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Lost: Via Domus
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Characters:   Beady Eyes · Elliott Maslow · Lisa Gellhorn · Zoran Savo · Rico
Episodes: "Force Majeure" · "A New Day" · "Via Domus" · "Forty-Two" · "Hotel Persephone" · "Whatever It Takes" · "Worth A Thousand Words"

There are many locations from Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3, of Lost that are featured in Lost: Via Domus.

On The Island

DHARMA Initiative stations

Below is a list of DHARMA Initiative stations as seen in Lost: Via Domus

Picture Location Episodes Info
The Hatch "Via Domus", "Forty-Two", "Hotel Persephone" The unopened hatch is seen by Elliott in the third episode of the game. A beam of light can be seen emanating from the window. As Elliott investigates the Hatch, he can photograph the Numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 etched on the side.
The Swan "Forty-Two", "Hotel Persephone" The Swan contains three electrical panels. Fuses must be placed in the correct sequence in order for the lockdown to end. During the lockdown in episode four, Elliott discovers the blast door map and a second map leading to the incident room.
Viadomus staff
The Staff "Forty-Two" In order to go to the Staff medical station, Elliott must view six different objects at the beach camp (each with one of the Numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) in correct sequence in order to be transported to the Staff. Two Apollo bars can be found: one in the nursery, and one in the operating room.
Behind the Secret Swan
The Incident Room "Hotel Persephone" Across from the main entrance to the Swan Elliott finds a hidden room. Inside of this room is a huge magnetic reactor, which has fallen into complete disarray. Elliott can use the computer in the room to disable to reactor.
Viadomus pearl
The Pearl "Whatever It Takes" After Elliot has run from and successfully survived an encounter with the Smoke monster and Juliet at the sonar fence, she will deactivate it, at which point Elliot can come through to the protected side. Towards the tree line on this side is an area that ends in a cliff, where there is a single capsule with a Pearl notebook.

Interacting with the item teleports Elliot to a version of the Pearl which is largely the same as that seen in the show, but appears somewhat newer and better maintained. The location is an easter egg with no relevance to the storyline.

Viadomus enter77
The Flame "Whatever It Takes" Elliott enters the Flame through a secret back entrance, located across the Sonar fence. The basement of the Flame is dark, so Elliott must have a lantern or torch in order to navigate. In the upper level of the Flame, Elliott encounters Mikhail and Beady Eyes.
The Hydra "Worth A Thousand Words" Elliott awakes in the same room Jack awakes in "A Tale of Two Cities". Tom is there to greet Elliott, and soon Elliott leaves the aquarium. He travels to the Advisory Room, where Juliet and Ben tell him what he must do for them.

Survivors' locations

Below is a list of survivors' locations as seen in Lost: Via Domus

Picture Location Episodes Info
Beach camp "Force Majeure", "A New Day", "Via Domus", "Forty-Two", "Hotel Persephone", "Worth A Thousand Words" The beach camp evolves throughout the course of the game. In the first two episodes, the fuselage and wreckage is scattered throughout the camp. By the third episode, the survivors have created tents and water troughs throughout the camp. By episode five, a pantry stocked with DHARMA food is in the camp.
Caves "A New Day", "Via Domus" Elliott must navigate through two different caves, in episode two and three. The first cave leads to the front section of the plane. The second cave leads to the compass that has Via Domus inscribed in it.

Misc. Island locations

Below is a list of misc. Island locations in Lost: Via Domus

Picture Location Episodes Info
Viadomus jungle
Jungle "Force Majeure", "A New Day", "Via Domus", "Forty-Two", "Hotel Persephone", "Whatever It Takes" "Worth A Thousand Words" The jungle is full of dangers, especially the Dark Territory. There are many Others patrolling the jungle in lookout points in the trees. They will not hesitate to shoot Elliott if he is in shooting range. The Monster frequently stalks Elliott in the jungle. The banyan trees are a great place to hide from the Monster and the Others.
River "Via Domus" Elliott and Locke go to the caves in episode three. On their way, they cross a bridge over a river with a waterfall.
Lagoon "Whatever It Takes" After being awoken on a cliff by Juliet, Elliot must make a timed run to this lagoon in order to escape on the sailboat before the others can destroy it.
Lake "Whatever It Takes" After Juliet deactivates the sonar fence in the beginning of "Whatever it Takes," Elliot can come to the protected side and view this lake, although it is not clear of its proximity to the Barracks.
Viadomus blackrock
Black Rock "Hotel Persephone", "Worth A Thousand Words" Elliott ventures to The Black Rock in to retrieve dynamite in order to gain entrance to the Incident Room. He also leads Jack there in episode seven, leading him into a trap set up by the Others.
Dark Territory "Hotel Persephone", "Whatever It Takes", "Worth A Thousand Words" The Monster is always close by in Dark Territory. There are also many Others stationed in the trees and shooting Elliott on sight. The banyan trees are a great place to hide from either the Monster or the Others.
Viadomus sonarfence
Sonar fence "Whatever It Takes" Elliott flees the Monster and ends up trapped between it and the sonar fence. After the Monster scans Elliott, Juliet interrogates Elliot, then turns off the fence to let him through.

Off the Island

Main article: World Locations

Recurrent & Important location

Below is a list of off-Island locations in Lost: Via Domus

Picture Location Episodes Info
Hotel Persephone "Hotel Persephone", "Whatever It Takes", "Worth A Thousand Words" Lisa begs Elliott to help her bring down Savo. After running out of options, Elliott sells Lisa out to a bodyguard and takes an elevator to the room where Mittlewerk and Savo are meeting. Elliott then witnesses a terrible event.
VD-Ricos Pawn Shop
Rico's Pawn Shop "Via Domus", "Forty-Two" Lisa asks Rico for help in stopping Savo's actions, but Rico is being paid more by Elliott to keep information from her.


Below is a list of countries in Lost: Via Domus

Picture Location Episodes Info
Australia "Force Majeure", "Via Domus", "Forty-Two", "Hotel Persephone", "Whatever It Takes", "Worth A Thousand Words" The Hotel Persephone and Rico's Pawn Shop are located in Sydney.
Thailand "A New Day" On the beach, Elliott shares a nice memory with Lisa.

Mentioned locations

The following locations were mentioned but not seen: