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  • The Book of Laws is presented to Locke by Eko in the episode Psalm 23 - Eko finds it on the island and tells the story of the Book of Laws being the old testament, given to an ancient king who used the laws to rebuild the temple of their one "true" religion. As we see in Meet Kevin Johnson, Ben sends Alex to The Temple, where the rest of the Others are apparently already waiting. The stage is set for Locke to emerge as the new leader, but on the basis of what? The book Eko gave him was hollowed out and contained missing film from a Dharma initiative video about not using the computers to contact the outside world. His whole life, John has refused to believe in miracles, even though his entire life has apparently been filled with improbable events (his early birth, surviving a multi-story fall, surviving a plane crash), even on the island he has resisted faith. This is probably because he has often been embarrassed when his faith is shown to be misplaced - in the undercover cop he brings to the commune, falling for his father's con). But his belief in the island, and his willingness to do every thing he can to keep everyone from leaving - despite the fact that it alienates him from everyone who wants to leave, seems to imply that he is following a plan. As we see in almost all the episodes, Locke is not very good at coming up with his own plan - ultimately he follows the directions of others, so once he has destroyed the submarine and killed Naomi - short of killing Jack, who he apparently wants to keep on the island, he will be open to following an ideology.
  • Eddie has something to do with this
    • When Locke was in the commune and was about to shoot Eddy, Eddy goes, "Your not a hunter John" This could tie into the fact that he chose the knife, which represents hunting (which is what his job is on the island) instead if what he is "meant" to choose, one of the books
  • A baseball glove, a comic book, and knife would be similar to the types of things a child of John's age would want to have.
    • Children often find a compass magical. Einstein, for example, received a compass when he was a small child that guided him to a career in science.
  • The vial of ash or dirt seemed similar to the substance around the perimeter of the cabin the first time John met Jacob. John picked it up and rubbed it between his fingers.
  • The Book of Laws is an important scripture in the Bahá'í Faith. It is also called Kitáb-i-Aqdas. According to Bahá'í Faith, God's message has been passed down through Abraham, Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, and Mohammed. It believes that God, man, and religion are each unified entities and together form a unified entity.
    • You might want to look again at your information (I am Baha'i myself). First off, "Kitab-i-Aqdas" means "Most Holy Book", and even in English language copies of it, the title is always listed on the cover as Kitab-i-Aqdas, it isn't translated. The Book of Laws is more likely to refer to the Torah. Also, I don't know where on earth you picked up the last sentence, because that doesn't sound anything like what we believe. Also, while the list of prophets is correct up to a point, we above all believe in the Revelation of the Bab and Baha'ullah.
      • Also, the Kitab-i-Aqdas was not completely translated into English until 1992
  • Each of the six objects represents a member of the Oceanic Six.
    • Hurley is the comic book, possessing a comic book in the Season 1.
    • Jack is the baseball glove based on his love of the Red Sox.
      • Jack is the knife based on the fact that he is a surgeon.
    • Sayid is the compass based on his use of the compass in the series and his ability to make a compass.
    • Kate is the Book of Law based on her legal troubles.
    • Sun is the knife because she is severed from her husband.
    • Aaron is the mysterious substance.
      • Because why?
    • If the objects belong to the Oceanic Six, why would Richard Alpert be showing them to Locke and asking them which belongs to him (Locke)? Alpert specifically asks Locke to choose items that belong to him, not items that simply hold any kind of impersonal significance.
  • Locke is the reincarnation of Magnus Hanso. In the episode Cabin Fever, Richard Alpert asks John to identify items that already belong to him. This is similar to a process that is used to determine who has been reincarnated as the new Dalai Lama. He chose a compass and a vial of sand. He recognized the Book of Laws, but took the knife because that is what he wanted. This disappointed Alpert who knew that he was lying.
    • Locke was meant to (and would have) chosen the compass, sand, and either the Book of Laws or the comic book, or both the Book of Laws and the comic book. The comic book seems to be a 1950s science-fiction style "pulp" comic; later in the episode, Locke's principal tells him that he has an aptitude for science.
  • The selected items would appeal to someone dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge (the compass, sand, and possibly comic), deep spirituality (the Book of Laws), and both worldly and metaphysical justice (again, the Book of Laws). The knife and/or baseball glove, for purposes of this "test," would appeal to someone less interested in intellectual/spiritual pursuits and more concerned with physicality, competition, etc. Locke chose the knife intentionally because he was trying to develop a "macho" self image.
  • Locke was supposed to choose the sand, the compass and the book of laws. You can see the disappointment in Richard's face when Locke choose the first two, and miss the third. It's clear that those three objects mean the three ability a leader should have. Locke miss the third because his spirit advantages the leadership based on the brute force (knife) instead of equity (book of laws). If Locke chose the book of laws Richard would have taken with him.
  • Some or all of the objects are Constants.
  • John Locke is a reincarnated version of a previous Island/Others leader who has mastered the secrets and miraculous abilities of the Island, much in the same way that Buddhists consider each Dali Lama a reincarnation of the Tulkus or Buddhist Master. John has spent his entire life aware of his special role in some way, but has consistently denied it and opposed having faith. The situation with Richard's objects reflects this. The picture of the smoke monster that John drew indicates that he was in some way aware of the monster and the island, and the objects Richard laid out were to confirm that John was special as he suspected him to be. The Book of Laws, the vial and the compass were items that had belonged to John's previous incarnation(s), and were the items Richard needed him to choose. The baseball glove, the knife, and the comic book were items John was not supposed to pick because they were worldly things unrelated to the island, and John's choosing the knife indicated to Richard that he was unready or unwilling to embrace his destiny.
  • The "Book of Laws" (or at least this edition of it) is of European, probably French orgin. The title is in a medieval gothic font, and the cover is adorned with "fleurs-de-lis", along with european style crosses and shields.
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