John Locke developed several relationships over the course of the series.


Ben vs. Locke
Origin: Ben likely first heard of Locke from Richard and Ethan, who'd met his time traveling self. He eventually learned Locke was on the island and had miraculously started to walk. He evidently ordered Cooper's kidnapping to use him against his son and soon trekked to the survivors' camp. Ben wound up a prisoner in the Swan, where he provoked Locke about his doubts and Jack's authority.
Prize: To be the Island's protector and leader of the Others
Fuel: Ben deceived Locke into thinking the Swan meaningless, shattering his faith. Then when Locke visited Ben at the Barracks, Ben manipulated him into destroying the submarine. Locke tried to join the Others, and Ben humiliated him by challenging him to kill his father. Though Ben knew he'd fail this task, Locke later appeared to succeed, and Ben reluctantly took him to Jacob's cabin, where Locke appeared to hear someone, though Ben never had. Ben then shot Locke and left him for dead. Locke recovered and led a new survivor faction, which Ben joined, once again Locke's prisoner. He manipulated his way to partial freedom and later took Locke to another trip to the cabin. Locke learned the Island had to move, and Ben decided to move it himself, leaving Locke in charge of the Others.

Locke later left the island himself, catching the eye of one of Ben's men. Ben tracked Locke, who now worked for Ben's rival Widmore, and killed his driver. He then visited Locke, learned some information from him and murdered him. He brought Locke's body to the island, where he appeared to resurrect, and Ben began following his every word despite misgivings, especially after his daughter commanded him to do so., Ben later learned this wasn't Locke at all but the monster incarnate. Ben delivered a eulogy at Locke's on-island funeral, apologizing for killing him.

Resolved: After death, Ben and Locke ended up working at the same school as teachers, and Locke suggested Ben try to become principal. A hit-and-run driver later attacked Locke, and Ben took him to the hospital and later attempted to apprehend the attacker. But he learned it was an attempt to awaken Locke, and he told Locke this, convincing him to undergo surgery. Once both had awoken, they had a final conversation, in which Locke forgave Ben.
5x07 GoodbyeOldFriend


Boone and Locke
First Episode: "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"
Origin: The two hunted together regularly.
Since Then: Locke and Boone formed a party to search for Ethan after he kidnapped Claire and Charlie. The two discovered the Hatch together and spent the next weeks trying to open it. They also hunted for boar together, sometimes with Walt; and when it bothered Michael, Boone defended Locke. Locke gave Boone hallucinations that helped him overcome his relationship with his sister. Locke caused Boone's death by sending him to the Beechcraft. A vision of Boone later guided Locke in a dream. Guilt of Boone's death appears to have plagued Locke in the afterlife. But Boone evidently forgave him, though his jokes eluded Locke, who had not yet awoken.
1x13-Locke Soup


Charlie vs. Locke
Origin: Locke's mistrust of Charlie over heroin addiction.
Prize: They both believe that they are fighting for Claire and Aaron's best interests.
Fuel: Locke found Charlie's new heroin stash after he had tried to help him kick his addiction and punched him out when Charlie tried to baptize Aaron ("Fire + Water"). Charlie thought that Locke was trying to steal his role as a father figure for Aaron, after Claire kicked Charlie out ("The 23rd Psalm"). Charlie's consequently participated in Sawyer's con to make Locke look foolish ("The Long Con") and also helped Eko break into the Swan after Locke initiated a lockdown ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1").
Resolved: Apparently resolved. After the Discharge, Locke seemed willing to set old hurts aside, and even asked Charlie to help him by acting as lookout while Locke was in the sweat lodge. With Locke acknowledging and taking responsibility for his own shortcomings, Charlie seems to no longer carry a grudge. Shortly afterward, Charlie died, thus ending this rivalry.


Claire and Locke
First Episode: "Numbers"
Origin: Claire and Locke started spending time together when Locke inlisted her help in building a cradle for Aaron.
Since Then: Locke served as a type of father figure to Claire, his knowledge of babies made him a big help to her as she raised Aaron. Claire would often go to Locke for advice on certain things. Locke would come to Claire's aid when Charlie began acting strangely, he even moved his tent next to Claires so she would feel safe. When the group split up Claire went with John's group (because of Charlie's message). Locke would last see Claire in The Cabin, confused by her strange behavior Locke decided not to tell anyone of her whereabouts.


