Locke, checking his knives before going hunting in "Walkabout".

Locke's knives were an integral part of the man who Locke wanted to be, but couldn't be as long as he was bound to his wheelchair: a tough guy, a hunter, man against nature.

The knife collection was introduced in the episode "Walkabout". He learned to throw them in preparation for his walkabout tour.


The complete set.

Clockwise from the left the knives in the suitcase are:

  • Full Size USMC Ka Bar with serrated edge
  • Tekna Wilderness Edge
  • United Cutlery Sentry Tanto
  • Master Jaguar
  • United Cutlery Delta Defender
  • Buck Nighthawk
  • Master Bowie
  • SOG Tigershark (Locke uses it from Season 2 onwards replacing his Master Bowie.)

Spyderco Harpy knife.

  • Locke also has a Spyderco Harpy knife clipped into his jacket.

Flash sideways

In the flash sideways the knives were lost onboard of Flight 815. Oceanic Airlines returned them to Locke. ("LA X, Part 2")  ("The Substitute")


Locke's SOG Tigershark "throwing" knife as seen at Lost: The Auction.

Other knives

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