Below is a list of all of the Others that have been introduced into the show.
For a list of Others extras, see Background cast (Others)

Picture Name Role Status Overview
Jacob Leader Alive Jacob is the elusive and rarely-seen leader of the Others, who communicates to his people through a chosen co-leader. He supposedly authors a list of people he deems worthy to join his people on the Island, and according to Ben he has the ability to cure cancer. He lives in a constantly-moving cabin, where Christian Shephard claims to speak on his behalf. It is currently unknown what his origins are and how he came to lead the Others.
John Locke Co-Leader Alive John Locke has been sought by the Others his entire life, since he was an infant. He temporarily joined them after reaching the Barracks, though he left after being unable to kill his father. He made contact with Jacob twice; the first time he was simply told, "Help me," and the second time he was instructed, through Christian Shephard, to move the Island. After Ben cedes power to him in the Orchid, John rejoined the Others as their new leader, but he did not remain in this role long, as he was sent back in time with the rest of the Oceanic survivors when Ben moved the Island, and was ultimately killed by Ben off the Island. After being resurrected upon his body returning the Island, he returned to the Others, three years after his disappearance, and reclaimed his leadership.
Richard Alpert Prominent (Former Co-Leader) Alive Richard Alpert is a long-time inhabitant of the Island who acts as an advisor to the current leader of the Others, whom he also has a role in selecting. He will also act as a temporary leader in times when they have no leader. He does not appear to age as a normal human would, having held his position for "a very, very long time," and so has been present for the Others' conflicts with various groups, including the United States Army, the DHARMA Initative, and the Oceanic survivors. He often goes off the Island to recuit various people for the Others, including Locke and Juliet, claiming to be a doctor from Mittelos Bioscience.
Benjamin Linus Prominent (Former Co-Leader) Alive Ben is a former workman for the DHARMA Initiative who grew up on the Island. He allied himself with the Hostiles in 1977 after Richard saved his life by bringing him to the Temple. At some point, he became the sole person responsible for communicating between Jacob and the Others, a position he took after the former leader, Charles Widmore, was exiled. He held this position among the Others for several years, however many of his people, including Richard, began to doubt him during their conflict with the Oceanic survivors. After the threat of the Kahana was eliminated, he ceded power to Locke before being teleported off the Island. He returned to the Island several years later on Ajira Flight 316, and after swearing to the Monster that he would follow obey Locke he rejoined the Others as a subordinate to Locke.
Harper Stanhope Semi-Prominent Alive Harper is the Others' therapist. She was also Goodwin's wife, aware of her husband's infidelity. Ben used her to trick Juliet into stopping Daniel and Charlotte at the Tempest.
Cindy Chandler Semi-Prominent Alive A member of the tailies, now aligned with the Others. Former Oceanic Airlines flight attendant, acquaintance of Gary Troup, caretaker of Zack and Emma.
5x15 vanessa
Vanessa Minor Alive Present in 2007 when John Locke regained his role as leader of the Others.
Emma Minor Alive A member of the tailies taken by the Others on day 12 with her brother, Zack.
Zach Minor Alive A member of the tailies taken on day 12 with his sister, Emma.
Amelia Minor Alive A member of Juliet's Book Club.
Adam Minor Alive A member of the book club, appears to be extremely loyal to Ben.
Jill Minor Off-Island Jill works undercover as a butcher in Los Angeles. Ben asks her to safeguard John Locke's corpse until it can be returned to the Island.
Widmore's victim Minor Off-Island Captured and brutally interrogated by Charles Widmore in order to obtain information about the Island.
Various background extras Minor Background (unnamed) These are Others that are extras and not significant to the storyline, and have appeared in the Others' boat, following Walt's rescue party, abducting the tailies, at the decoy village, at the quarry, at the Pala Ferry, in the Staff, stealing the Elizabeth, at the cages, at the beach leaving Hydra Island, at the Barracks, etc.)

Body count among unnamed Others extras: (Two killed by Eko, one killed by Ana Lucia, one killed by Sawyer).

