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An unnamed little girl featured in a deleted scene from "A Tale of Two Cities". After surreptitiously watching Sarah, Jack attempted to aid the little girl in a playground after she began choking. Moments later, Jack walked over to her to see if she was all right, and the little girl told Jack not to trust Sarah. She subsequently made a mysterious appearance in Jack's Hydra cell in 2 ABC promotional photos released for "A Tale of Two Cities". The photos were soon removed from the site but still remain on abcmedianet.

Promotional photographs do not necessarily depict actual images filmed for the episode, and are not necessarily depictions of deleted scenes, and therefore may not even accurately reflect events from the episode. For example, the promotional photos for "S.O.S." included a daytime view of the night snow scene, and a scene by the Jeep that did not occur; and the promotional photos for "The Glass Ballerina" show a scene where Jin appeared with Sun, in which he appeared to threaten to beat her. Deleted scenes, likewise, are not considered canon.

Jack Playground Spoiler
Filming of Jack performing the Heimlich on the little girl.

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