Lost-TV.com is one of the largest and longest established fansites for Lost.

The site boasts the oldest, and one of the largest, forums for the TV show which was established before the premiere of Lost. It also launched a petition that aimed to keep the show on the air in the initial stages and obtained exclusive early interviews with writers and producers, such as Damon Lindelof. The site also hosts Transcripts (by user "Spooky") for each episode, and contains exclusive communications and interviews with Damon Lindelof, Paul Edwards and Daniel Dae Kim. As of February 2008, the discussion forums had 23,732 registered users, and 1,906,988 posts within 32,195 threads.

The site also shares a good relationship with Lostpedia, with earlier Lost episode transcripts by Lost-TV's member Spooky archived on Lostpedia with permission, whilst newer episodes since Season 3 transcribed by Lostpedia have also been shared in exchange.

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