Anthony Cooper vs. Locke
Origin: Locke woke up in a hospital room missing both his newfound father, and a kidney, to realize that he had been the victim of a con. ("Deus Ex Machina")
Prize: Locke's best interest. Cooper, as a criminal, has maintained his distance from Locke whenever possible, and tried to leave him a large sum of cash when he fled the country. Locke however, seems to believe that a father figure would be the best thing for him.
Fuel: After Locke's incident with his kidney, he began shadowing Anthony Cooper and watching his house. Anthony came out to Locke's car one night and told Locke expressly that it was all a con, and Locke wasn't welcome around the house anymore. Locke nearly lost his girlfriend Helen over his behavior concerning his father, and did his best to put it behind him ("Orientation"). Anthony Cooper later faked his own death, and Locke went to his funeral despite what he had done to him. Anthony then approached Locke and persuaded him about taking part in another one of his cons. Because of Locke's involvement, gangsters who were after Anthony came to Locke's house while Helen was home. Helen left Locke when she found out that he had taken back up with Anthony, and Anthony left town ("Lockdown"). Sometime after this, Locke found out, through the victim's son, that Anthony was conning a woman into marrying him for her money. After meeting with Anthony and making him agree to call off the wedding, the woman's son was mysteriously murdered. Locke confronted Anthony again in an apartment high rise, and Anthony pushed Locke out of the window, causing him to fall 8 stories and break his back ("The Man from Tallahassee").
Resolved: Yes. Ben revealed to Locke that Cooper was on the Island. After humiliating Locke in front of the Others for refusing to kill the man that had ruined his life, Locke made sure that Sawyer killed him instead. ("The Brig")
3x13 TMFT tallahassee man revealed


Desmond and Locke
First Episode: "Deus Ex Machina"
Origin: Each unknowingly restored the other's faith. Locke, after Boone's accident and his own temporary paralysis, banged at the Hatch, desperate for answers. Desmond, inside, turned the light on, renewing Locke's sense of purpose. Desmond, meanwhile feared the world was "all gone" and planned to kill himself, which may have indeed destroyed the world. Locke's banging convinced him that life remained.
Since Then: Locke later entered the Hatch, and Desmond turned on him with a gun. Locke introduced himself and described Kate as the larger threat. Desmond explained the station's purpose to John but fled when the computer appeared to break. He returned a few weeks later and laughingly greeted the "box man". The two conspired to lock others from the Swan and let the countdown timer reach zero. Desmond changed his mind at the end, turning the fail-safe. He later experienced a premonition of Locke giving a speech, and he joined Locke in pursuing Eko. Locke later left the camp, supposedly to rescue Jack, and he died before they met again. Desmond left the Island and returned, and a man who appeared to be John Locke unexpectedly threw him in a well. Hurley or Ben likely later explained the man's identity. After death, Desmond ran Locke over with his car in an attempt to "awaken" him. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")
2x23 MenOfFaith


Eko and Locke
First Episode: "Abandoned"
Origin: Eko watched the Swan Orientation film and shared Locke's interest in it
Since Then: Locke and Eko bonded as men of faith, and Locke even once dreamed from Eko's point of view. The two talked of the island, including their two encounters with the smoke monster. Locke visited the Pearl and lost faith in the Swan, but Eko continued to believe "more important than ever." He expelled Locke from the station, humiliating him. Locke managed to lock Eko out of the station, leading to the discharge. Eko ended up in a Polar bear cave, and Locke saved him after receiving another dream vision. Eko died soon after at the hands of the Man in Black.
2x23 LockeEkoHatch


Ethan and Locke
First Episode: "Because You Left"
Origin: Ethan spotted Locke right after a plane crashed on the island. Locke claimed Ben had appointed him leader and mysteriously disappeared.
Since Then: When Oceanic 815 crashed years later and Ethan posed as a passenger, he discovered Locke was one of the survivors. He befriended the man, offering experience as a tracker that he'd picked up while on the Island. When Ethan kidnapped Claire and Charlie, Locke tried to track them but ended up discovering the Hatch instead. When Claire returned, Locke argued against hunting Ethan directly, instead suggesting a defensive strategy. When that failed, he continued to resist attacking, till he learned of Jack's guns. He then assisted in the ambush against Ethan, yelling at the others to take him alive.

A deleted scene, which ABC has never made available, depicts a fight between Ethan and Locke in the rain.



