"Life and Death" is an orchestral piece on the Season One soundtrack. This quiet piano-based theme plays during many death scenes, including almost every main character's death.

Main appearance

Claire proudly shows her new baby to the survivors. Hurley notices Sayid and Shannon returning to the beach, and Jack approaches them. He tells Shannon of Boone's death. The scene changes to Shannon weeping over Boone's body. Back at the beach, Jack fights back tears. He tells Kate he suspects Locke in Boone's death.

Full list of appearances

"Life and Death" and its variations play during the following scenes.


Several pieces blend the theme from "Life and Death" with a dead or dying character's theme. "The Incident" blends it with Juliet's theme. "Looking Glass Half Full" and "Locke'ing Horns" blend it with Charlie's theme, and "Looking Glass Half Full" also blends it with Charlie and Claire's theme. "Ji Yeon" and "SS Lost-tanic" blend it with Jin and Sun's theme. "Moving On" blends it with Jack's theme, and later in the piece, it blends with the home theme. "Jumping Jack's Flash" also blends it with the home theme, which is itself a complex variation on "Life and Death", as is "LAX". "Moving On" and "Oceanic 815" also blend the theme with the main theme.

Other variations on Life and Death's theme appear in "Charlie Hangs Around", "Death Springs Eternal", "Dharma vs Lostaways", "Here Today, Gone To Maui", "Under the Knife", "And Walk And Talk And Aah!" and "Win One For the Reaper".