"LaFleur" is the eighth episode of Season 5 of Lost and the 91st episode overall. It was originally broadcast on March 4, 2009. The fate of who was left on the island after Locke turned the wheel is revealed. Sawyer, Juliet, and company meet the Dharma Initiative.


On the Island

Unknown (but ancient) time period


After another flash, the well at the Orchid site (which Locke had descended into) disappears, leaving Sawyer holding a rope that leads into the ground. He tries to rescue Locke but Juliet stops him, pointing out that they are now in a time before the well was ever built. Miles then draws everyone's attention to something in the distance. They look up and see the back of a gigantic statue. At the same time underground, Locke sets the frozen wheel on its proper axis, sending everyone above through a particularly violent time flash.



Amy at gun-point by two Hostiles

Afterwards, all agree that this flash felt different and, noticing that their headaches have faded and their nosebleeds have stopped, they surmise that they are done traveling through time. Sawyer, noticing the well wall is in place again, quickly runs over, grabs the rope mechanism, and jumps in feet first, only to find the well has been filled in with rocks and earth, and he is standing at ground level. Sawyer says he's going to wait until Locke comes back, when Juliet asks how long he intends to wait, he replies, "As long as it takes".


The survivors and Amy over at the Security Fence

Sawyer decides that they will head back to the beach to see if their camp is there (or build a new one if necessary), though Juliet notes that they don't really have much of a plan. On the way to the beach, they hear gunshots. Moving towards them, they see a clearing with two Hostiles standing over Amy and a dead Paul. Sawyer and Juliet move out, rifles at the ready, and Sawyer tells them to put their guns down. One of them starts to shoot at Sawyer but is shot by Juliet before he can fire. The other is then shot by Sawyer. Amy convinces them to bury the 2 bodies of the Hostiles and carry Paul back. At the sonic fence Juliet yells for Daniel to stop as he approaches the fence. Amy pretends to disable the fence and walks through. Sawyer, Jin, Juliet, Daniel and Miles follow and are knocked out by a high-pitched noise. Amy has put earplugs in her ears and was unaffected by the noise.


Sawyer talks with Alpert about the truce

Sawyer wakes up in a room with Horace and explains that the group was on a salvage boat that wrecked looking for the Black Rock. Horace tells Sawyer that the group will have to leave the next morning on the submarine. He explains that only members of the DHARMA Initiative are allowed inside the compound, and that Sawyer and the rest of his group are "not DHARMA material." As the group gathers outside the buildings, Daniel sees a little girl he guesses to be young Charlotte.

Young Charlotte

Daniel meets young Charlotte


Sawyer convinces Juliet to stay

That night Richard Alpert shows up. Horace goes to speak to him then returns and anxiously asks Sawyer and crew how well they buried the bodies. Sawyer goes outside, ignoring Horace's objections, and tells Richard that he is responsible for killing the two men, then asks him if they buried the bomb. He mentions Richard's meeting with Locke twenty years earlier and tells him that he and his people aren't with the Initiative. After getting the story of what happened to his people, Richard tells Sawyer that they still require justice. Sawyer returns and tells Horace the Hostiles want Paul's body. Horace and Sawyer go to talk to Amy, telling her that they'll face whatever they need to if she doesn't want to give up the body. She agrees to give it up but takes an ankh necklace from around her husband's neck first. As Sawyer leaves the room, Horace tells him that they can stay for two weeks, when the submarine is scheduled to return to the island.

At the dock by the submarine, Juliet tells Sawyer that Locke has already saved them, noting that the flashes have stopped and they are no longer sick, so there is no need to wait for him. She explains that she has been trying to get off the island for over three years, and that she intends to be on the submarine in the morning despite Sawyer convincing Horace otherwise. Sawyer, however, talks her into staying, initially for just two weeks until the next submarine trip.


Jerry and Rosie dancing at the Security Center


Sawyer brings home a drunken Horace


Sawyer and Juliet kiss


Sawyer meets his fellow castaway


Jerry plays some music and begins dancing with Rosie. Suddenly, Phil bursts in, angry that the two are neglecting the monitors and worried about what their boss, LaFleur, will say. Jerry attempts to calm Phil but then the two see someone on the monitors by the sonic fence. They identify the person as Horace who appears to be drunk and throwing lit dynamite into the forest. Despite their initial reluctance the pair run to one of the houses and wake their boss, LaFleur, who turns out to be Sawyer. Sawyer collects Miles and the two proceed out to the sonic fence where they retrieve a passed out Horace. Sawyer takes the man back to his home, where Sawyer is greeted by Horace's wife Amy. As Sawyer explains what happened, Amy goes into labor.

Sawyer calls in Juliet, who has apparently remained on the island well beyond her initial two week promise to Sawyer, to do a c-section because the doctor is an internist who has never performed one. (Pregnant women normally travel to the mainland when they are due to deliver.) Juliet initally objects, saying that she and Sawyer had "a deal," but ultimately agrees to do the procedure, even though the doctor is uncomfortable with the arrangement. Sawyer steps outside the infirmary and waits for news of the baby. Jin shows up and tells him that they haven't found anyone in their grid searches. Juliet comes out and says that Amy gave birth to a boy.

Later, a smiling Sawyer strolls through the Barracks and picks a flower. He returns to the house he now shares with Juliet, as she prepares dinner. He gives her the flower and tells her she was "amazing today." They declare their love for each other and share a kiss.

