"La Fleur" is an orchestral piece on the Season 5 soundtrack. It serves as Sawyer and Juliet's love theme.

Main appearance

Sawyer wants to stay on the island to wait for Locke, but Juliet wants to leave on the sub. He convinces her to stay for two weeks.

Three years later, Sawyer walks through the Barracks. He picks a flower as someone bikes by. He enters his home and sees that Juliet has made dinner. He gives her the flower, congratulating her on delivering the baby earlier. Juliet thanks him for his support. They kiss.

Full list of appearances

"La Fleur" and its variations play during the following scenes:

Title significance

The title of the track refers to Sawyer's alias "Jim LaFleur" as well as the title of the episode it features in. "La fleur" is French for "the flower".

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