"Locke'd Out Again" is an orchestral piece on the Season 1 soundtrack. Its ascending theme based on a ♭VI - i chord progression plays during many of John Locke's emotional scenes.

Main appearance

In a flashback, Locke awakens in pain after his operation. His mother enters and explains that she approached him at his father's instructions to con him out of his kidney. Locke tears out his IV tube and starts crying. In the next scene, he drives up to his father's house and tries to enter, but Eddie doesn't let him. Locke goes up to the gate nonetheless, then drives off, beating his car's steering wheel and roof in despair.

In the present day, Locke beats the hatch and yells at the Island in anger and desperation. From within the hatch, a light comes on.

Full list of appearances

"Locke'd Out Again" and its variations play during the following scenes:

Immediately after recovering from the crash, Locke found his paralysis was miraculously cured. ("Walkabout")


"Can't Keep Locke Down", "Closure", "Locke-about", "Making Up for Lost Time", "The Science of Faith", "The Final Countdown" and "Shannonigans" use the theme from "Locke'd Out Again". The theme also influences Locke's third and fourth themes, his flash sideways theme and FLocke's theme.

Title significance

The title places Locke's name into the phrase "locked out again." The piece's main scene shows Locke locked out in two situations: he bangs against his father's locked gates and the locked hatch. He's also metaphorically locked out in both cases—emotionally and spiritually, respectively.