John Locke is one of the main protagonists in Lost, and thus his family is central to the series and it's stories.

Family Members

Immediate Family

  • John Locke - A paraplegic man from Tustin who crashed while flying on Oceanic Flight 815 and he regained his ability to walk.
  • Anthony Cooper - John's biological father who conned him out of a kidney...and he repaid him by pushing him from an eight story building.
  • Emily Locke - John's biological mother, a crazy woman who insisted that John was immaculately conceived.

Extended Family

  • Mrs. Locke - John's maternal grandmother who was unhappy with her daughter's relationship with a man twice her age.
  • Bea Jones - John's great-aunt who admitted John's mother to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute.
  • Florence - John's foster mother.
  • Melissa - John's foster sister.
  • Jeannie - John's foster sister who died while playing at a park.
  • Foster Brother - John's foster brother.


  • Helen Norwood - John's former girlfriend who died of a brain aneurysm. She was also his fiancee in the Flashsideways.