Helen and Locke
First Episode: "Lockdown"
Origin: Locke met Helen at an anger management support group, and the two hit it off immediately. She seemed kind, caring, and supportive, exactly the type of woman that John needed in his life as he was still recovering from his father's devastating betrayal.
Since Then: John began staying over at her house, but he would repeatedly leave in the middle of the night telling Helen he has trouble sleeping in beds other than his own. Helen, suspicious of this answer, followed him out one night and discovered him sitting in his car outside of his father's house. Helen was deeply upset by this situation, feeling like John would prefer his father's love to hers. John and Helen had a relationship that was significantly characterized by recurring appearances of John's father. When John proposed to Helen, she rejected him, feeling that she could not trust him after discovering the many lies he has told her about his father. While John pleaded with her to stay, Helen could not bring herself to forgive him, and stood firm by her decision to leave.
Locke Helen


Jack vs. Locke
Origin: Locke lied about the cause of Boone's injuries, which Jack felt contributed directly to his death.
Prize: For Jack- Getting off of the island; For Locke - To make sure everyone stays on the island and prevent anyone else coming to it. Also pride and leadership among the survivors.
Fuel: From the time that they arrived on the Island, Locke threatened Jack's leadership. Many survivors trusted Locke over with their lives. Locke withheld knowledge of the Hatch, which cost him Jack's trust ("Do No Harm"). Their time living together in the Hatch extended their rivalry. The two's arguments became such a constant distraction that even Ana Lucia commented how "Jack and Locke are busy worrying about Locke and Jack." Locke conspired with Sayid to interrogate Henry Gale. Locke only gave in to Jack's demand to halt it when Jack threatened him with the countdown timer. ("One of Them"). Ben noted their conflict and baited Locke with the knowledge ("Lockdown"). Later, when Jack was imprisoned by the Others, Locke destroyed their submarine, which Jack planned to use to leave the Island ("The Man from Tallahassee"). Locke later killed Naomi and threatened to shoot Jack if he called the freighter.("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1"). Jack tried to kill him when they next met. Locke led a group of survivors to the Barracks, while Jack's group stayed at the beach, hoping for rescue. ("The Beginning of the End") Jack had a hard time keeping people from going to Locke's camp t. ("Ji Yeon") At their next meeting, Locke tried and failed to keep Jack on the island. When Locke moved the island, Jack refused to believe what he saw. Three years later, Locke visited Jack, and when he died, only Jack attended the funeral.
Resolved: Yes. While Locke died with many of their issues unresolved, Jack took Locke's words to heart. When he eventually faced off with The Man in Black who has taken the form of Locke, Jack told him that he disrespected Locke's memory by wearing his face, and that he wished he could have told Locke that he was right. After death, Jack and Locke come to forgive one another and Jack fixed Locke's paralysis. ("The End")


Jin and Locke
First Episode: "What Kate Did"
Origin: The two spent time in the beach camp together.
Since Then: Locke used tools to free Jin from handcuffs that he had worn for weeks. A while after, after each began traveling through time, Locke came upon Jin in the jungle. Locke explained that he planned to leave the Island to retrieve survivors who had left, and Jin made him promise not to approach Sun. Years later, after Jin heard that Locke had died, Jin was surprised to apparently see him at Claire's hut, though it was actually the Man in Black. After death, the two passed each other in a hospital before each woke up.


Kate and Locke
First Episode: "Pilot, Part 2"
Origin: Both were involved in the major happenings and decision making of the middle section survivors.
Since Then: Locke and Kate were originally very friendly with one another and became somewhat close as both of them were usually involved in the survivors various missions. Early on, Kate showed respect for Locke and even cared about his safety. When Locke decided to go into the hatch against Jack's wishes, Kate decided to accompany him to ensure he did not seriously hurt himself. When Kate was captured by The Others, Locke vouched for her saying she was a good person and someone reliable. Their friendship ended when Kate went against Locke's orders and broke Miles out of the boathouse. Locke banished Kate from his camp and the two wouldn't cross paths on the island again. When Locke visited Kate off the island she was very stand offish with him and would later tell Jack that she believed he was lying about the survivors they left being in danger. When Locke died, Kate showed no remorse and was appauled when Jack asked if she would go to his funeral. Despite everything she would later insinuate that Locke was indeed "one of them" when she referred to the Man in Black as not being John to Claire.
Adrift katea&locke

Man in Black

Locke and the Man in Black
Origin: Locke and the Man In Black first encountered each other when Locke was hunting for boar. The Man In Black (in his smoke monster form) approached Locke, something Locke would later describe as beautiful.
Prize: For The Man In Black, the prize was manipulating John until his death so he could use his form to kill Jacob and get off the island. For John, he was simply searching for his purpose in life.
Fuel: The Man in Black relationship with Locke was one of constant manipulation. After their first encounter, the Man attempted to pull Locke into a hole while in his smoke monster form, likely to infect him with the sickness. Locke would have gone willingly, but for Jack and Kate's intervention. Locke next saw the monster when the Man in Black attacked Eko; Eko's dying words were to tell Locke that he was "next". The monster continued to intrigue Locke, and when he managed to interrogate Ben, he only asked as to its nature. Ben claimed ignorance, but Locke soon later saw saw the monster attack the freighter's mercenaries, apparently at Ben's bidding.

