke when he was a very little kid. The thing about Alpert is that he always looks the same in all the different time periods that we've seen him.

RICHARD: When word had gotten back here that there was a man with a broken spine on the plane who could suddenly walk again, well, people here began to get very excited because that could only happen to someone who was extremely special.

CUSE: John Locke seems to be the guy that the Island wants to be leading.

RICHARD: We're looking for someone to remind us that we're here for more important reasons. But Ben doesn't want anyone to think you're special, John.

LINDELOF: Ben is told that Locke is going to be replacing him as the leader of the Island, and Ben is not happy about this.

BEN: You'll understand soon enough that there are consequences to being chosen... because destiny, John, is a fickle bitch.

NARRATOR: With Ben now replaced, Locke's mission as leader was to protect the Island at all costs.

CUSE: Locke has basically destroyed two ways in which our survivors might get themselves liberated from this island. He blows up one of the DHARMA stations which is a communication station, and then he blows up the submarine, which is their best chance of getting off the Island.

LOCKE: I'm sorry, Jack.

NARRATOR: Just when it seemed all hope for rescue was lost, the survivors learned a group on a nearby freighter were trying to reach the Island.

HURLEY: Is that like a radio?

SAYID: Yes. I've never seen equipment this sophisticated.

HURLEY: You can still make it work, right?

SAYID: I hope so.


NARRATOR: With rescue finally a possibility, Locke once again tried to prevent anyone from leaving.

[Phone ringing]

JACK: What are you doing, John?

LOCKE: Put the phone down.

LINDELOF: Jack is the optimist. He goes, "Oh, here's our chance. We're gonna get off the Island."

JACK: You're done keeping me on this island.

[Phone continues ringing]

LOCKE: You're not supposed to do this.

VOICE ON RADIO: Minkowski. Hello? Who is this?

JACK: I'm one of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Can you get a fix on our location?

VOICE ON RADIO: Hell, yeah, we can! Sit tight. We'll be right there.

Act 4

JACK: [Grunts] Oh!

DESMOND: You all right, brother?

JACK: Ah! I'm fine.

DESMOND: Does this hurt?

[Jack pants]

DESMOND: You haven't sprained it then.

JACK: What do you know about sprains anyway?

DESMOND: I was almost a doctor once.

JACK: Small world.

NARRATOR: Among the Oceanic survivors, the degrees of separation are few.

LINDELOF: There have been a lot of connections between the characters as time has gone by, some of which they're aware of and some of which they aren't aware of. But all their paths have sort of crossed in these strange and mysterious ways.

CASSIDY: I fell in love with the wrong guy. He conned me and embarrassed me. He was a bad guy.

CHRISTIAN: Some people are just supposed to suffer. That's why the Red Sox--

JACK: --will never win the series.

SAWYER: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

JACK: Something my father used to say.

CUSE: There is this sort of weave of life in that these characters that are brought together on this island all are linked to each other.

DESMOND: I'm Desmond.

JACK: Jack.

DESMOND: Well, good luck, brother. See you in another life, yeah?


CUSE: Desmond shipwrecked on this island while he was attempting to sail around the world to kind of try to prove his heroism to Penny Widmore, the woman that he loves.

PENNY: Desmond, what are you running from?

DESMOND: I have to get my honor back.

CUSE: Penny Widmore's father, Charles Widmore, is this very powerful and imposing figure, and he doesn't like Desmond at all.

DESMOND: And what makes you think I would just run away?

WIDMORE: Because you're a coward.

DESMOND: I'm gonna win this race, Penny--his race. And in a year, I'll be back.

CUSE: The net result of being shipwrecked on this island was that Desmond and Penny have been separated, and Penny was searching for Desmond for a long time.

[Klaxon blaring]

LINDELOF: He spent a significant amount of time down in this hatch pushing this button.

CUSE: And when the button isn't pushed, cataclysmic events started happening.

DESMOND: I've gotta go, and you've gotta get as far away from here as possible.

CUSE: So Desmond crawled down in that underground passage. And when he turns this failsafe key, all of a sudden, there's a white flash and there was this incredibly weird noise.

