"Locke at It This Way" is an orchestral piece on the Season 6 soundtrack. It serves as John Locke's flash-sideways theme.

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In a small Oceanic Airlines office, Jack speaks back and forth on his cell phone with his mother about Christian's missing body. Jack meets Locke, who is finishing up filling out paperwork for his missing case of knives. Jack tells Locke Oceanic lost his father.

Locke tells Jack Oceanic has no idea where Jack's dad is; the airline lost his dad's body, not his dad. Seemingly grateful to hear this perception of the ordeal, Jack notices Locke's condition and asks him about it. Locke says it's irreversible, but Jack replies that nothing is. He offers him a free consultation, gives him his business card and holds the door open for Locke to wheel out.

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The piece shares elements with Locke's second theme and Sawyer and Juliet's theme.


The theme reappears in "Can't Keep Locke Down", "Flew The Coop", "Helen Of Joy", "The Last Recruit". This piece and FLocke's theme are variations on one another.