For other uses of "Lagoon", see Harbor.
This information was revealed through the semi-canonical Lost video game
Lost: Via Domus
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In Lost: Via Domus[]

A lagoon is seen in the video game Lost: Via Domus. The lagoon contains a dock, the creator of which is unknown. Locke was waiting for Elliott at the dock, and he killed the Other and prevented him from destroying the Via Domus with a Molotov cocktail. It is unknown why Locke was at the lagoon, or how he knew about it. It is also unknown why the sailboat was at the dock. The dock has many crates and barrels that may have been used for storage. There are also three fishing boats stored at the lagoon, but it is unknown who they belong to. It is probable that the dock was constructed by the DHARMA Initiative, since it is similar to the harbor and the Pala Ferry pier.


Picture Name First visit Last visit Reason for Visit
Elliott Maslow "Worth A Thousand Words" "Worth A Thousand Words" Elliott was instructed by Juliet to go to the lagoon and escape on the Via Domus. Elliott encounted Locke at the dock, and then escaped the Island on his sailboat.
John Locke "Worth A Thousand Words" "Worth A Thousand Words" Was waiting for Elliott at the dock. He killed the Other, preventing him from destroying the Via Domus.

Elliott talks to Locke at the lagoon


Unanswered questions[]

  • How did Locke know about the lagoon?
  • Why did Locke want to help Elliott escape the Island?
  • Who constructed the dock at the lagoon?
  • Is the dock related to Pala Ferry?
  • Why was the Via Domus being held at the dock?
  • Why are there crates at the dock?