[Loud magnetic humming]

CUSE: Obviously, there was some consequence of that.

[Alarm beeping]

CUSE: One consequence appears to be that the island was made visible to the outside world.

[Telephone rings]

PENNY: Hello?

MATHIAS: Miss Widmore? I think we found it.

PENNY: Des, where are you?!

DESMOND: My God, Penny. Is that really you?

PENNY: [Laughs] Yes, it's me.

DESMOND: I love you, Penny. I've always loved you.

PENNY: I'll find you, Des.

DESMOND: I'll come back to you.

PENNY: I won't give up.

DESMOND: I promise.

PENNY: I promise. I love you.

DESMOND: [Simultaneously] I love you.

[Static hisses]

SAYID: The power source went dead. That's all we have.

LINDELOF: For reasons that we don't quite know, the Island is invisible. If you fly over it, you can't see it. You know, uh, satellites can't take pictures of it. So it's very difficult to find. And then, essentially, this freighter shows up.

NARRATOR: The freighter sent a research team by helicopter to the Island, where they were discovered by the survivors.

JACK: Who are you?

FARADAY: I'm here to rescue you.

CUSE: Jack was hoping that the freighter people really were as promised, and so he basically saw the freighter as a way for our guys to get off the Island.

KATE: Are we really going home?

JACK: Yeah, we're really going home.

LINDELOF: And Locke is actually the pessimist. He goes, "Unh-unh, these people are gonna kill us. They're gonna wipe us out."

LOCKE: If you wanna live, you need to come with me.

JACK: No one's going anywhere with you, John.

KATE: What are you doing?

SAWYER: Same thing I've always done, Kate. Survivin'.

JACK: You should go with him, Kate.

KATE: You serious?

JACK: I don't trust Locke.

[Aaron cries.]

CLAIRE: Can you get Aaron for me?

[Aaron coos.]

KATE: Yeah, I'm just... not very good with babies.


[Aaron coos.]

KATE: You're so good with him.

CLAIRE: The last thing I ever thought I'd be good at is being a mom. You know, you should try it sometime. [Singsong voice] Hey!


LINDELOF: Claire Littleton was eight months pregnant when the plane crashed and shortly thereafter gave birth to her son Aaron.

[Claire pants in childbirth. Newborn Aaron cries.]

KATE: You have a little boy!


LINDELOF: In her sort of younger rebellious days, she was in this rather bad car accident, and Claire's mother ended up in a vegetative state. As a result of that event, Claire finds out who her real father is.

CHRISTIAN: I came over because I wanted to help.

LINDELOF: And we the audience realize this man is in fact Christian Shephard, who also happens to be Jack's father.

CLAIRE: I don't even know your name. I want it to stay that way.

LINDELOF: And now, essentially, Claire's missing. We don't know where she is. She saw Christian Shephard in the jungle.


LINDELOF: She left the baby behind, and that's it.

KATE: Where's Claire?

SAWYER: We lost her.

JACK: You what?

SAWYER: She just walked off in the middle of the night.

Act 5

MILES: You okay? Lapidus, where's the chopper? Where did it crash?

LAPIDUS: Crash? I put her down safe and sound right over there.

NARRATOR: The team from the freighter and their helicopter landed safely on the Island, leaving Jack and his fellow survivors to believe they were one step closer to rescue.

LINDELOF: There are two types of people on the freighter. There's scientists and then there's military guys.


LINDELOF: And the scientists are sort of represented by this guy Dan Faraday, a woman named Charlotte Lewis and then a guy named Miles Straume, and they come first.

JACK: What's this for?

FARADAY: Rescuing you and your people--can't really say it's our primary objective.

LINDELOF: And they're sort of interested in doing experiments, figuring things out about the Island. In the meantime, the military guys are sort of moving in with their guns and their explosives...

[Alex cries]

LINDELOF: ...and they are trying to get Benjamin Linus off the Island.

KEAMY: Get your ass out here right now, or I'm gonna kill your daughter.

BEN: I'm not coming out of this house. So if you want to kill her, go ahead and do it.

[Gunshot--Alex slumps over, dead.]