Locke first heard the Man in Black speak when in the cabin. The Man in Black asked Locke to help him, angering Ben, and moved objects around the room. During his next visit to the cabin, Locke met the Man in the form of Christian. The Man told Locke to move the island, and when the two next met at the frozen wheel, he chastised Locke for letting Ben move it instead. He also confirmed to Locke that he would have to die - a fact Locke had first heard from Richard, who'd in turn heard it from the Man in Black.

After Locke died and his body was returned to the island, the Man In Black took his form to manipulate Ben into killing Jacob. After his true identity was discovered, he continually insulted Locke and everything that he stood for, yet he continued to adopt Locke's persona, passing off Locke's memories as his own.

Resolved: No, Locke died before he realized the Man In Black's manipulation. Jack, however, took the position Locke left and in fought in his memory.


Michael vs. Locke
Origin: Michael's insecurity in fatherhood.
Prize: Walt's respect.
Fuel: Locke found Walt's dog, Vincent, with a whistle he had made when Michael couldn't; Yet he insisted that Michael take the credit for it ("Tabula Rasa"). Walt admired Locke for this and Locke returned the favor by teaching Walt how to throw knives ("Special"). Walt insisted on spending time with him, despite his father's jealousy of Locke.
Resolved: Yes. They worked together to rescue Walt from a polar bear, and afterward were amiable until Michael betrayed the survivors.
1X14 LockeWaltMichael


Locke and Richard
First Episode: "The Brig"
Origin: A time traveling Locke approached Richard, claiming to be his leader
Since Then: Richard visited Locke three times off-island but failed to see anything special about him. When Locke crashed on the island though, Richard learned the paralyzed man could now Locke. Ben demanded Locke kill his father to join the Others, and Richard helped him get Sawyer to kill him instead. When Locke became the Others' leader, Richard welcomed him. The Man in Black later approached him in Locke's form, surprising Richard with his new-found purpose. At his instruction, Richard approached another time-traveling Locke with directions and a compass.
4x11 IntroducingAlprt


Locke and Rose
First Episode: "S.O.S."
Origin: At the airport in Syndey, Locke, in his wheelchair, retrieved Rose's fallen medication. Each thus learned of the other's condition.
Since Then: The Island healed each of them, giving them a special, secret bond. When he Swan's blast doors hurt Locke's legs, Rose commented that they both knew of the island's healing properties. Locke's later extreme actions, including murdering Naomi, ended the friendship. When the camp split, Rose refused to go with Locke even though she wished to stay on the Island. Some years later, a man Rose believed was Locke threatened to kill her and Bernard. After death, Rose and Locke met again, and she helped him understand his limits.
6x04 Rose


Locke and Sawyer
First Episode: "Walkabout"
Origin: Locke cut Sawyer's speech short by throwing a knife right by his head.
Since Then: The two interacted surprisingly little at first, though Locke did use Sawyer as a scapegoat when Sayid questioned him about who had attacked him. Locke spent his time hunting or at the Hatch, while Sawyer stayed at the beach. When Sawyer left by raft, he and Locke didn't meet or say goodbye. Once Sawyer returned to camp, he was annoyed to see the survivors now looked to Locke as a leader, so he devised a con, tricking Locke into giving him control of the guns.

The two still interacted little, as Locke spent most of his time in the Swan, and then Sawyer found himself among those kidnapped by the Others. Then by the time he returned to camp, Locke had left, ultimately bound for the Barracks. But then Locke came back to camp too, and recruited Sawyer to kill Cooper. They next met when the survivors split, and Sawyer decided to move with Locke to the Barracks. This was when they spent the most time together, sometime just passing the time by playing games together. But when Locke and Ben made plans to journey to Jacob's cabin, Sawyer had had enough and parted ways.