See Background cast (Others) for recurring extras.
Youngercharles-mini Charles Widmore Prominent (Former Co-Leader) Expelled Charles Widmore was the Leader of the Others from the 1950's up until the 1990's. However he was expelled sometime during the 90's for breaking the rules, including regular trips off-island and for fathering a child with an outsider. He would later send the Kahana to the Island in an attempt to reclaim the Island (which he saw as belonging to him), but the mission failed.
Eloise Hawking Prominent Defected, Off the Island under unknown circumstances A high-ranking Other during the 1970's. In 1954 Eloise commanded the team that captured Daniel, Charlotte, and Miles, and then later went with Daniel when he went to disarm the hydrogen bomb, Jughead. In 1977 she killed a time travelling Daniel Faraday, who revealed to her that he was her son, and afterwards agreed to help Jack detonate Jughead in an attempt to change the future. It is unknown when or why she defected from the Others and left the Island.
Juliet Burke Prominent Defected Fertility doctor. Had some degree of authority in the past, though subordinate to and antagonistic relation with Ben. Has been on the Island for over 3 years. In 2004 she shot Danny and helped Kate, Sawyer and Karl to escape in exchange for being allowed to go "home"; was sentenced to be executed but instead was "marked"/expelled as punishment. Was sent on an undercover O-Mission to infiltrate the survivors at the beach. The ruse given to the Losties was that she was left behind when the Others left the Barracks indicating that they may no longer consider her one of them. After her cover was blown by John Locke she has claimed again to be on the Losties side. She betrayed Ben telling the Losties where the Looking Glass was.
Mattingly-mini Mattingly Minor Deceased "Mattingly" was an Other in the 1950's. He was part of the group, led by Charles Widmore, that attacked Sawyer and Juliet. He was ordered by Widmore to cut off Juliet's hand, but before he could do so John Locke intervened, killing him with a knife.
Cunningham Minor Deceased "Cunningham" was an Other in the 1950's. He was part of the group, led by Charles Widmore, that attacked Sawyer and Juliet. After being captured by the survivors, he was convinced by Juliet that they were not enemies, and began to give them directions to the Others' camp, but before he could do so Widmore snuck behind him and snapped his neck.
Other (LaFleur) Minor Deceased This man, along with another Other, captured Paul and Amy. They executed Paul and were about to kidnap Amy until Sawyer and his group intervened and killed this Other along with his friend.
Erik Semi-Prominent Deceased A Hostile who found LaFleur and Kate carrying a dying Ben. He advised Richard to report to Ellie and Charles before bringing Ben in to the Temple, yet Richard claimed he does not answer to them. Shot dead by Sayid.
Sabine Minor Deceased Sabine was one of the women among the Others who volunteered to become pregnant, even though she knew it was a risk. Despite the best efforts of Juliet, her body turned on her pregnancy. Ethan attempted surgery to save either her or her baby, but she died during the operation. Ben later attempted to console Juliet by telling her that Sabine was the one who chose to become pregnant.
Ethan Rom Prominent Deceased Murdered by Charlie. Pretended to be one of the mid-section survivors; kidnapped Claire and Charlie in order to obtain Aaron. He met Juliet before arriving on the Island, and seemed to be part of the Mittelos Bioscience laboratory. Ben told Jack that he was a surgeon.
Goodwin Stanhope Prominent Deceased Killed by Ana Lucia. Married to Harper Stanhope. Maintained the Tempest station. Infiltrated the tail section survivors. Prior to this, he was in a relationship with Juliet.

Colleen Pickett Semi-Prominent Deceased Shot in the chest by Sun in Desmond's boat when the Others took the boat from the Pala Ferry pier. She appeared to be unarmed and was trying to talk Sun out of any violent action. Jack and Juliet were trying to save her in the Hydra's medical section, but her life couldn't be saved. Married to Danny.
Danny Pickett Semi-Prominent Deceased He did not seem to be an authority figure, although he was foreman on the rock clearing operation. Married to Colleen, who calls him 'Danny'. He took Colleen's death at the hands of Sun badly and took out his anger on Sawyer. Pickett was killed by Juliet when he was attempting to kill Sawyer in "Not in Portland". Juliet had made a deal with Ben to leave the Island but the deal required that Kate and Sawyer escape.
Bea Klugh Semi-Prominent Deceased Killed by Mikhail at her own request. Made a deal with Michael to free Benjamin Linus. Had some degree of authority.
Isabel Prominent Deceased Was referred to as "the sheriff" by Tom. She seems to be right under Ben in the Others' hierarchy. Investigated Danny's murder case, and decided to execute Juliet, but was stopped by Ben. Left the Hydra Island with the rest of the Others. She speaks Cantonese. Said to have died by the end of Season 3.
Aldo Minor Deceased Guards part of the Hydra facility. Was reading "A Brief History of Time" before he was attacked by Kate, Sawyer and Alex. Killed in the raid on the beach in "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1".