CUSE: And their mission is not only to take out Benjamin Linus, but to take out everybody else who's on the Island.

BEN: I can help you, John. We have shared interests.

[Door creaks]

BEN: Or, at least, a common enemy.

LOCKE: And that would be our friends on the freighter.

BEN: Not them. The one they work for.


BEN: This is Charles Widmore, the man whose boat is parked offshore.

LOCKE: What does he want?

BEN: Charles Widmore wants to exploit this island, and he'll do everything in his power to possess it.

CUSE: This guy Charles Widmore looms out there, and what exactly his relationship is with this island, we don't know. We know that he has a daughter named Penny, the long-lost love of our character Desmond.

NEWSCASTER: [On TV] The wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815 has been found.

LINDELOF: There is this sort of wrinkle. Oceanic 815 supposedly was disvered on the bottom of the ocean, and everybody aboard was dead, which is not the truth because their plane crashed on the Island. Wow, who could possibly be responsible for staging a conspiracy of this magnitude? Ben basically says it was Widmore. "He wanted everyone to think you guys were dead so no one would ever find the Island and he could find it for his own purposes." And Widmore says, "Benjamin Linus is responsible for putting the plane there, for exactly the same reasons."

WIDMORE: I know who you are, boy. Everything you have, you took from me.

BEN: I'm here, Charles, to tell you that I'm going to kill your daughter.

WIDMORE: You'll never find her. That island's mine, Benjamin. It always was. It will be again.

LINDELOF: This scenario is really bad because this freighter has found the Island, and the Others have been trying to protect the Island all this time. Locke has basically been told that he is now the chief of the Others.

RICHARD: Welcome home.

LINDELOF: He's finally, after all this time, ascended to a leadership position. So the fact that Widmore now knows where the Island is creates this problem for them, which is, even if they're able to get rid of the people on the boat, they still have to make sure that the Island can't be found again.

NARRATOR: Locke and Ben were determined to secure the safety of the Island, so they journeyed to a place deep in the jungle to find answers.

CLAIRE: Hi, John.

LOCKE: Claire?

CLAIRE: Don't worry. I'm fine. I'm with him.

CHRISTIAN: I'm Christian.

LOCKE: You know why I'm here?

CHRISTIAN: Yeah. Do you?

LOCKE: Because I was chosen to be.

CHRISTIAN: That's absolutely right.

LOCKE: How do I save the Island?

BEN: Did he tell you what we're supposed to do?

LOCKE: He wants us to move the Island.

HURLEY: Well, if you can move the Island, why didn't you just move it before those psychos with guns got here?

BEN: It's a measure of last resort.

HURLEY: Awesome.

FARADAY: Hey, Sayid. Listen. We need to get these people off this island. I can start ferrying people now.

NARRATOR: A window of opportunity opened, and the science team began shuttling survivors to the freighter. And in the jungle, Ben lured the mercenary team into a trap.

LINDELOF: We know that Ben is a bad guy because this boat full of even worse guys--they're trying to get him.

BEN: I believe you're looking for me?

LINDELOF: You send, like, 15 armed guys just to get this little guy.

CUSE: To extract him. Yeah.

LINDELOF: Yeah, but they're unsuccessful.

[Keamy grunts]


BEN: Thank you for coming, Richard.

LINDELOF: He kills 'em all.

CUSE: Yeah.

BEN: What was the arrangement?

RICHARD: They, uh, help us free you, and we let 'em off the Island.

BEN: Fair enough. The helicopter is yours. You have a safe journey back.

KATE: So we can go... off the Island? That's it?

BEN: That's it.

NARRATOR: But before they could leave, Jack and Locke had unfinished business.

LOCKE: You're not supposed to go home.

JACK: Then what am i supposed to do?

LINDELOF: Locke says, "Jack, don't go. This is our purpose. It's our reason. It's our destiny," you know?

CUSE: And he says, "You're nutty. You're crazy. You've got a screw loose."

JACK: Good-bye, John.

LOCKE: You're gonna have to lie.

JACK: Excuse me?

LOCKE: If you have to go, then you have to lie about everything. It's the only way to protect it.