When the island started flashing through time, Locke saved Sawyer and Juliet from the Others. They traveled together, right up till Locke descended into the Orchid station. When he wound up in 1974, James used his relationship with Locke to gain Richard's trust. The two never saw each other again while alive, but they reunited in the church after death right before moving on.

Locke returns


Sayid vs. Locke
Origin: When Sayid is in the jungle attempting to triangulate Rousseau's distress signal, he receives positive static only before being knocked out by Locke from behind. Locke then destroys Sayid's equipment. ("The Moth") Additionally, after Boone's death, Shannon talks Sayid into interrogating Locke, who was seemingly the only person who witnessed Boone's accident. Sayid comes to understand that Boone's eventual death was an accident, but pursues Locke for his deception regarding the Hatch. ("The Greater Good") With Sayid's reliance on rationality and Locke's reliance on faith, they are diametrically opposed to each other's plan of action, each preferring to solve the mysteries of the island in different ways.
Prize: Leadership and objectives of the A-team and Losties. Also finding a way to get off of the island
Fuel: Sayid is at odds with Locke's plan of heading north with information gathered solely from Eko's stick. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes") When Kate and Sawyer escape from the Others, they plan to set out with Rousseau to reach the Barracks, seemingly for different motives. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead") The tension between Sayid and Locke concerning judgment is present throughout their journey to the Barracks. When the team discovers The Flame, as Sayid discovers C4 explosives in the basement of the compound, he neglects to tell Locke. Likewise, Locke beats the computer chess game and recklessly enters in some crucial numbers without informing Sayid. When The Flame compound proceeds to detonate, Sayid says to Locke, "What have you done?" ("Enter 77") Sayid and Locke continue to bicker over their course of action, to Mikhail's delight. When Locke pushes Mikhail past the lethal fence, Sayid and Kate berate him for killing their only informant. Sayid then discovers a unit of C4 in Locke's backpack, after Locke had used his ignorance of the C4 in the basement of the Flame as an excuse to absolve himself of responsibility in its destruction ("Par Avion"). Sayid appears angry at Locke when he sees him again and asks him why he blew up the sub ("The Beginning of the End"). Sayid later goes to the Barracks in order to get Charlotte so he could get off of the Island, so Locke agrees to trade Miles for Charlotte. ("The Economist")
Resolved: No, although Sayid did offer Locke to do some real good in helping construct the school in the Dominican Republic. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")


Shannon vs. Locke
Origin: Locke used Boone as an apprentice, and Shannon was very suspicious of what they were doing. ("Hearts and Minds"). Later, she believed that he killed her step brother Boone("Deus Ex Machina").
Prize: Revenge. Shannon believed Locke was responsible for her brother's death and wanted revenge.
Fuel: Locke and Boone found The Hatch in the jungle. ("Whatever the Case May Be"). Shannon became increasingly suspicious about what they were doing. Boone's death further complicated matters. Shannon stole the key to the case of guns and nearly killed Locke--but Sayid stopped her from doing so ("The Greater Good").
Resolved: Maybe. Shannon's death has seemed to resolved this rivalry, as Locke was seen at her funeral dropping sand on her grave ("What Kate Did").


Locke and Walt
First Episode: "Pilot, Part 1"
Origin: Walt saw Locke playing backgammon by himself. Locke told him about how the island had healed him.
Since Then: Walt spent a lot of time with Locke in the jungle. Locke taught Walt to throw knives and later helped Michael save him from a Polar bear. After Walt escaped the island, a vision of him discouraged Locke from killing himself. Locke later left the island and visited Walt, who'd been dreaming about him.
Locke visits Walt


Locke and Widmore
First Episode: "The Lie"
Origin: Locke interrupted 17-year-old Charles from attacking some strangers, presumably army personnel. Disarmed and vulnerable, Charles fled.
Since Then: Widmore was surprised to find Locke able to track him. He was further surprised when Locke knew his name, and a short time later, this mysterious self-proclaimed leader of the Others vanished into thin air. Widmore may have kept tabs on Locke over the years. Some decades later, DHARMA's soon-to-be security head claimed to be on the island to wait for Locke, and Richard left the island several times to recruit him. After Widmore was banished, Abaddon tried to draw Locke to the island, and by 2004, Abaddon worked for Widmore. Locke, meanwhile, learned of Widmore on the island from a video of Ben's before traveling back in time and seeing him in the 1950s. Widmore finally got to see Locke again in 2007, when Locke appeared an the Tunisia site he monitored. Charles recruited Locke to bring his fellow survivors back to the island. Locke died during this mission.