This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
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Lawrence Peck is a member of the Board of Directors on the Hanso Foundation, in the storyline of the alternate reality game The Lost Experience.

He was sentenced to eight years in a federal penitentiary for insider trading in 1989. He subsidized it through the retirement fund of a health-care union. An additional two years of incarceration were added for perjury and the obstruction of justice. However, Peck served only eighteen months of his sentence in a federal minimum security facility for good behavior.

Peter Thompson was Peck's attorney.


On May 24th, the password inmate asylum opened a hidden flash on thehansofoundation.org website. Persephone messages accompanied the images.

These guys know a thing or two about the betterment of society...
check this...

(The shot moves to show a window)

Houston 05-24-1986

Cop audio: Lawrence Peck, this is the FBI, come out with your arms raised.

(The window smashes, and fragments are documents. Clicking on them show images of Vanderfield and Peck being arrested. Under Peck it says:)

Lawrence Peck was sentenced to 8 years for insider trading, which he subsidized through a retirement fund for a health care union. And as if stealing money from nurses wasn't enough, he also got two years for perjury and obstruction of justice!

(A bench chart sheet then shows Vanderfield and Peck's charges and sentences. Peck's shows charges of "fraud - perjury" and a sentence of "6 x 1 - 2 x 1 years")

But just a couple of months later..

(More broken glass documents can be accessed. One shows Peck walking out of jail)

Peter Thompson was on the case and Peck got off with 18 months in a federal minimum security facility.

(Another document shows Peck's police report. It shows his fingerprints, that his attorney was Peter Thompson, and that Peck's prior prison record was "Convicted of fraud and perjury in 1989 sentenced to 8 years. Served 18 months in a federal minimum security facility for good behavior").


  • The makers of the Lost Experience were limited with regards to images for the Persephone hack involving Peck, as the image from the Hanso website had originally been taken from stock. This is why the images that were shown did not clearly show his face.

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