JACK: It's an island, John. No one needs to protect it.

LOCKE: It's not an island. It's place where miracles happen.

JACK: There's no such thing as miracles.

LOCKE: Just wait till you see what I'm about to do.

NARRATOR: Locke and Ben descended deep below a DHARMA station called the Orchid.

[Metal creaking]

CUSE: And underneath the Orchid is this mysterious wheel, and if you turn that wheel, cause the Island to move in space-time.

HURLEY: Sayid! Kate! It's good to see you, dude.

KATE: Are you okay?

JACK: I am now.

SAWYER: Let's go, Freckles. I've seen enough of this rock.

[Rotors powering up]

NARRATOR: The moment they had hoped for finally arrived.

LAPIDUS: Let's go for a ride!

NARRATOR: They were going home. But before the survivors reached the freighter, they were met with yet another obstacle.

LINDELOF: There is this moment in the helicopter when they're heading for the freighter. The chopper is running out of gas. It's not gonna make it safely to the boat.

LAPIDUS: I'd feel a hell of a lot better if we were a few hundred pounds lighter!


LINDELOF: Sawyer leans over, he whispers in Kate's ear something--we don't hear what it is. And just before she realizes what he's gonna do, he jumps out.

KATE: Sawyer!

LINDELOF: And that's how he gets left behind. And ever since that moment, Jack has wondered, what did he say to her?


NARRATOR: Sawyer's leap allowed his friends to reach the freighter. But when they arrived, they quickly learned the mercenary team rigged the boat with explosives that were about to blow.

[Jin shouts in Korean.]

SUN: It's Jin!

[Jin continues shouting in Korean.]

SUN: Jin!

[Aaron crying]


JULIET: What are you doing here?

SAWYER: Decided to take a dip. What you celebratin'?

JULIET: I'm not celebrating.

LINDELOF: The thing about sawyer jumping is it kind of backfires.

SAWYER: Is that our boat?

JULIET: It was.

LINDELOF: Jumping off the chopper might just have led to him saving his own life, but he now thinks that Jack and Kate and Hurley and Sayid and Desmond and the baby--

CUSE: They could all be dead.

LINDELOF: --could all be completely dead.

CUSE: The helicopter turns around, now starts flying towards the Island...

DESMOND: Yeah, what is that?

[Buzzing, magnetic humming]

CUSE: ...and then all of a sudden, there's a giant white flash...

[Metal grinding, loud rumbling]

CUSE: ...and the Island disappears.

[Rumbling stops]

CUSE: And all that's left are a couple of ring waves on the water. Now you have this helicopter just flying around in the middle of the ocean with no place to land, and the helicopter crashes into the water.

[Metal creaking]

KATE: [Muffled] Get the baby.


HURLEY: Jack? Where's Desmond?

[Frank shouts indistinctly]

KATE: Het the baby.

HURLEY: I got him.

LINDELOF: And they're screwed. They're out in the middle of the water. There's no way that anyone's ever gonna find them. Lo and behold, there's this boat.

LAPIDUS: God almighty. There's a boat out there! Hey!

JACK: [Softly] We're gonna have to lie.

SAYID: Lie about what?

JACK: Every moment since we crashed on the Island. You said that our plane was discovered on the bottom of the ocean. Well, someone put it there--someone who wants everyone to think that we're dead. So what do you think's gonna happen to us when we tell them that that wasn't our plane? What do you think's gonna happen to the people we left behind?

KATE: Jack, we can't pull it off.

JACK: Just let me do the talking.

HENRIK: Ms. Widmore!

PENNY: Throw them a rope! Take them 'round to the stern!

DESMOND: Penny? Penny!

[Desmond kisses Penny.]

DESMOND: I love you, Penny, and I'll never leave you again.

[Penny laughs.]

[Aaron cries.]

DESMOND: This is Penny. This is Kate and--and Aaron.


DESMOND: And Jack. Jack, this is Penny.

JACK: It's nice to meet you, Penny.


JACK: But we need to talk.

Act 6

HURLEY: Why are we doing this, dude?

SAYID: Because it's the only way to keep them safe.

NARRATOR: To protect the friends they left behind, the survivors agreed to lie.

DESMOND: You sure about this, brother?

JACK: Are you sure?

DESMOND: [Scoffs] As long as I've got Penny, I'll be fine.

JACK: Then I'll see you in another life, brother.


NARRATOR: And so began their long journey home, where the life that awaited them was not what they'd hoped for.

LINDELOF: Six of them came back to civilization. They are Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and baby Aaron.

CUSE: These people who will be known as the "Oceanic Six" decide to lie.

JACK: We were in the water for over a day before the current took us in. By then, there was only eight of us left.

[Reporters shouting questions]

CUSE: They wanna protect everybody that was left on the Island. So they go along with this lie, and this becomes a part of their cover story.

BLONDE REPORTER: [British accent] Is it possible there are any other survivors from the crash yet to be discoved?

SAYID: No. Absolutely not.

CUSE: They quickly discover that they really didn't have much in the way of lives back in the real world. There was this sort of gnawing feeling that maybe they made a mistake, maybe they shouldn't have left the Island in the first place.

DAVID REYES: Hey, how's everybody doing? What are you talking about? Building a fire or hunting boars? [Laughs]

LINDELOF: They have survivors' guilt, and that makes them pretty miserable.

HURLEY: She looks just like Jin.

SUN: Yes, she does.


CUSE: Sun's in kind of a tragic place because she's back in the real world, and she's kind of living in--with the tragedy of believing that her husband died in this freighter explosion. She has a daughter, and she's not really that able to move on with her life because she's so distraught and angry over the circumstances of his death.

SUN: [Speaks Korean] [Subtitle: I miss you so much.]

LINDELOF: The last time we saw her, she was actually having this sort of secret meeting with Charles Widmore, who, last we checked, was a bad guy.

SUN: You and I have common interests. When you're ready to discuss them, call me. As you know, we're not the only ones who left the Island.

LINDELOF: We know the only other person who's left the Island, and that's Benjamin Linus via sort of unconventional means. He basically pushes this wheel underground in a cavern somewhere. He gets bathed in light, and then suddenly he wakes up the desert in Tunisia in the middle of nowhere.

[Woman speaking Arabic on TV]

SAYID: [On TV] I just want to bury my wife in peace.

[Woman continues speaking Arabic]


KAREN DECKER: There's a woman outside. She says she knows you, but she wasn't on the list of family members.

LINDELOF: When the Oceanic Six are finally rescued and discovered, the love of his life, this woman named Nadia, is there to greet Sayid. And they finally get to pick up where they left off, and they're married. Unfortunately, this marriage does not last long because Nadia dies in an accident.

[Camera shutters clicks]

LINDELOF: Benjamin Linus comes to Sayid and tells him, "This was no accident. Your wife was murdered."

SAYID: Why would these people want to murder her?

LINDELOF: And he gives Sayid a list of names, sort of this vast consortium of men who--who might or might not work for Charles Widmore. Since that time--

[Sayid shoots Peter Avellino.]

LINDELOF --Sayid has spent all of his time exacting vengeance by killing anybody who Benjamin Linus tells him to.

BEN: I have another name for you.

[Sayid shoots the man in Iraq.]

SAYID: Who's next?

CUSE: That's acting out.

LINDELOF: That's what I would do if I were feeling guilty.

SAYID: I just killed a man who's been perched outside this facility for the last week. I want you to come with me.

HURLEY: We're not going back, are we?

SAYID: No, just somewhere safe.


HURLEY: I don't think we did the right thing, Jack. I think it wants us to come back.

JACK: Hurley...

HURLEY: And it's gonna do everythingt can--

JACK: We're never going back!

CUSE: There's a strong moral streak in Hurley. He's not really very comfortable with the idea that they are telling this lie and they've left these other people behind on the Island.

LINDELOF: And since he's gotten off the Island, he starts to see dead people.


MIKE WALTON: What the hell is wrong with you?

LINDELOF: And this makes Hurley, uh, basically freak out, and he gets himself thrown into the nuthouse in order to avoid that.

HURLEY: I've been having regular conversations with dead people. The last thing I need now is paranoia.