Diane Minor Deceased Killed in the explosions during the raid on the Losties beach camp. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")
Ivan Minor Deceased Killed in "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1". Seen in medical garb in the Hydra operating room, chasing Kate and Sawyer in "Not in Portland", and other action sequences in Season 3. Killed in the raid on the beach in "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1".
Matthew Minor Deceased Administers an injection into Sawyer's chest. Shot by Jin in the raid on the Losties beach camp. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")
Luke Minor Deceased Was at the quarry and was seen talking to Juliet. He was later elbowed by Sawyer in his escape attempt. Shot by Jin in the raid on the Losties beach camp. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")

Greta Minor Deceased Stationed in the Looking Glass. Killed by Mikhail on the orders of Ben. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")
Bonnie Minor Deceased Stationed in the Looking Glass. Killed by Mikhail on the orders of Ben. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")
Ryan Pryce Semi-Prominent Deceased Seems to hold a bit of influence over the policing of The Others' community. He was put in charge of supervising Sayid while he was bound to the swing set, and attempted to shut Sayid up when he began divulging information about Alex's mother to her. Run over by Hurley in the DHARMA Van while he was leading the beach raid.
Jason Minor Deceased An Other who appears to be some kind of a bodyguard. He assisted Matthew with injecting something to Sawyer, accompanied Ben and Sawyer on their journey, guarded Jack while he attended Colleen's funeral and went with Pickett to Sawyer's cage. He was chasing Kate and Sawyer after they escaped their cages. Had his neck broken by Sayid while trying to raid the Losties beach camp.
Tom (aka Mr. Friendly) Prominent Deceased Appears to be a spokesman/enforcer of the Others. Has some degree of authority. Used to wear a fake beard during his encounters with the mid-section Losties. His loyalty to Ben is questionable though. Shot in cold blood by Sawyer after the beach raid, for "taking the kid from the raft."
Mikhail Bakunin Prominent Deceased Other who was stationed at the Flame, and was in charge of communications. Killed Bea Klugh on her order; then was captured and held in the custody of Locke, Sayid, Kate, and Danielle Rousseau. He was later severely injured by Locke who pushed him into the Others' security perimeter but later stumbled upon Desmond, Charlie, Jin, Hurley & Naomi in the forest. Is very loyal to Ben. Killed Bonnie and Greta on Ben's orders before being shot at close range with a spear gun. Managed to survive, and detonated a hand grenade in order to kill Charlie in the Looking Glass station.
Karl Prominent Deceased Had a love interest in Alexandra. Ben disapproved of this because of the dangers of pregnancy on the Island. He was imprisoned in the Hydra cages, and was later moved to Room 23. He escaped the Hydra Island with Kate and Sawyer. He remained in covert contact with Alex and eventually warned the survivors that the Others intended to raid their camp. He was seemingly killed by unknown gunfire on the way to the Temple with Danielle and Alex.
Alexandra Rousseau Prominent Deceased Danielle Rousseau's daughter. She was taken from Rosseau a week after being born and raised by Ben Linus as his daughter. She was told her mother was dead. Developed a love interest in Karl which Ben disapproved of because of the danger associated with pregnancy on the Island. After discovering that she had given away the Others plan to raid the beach camp, Ben took her to them and introduced her to Danielle Rousseau as her mother. She was killed by Keamy at The Barracks.

Expanded Universe Others

There are three Others who have been mentioned in the expanded universe of Lost. These three Others apparently worked at the Hydra and were mentioned in "Worth A Thousand Words".

Below is a list of all of the Others that have been introduced into the Lost expanded universe

Picture Name Role Status Overview
Susan O. Minor Alive Worked at the Hydra in Via Domus
Patrick R. Minor Alive Worked at the Hydra in Via Domus
Todd Minor Alive Worked at the Hydra in Via Domus
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