Sawyer reads the novel.

Lancelot is a novel that was written in 1977 by the author Walker Percy. The book is about Lancelot Lamar, a lawyer who, when he discovers that he is not the father of his youngest daughter, kills his wife by blowing up their house. He ends up being confined in a mental institution, where he then dwells on the memories of his frightful past. There is a surrealistic element, where reality blends with delirium.

Sawyer was seen reading Lancelot on the Island. ("Maternity Leave")

Similarities and shared themes

  • When Kate discovers that Wayne is her father she kills him by blowing up their house.
  • Hurley was hospitalized in a mental institution because he blamed himself for causing the accidental deaths of friends and family members and he became unable to separate hallucinations from reality.
  • The show, similar to the book uses a lot of dreams and visions.
  • The book was published in 1977.

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