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==External links==
==External links==
[[Category: Crew|Keiser, lloyd Jay]]
[[Category: Crew|Keiser, Jay]]
[[Category:Audio and sound|Keiser, Lloyd Jay]]
[[Category:Audio and sound|Keiser, Jay]]

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Lloyd Jay Keiser is one of the ADR editors for LOST, and has worked on episodes including "The Other 48 Days" and "Further Instructions".


AKA, Jay Keiser is a award winning writer, producer, director, actor and voice-over talent.

His recent projects include the 1st fully produced Comedy Album "TITANIC II" and the Feature Documentary "QUEENS OF DRAG"- in Production

He can be contacted @

  • Has worked on such television shows as Alias.
  • Has worked on such movies as No Secrets and I Heart Huckabees.

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