KATE: Don't move! I--

CLAIRE: Just don't bring him back, Kate. Don't you dare bring him back!

[Kate gasps, pants, waking up.]


CUSE: Kate comes back to civilization, and she tries on the role of being a responsible person. She's got this kid, Aaron, who she's telling everyone is her child, but, in fact, was actually Claire's child. So, every day, she sort of sees the gravity--

KATE: Hey.

CUSE: --of the lie that she's telling.

JACK: Maybe you and I could grab some coffee together.

CUSE: She starts a relationship up with Jack. In fact, they actually get engaged and look like they're gonna get married.

KATE: [Sniffles] Of course I will. Yes.

CUSE: It works for a while, but then things start to unravel. She's keeping a secret from Jack. She made a promise to Sawyer before Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter, and she won't tell Jack what that is.

JACK: Why won't you tell me?

KATE: Because--because he wouldn't want me to.

JACK: But he's not here, is he? I'm the one who's here. I'm the one who saved you.

LINDELOF: So there's this huge mystery that's hanging over them, and Jack refuses to trust her.

KATE: If you have problems, you need to figure them out, 'cause I can't have you like this around my son.

LINDELOF: He just won't let it go, and their relationship explodes.

JACK: You're not even related to him!

[Kate sighs]


JACK: About ten months ago, I wrote what I wanted to say at my father's funeral on the back of a cocktail napkin at the Sydney Airport.

LINDELOF: Once Jack left the Island, he finally gets to have his father's funeral. This Australian woman comes up to Jack afterwards and introduces herself and says, "I knew your father. In fact, um, I probably shouldn't tell you this, but he's the father of my daughter."

CAROLE LITTLETON: She was one of the ones who died when your plane hit the water. Her name was Claire.

LINDELOF: Jack is now harboring this incredible secret. It was emotionally devastating for him to learn, after leaving Claire behind, that this was his half-sister. Um, Jack starts popping pills and drinking. He starts seeing ghosts, which is bad.

CUSE: He--Yeah, which is not--that's not a good sign, that much.

LINDELOF: No. And he grows this really bad beard...

CUSE: Yeah.

LINDELOF: Which is another sign.

CUSE: Yeah, he's not a happy guy, and I think when you see how getting off the Island has affected Jack, maybe in fact this reinforces the notion that they have a greater destiny, and that that destiny is on the Island.

NARRATOR: Jack finally came to this realization three years after leaving the Island...

[Light switch clicks]

NARRATOR: ...when he learned of the death of one of his fellow survivors.

LINDELOF: When he finds out that Locke is dead, he's so devastated that he tries to kill himself. He goes and, like, gets on a bridge and is gonna jump. And you go, wow, why is Jack so upset that Locke is dead?

CUSE: I think what he comes to realize is they're kind of two sides of the same coin. In a way, they kind of need each other, and the Island needs both of them in a way that Jack doesn't really understand until that point.

JACK: He told me that after I left Island, some very bad things happened. And he told me that it was my fault for leaving. And he said that I had to come back.

BEN: All of you have to go back. We're gonna have to bring him, too.

CUSE: The journey for the Oceanic Six is gonna be, how do we actually get back to this place?

LINDELOF: This Island was very hard to find before any shenanigans were pulled. Now the Island is completely gone. So, even if you wanted to get back to it, it'd be enormously difficult.

CUSE: Meanwhile, the question is what happened to the people who were left behind? I mean, the Island disappeared in a big flash of white light. Where did they go, and what are the consequences of that flash of white light?

LINDELOF: We've basically spent five years with these people now. What's cool to us about Season 5 is that the show's finding a new gear. It's starting to slip into that mode of answering more questions than it's asking. We really get the sense that the characters are moving toward something.

CUSE: Yeah, there's a mythology to Lost, but each season of the show is a book, and this book has its own particular characteristics. And there's some really great adventure storytelling in this season that the audience is gonna really love.

JACK: We made a mistake. We... were not supposed to leave.

KATE: Yes, we were.

JACK: We have to go back, Kate. We have to go back!

[A jet engine roars above them.]

[L O S T]