"Lost: Destiny Calls" is a clip show recapping flashbacks, flash forwards, and events that transpired on the Island in Seasons 1 through 4. The clip show aired before the two-hour Lost Season 5 premiere on January 21, 2009.

Selected excerpts[]

  • LINDELOF: Now the DHARMA Initiative was on the Island back in the '70s, early '80s.
  • LINDELOF: Ben is told that Locke is going to be replacing him as the leader of the Island, and Ben is not happy about this.
  • CUSE: And their mission is not only to take out Benjamin Linus, but to take out everybody else who's on the Island.
    LINDELOF: We know that Ben is a bad guy because this boat full of even worse guys--they're trying to get him. You send, like, 15 armed guys just to get this little guy.
    CUSE: To extract him. Yeah.
    LINDELOF: Yeah, but they're unsuccessful... He kills 'em all.


  • Richard Alpert and Charles Widmore are the only non-regular cast members who have their own segment during the recap. Claire receives a segment, but is not a regular cast member in Season 5 and only appears via stock footage once. The main freighter characters—Daniel, Charlotte, and Miles—do not receive segments of their own, instead just getting a brief overview.
  • A new or unused shot of the Coast Guard plane landing at the military base in "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" is shown.
  • The scene from the Season 4 finale where Kate receives an inaudible phone call is shown with the audio reversed, so that it can be comprehended.
  • Doug Hutchison (one of the narrators) is the actor who portrays Horace Goodspeed on the show. He is the second Lost actor to narrate a clip show, Michael Emerson being the first.
  • A slip of the tongue by Carlton Cuse gave away what was then a major spoiler when he said, "Sun, believing her husband was dead," which implied that Jin was alive. This came four episodes before Jin made his return in "The Little Prince".