Horace wakes to find a bespectacled Sawyer watching over him. In a reversal of roles, Sawyer asks Horace how his head feels leaving Horace respond "It hurts." Sawyer informs him that he missed the birth of his son and inquires about the fight between Horace and Amy that led Horace to pass out in a drunken stupor. Horace had found the ankh which had belonged to Paul among Amy's things, leading Horace to question Amy's love for him. Horace is unsure whether 3 years is enough time for Amy to get over Paul. Sawyer tells of his love for a girl (Kate) with whom he had a shot but reluctantly lost his chance. She has been gone for three years and though he had difficulty forgetting her in the beginning, he finds now that he barely remembers her face. Sawyer states that 3 years is "absolutely" enough time to get over someone.

In the morning, Sawyer and Juliet are asleep in bed when they are awakened by a phone call. Jin is calling with urgent news, and as Sawyer gets dressed, he doesn't tell Juliet the nature of the emergency. He drives his blue DHARMA Jeep out to the North Valley alone and waits for Jin to arrive in a DHARMA van. They park their vehicles opposite one another and the van's passengers emerge: first Jack, then Hurley, and finally Kate. Sawyer is shocked to see his friends as he takes off his glasses in disbelief.



  • LaFleur means "the flower" in French.
  • Along with "Meet Kevin Johnson" and "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", this is the third Lost episode which takes its title from a main character's pseudonym.
  • This episode is unique in its handling of time in two different ways. Firstly, while title cards have been used in the past to indicate times or places, this is the first episode which has used them for this purpose for both the present-day and flash segments. Moreover, while "Ji Yeon" utilized both a flashback and a flashforward, this episode was the first to have a story segment which was both a flashback and a flashforward. The 1977 scenes were a flashforward because the depicted events three years after the preceding episodes' on-Island storyline (continuing from the end of "This Place Is Death"); they were also a flashback because they immediately preceded the events at the end of "316". In a way, they were also present-day scenes because the final parts took place immediately after Jin finds Jack, Kate and Hurley in "316".
  • The amount of time that has passed, three years, matches between the time the Oceanic 6 spent off the Island, and the time those left behind spent on it.
  • Rosie is wearing a Geronimo Jackson shirt.
  • A fan-based joke revolving around Richard Alpert and "guyliner" is referenced in this episode by Sawyer who explains to Horace he was referring to his "buddy out there with the eyeliner". The joke has been debunked in interviews with the actor playing Richard, who has very dark eyelashes.

Production notes

Bloopers and continuity errors

  • Daniel Faraday sees a young red-haired girl at the Dharma Initiative camp in 1974 whom he believes is Charlotte Staples Lewis. However, Ben, when reciting her biography ("Confirmed Dead") stated she was born July 2, 1979, approximately 5 years too late to be Charlotte if Ben's information from Michael was correct (a birthdate of 1969 would be closer if this girl is indeed a young Charlotte). It remains possible, however, that the girl was not Charlotte, and Daniel was mistaken due to his grief.
  • Sawyer's beard noticeably changes between real and fake throughout the 1974 portions of the episode.

Recurring themes

Recurring themes
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Storyline analysis

Storyline analysis

Cultural references

Cultural references
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  • The ankh: The Egyptian hieroglyph is a symbol of eternal life and fertility. Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand, arms crossed over their chest. The four-toed statue appears to be holding one in each hand. Paul's necklace was also an ankh. Amy takes the ankh from Paul, and successfully gives birth on the island. (Religion)
  • Phil and Jerry, brownie eating 1970s hippies, seem to be references to Phil Lesh and Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead. Rosie may be a reference to the reoccurring symbol of roses in Grateful Dead songs and art. In Ramble On Rose, the protagonist's name is Rose.
  • "Candida": This song by Tony Orlando and Dawn is playing in a DHARMA station while Jerry is dancing with Rosie.(Music)
  • Plato: Sawyer calls Daniel "Plato". Plato was a philosopher in ancient Greece, famous for creating Plato's "cave allegory" and the author of the Republic, source of the story of Atlantis.
  • Sawyer calls Miles "Enos", a reference to Roscoe P. Coltraine's deputy in The Dukes of Hazzard
  • Coconut Telegraph: Sawyer says that Horace Goodspeed's drunken behavior will find its way out on the "coconut telegraph," referencing the content of the Jimmy Buffet song from the album of the same name.

Literary techniques

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  • In 1974, when Sawyer wakes up from the sonic fence incident, Horace asks him "How's your head?" and Sawyer replies, "It hurts." In 1977, when Horace wakes up from his drinking binge, Sawyer asks him "How's your head?" and Horace replies, "It hurts." (Juxtaposition)
  • Sawyer explains to Horace how he loved someone (Kate), but let her go. He says he doesn't remember her face anymore, and she's gone and never coming back. The next morning, however, Sawyer sees that Kate has returned to the island. (Irony)
  • Daniel sees a young Charlotte, as Charlotte said before she died. (Foreshadowing)
  • Saywer says ' Mmm, somethin' smells good.' as he visits Juliet's house at the barracks. In ("Eggtown") sawyer says ' Coffee smells good ' as he goes near Kate and Claire at the barracks. (Regularly spoken phrases)

Episode references

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: LaFleur/Theories
  • What is the significance of the giant statue?
  • Why are women unable to carry a child to term later in the Island's history?
  • What is the nature of the truce between the DHARMA Initiative and the Hostiles?
  • Where are Rose, Bernard, and the other survivors?
  • What is the significance of Paul's ankh necklace?
  • Why did Jack, Kate, and Hurley return to 1977?
  • Why wasn't Richard concerned about the sonic fence?
  • Why do the Hostiles want Paul's corpse?
  • What happened to convince Horace to let Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Daniel, and Jin stay on the island?
  • What happened to Horace's wife Olivia?
  • Is Charlotte more than five years older than she was claimed to be? (She was supposed to have been born in 1979, but Daniel sees her on the island as a child in 1974.) Or is the girl Daniel sees not Charlotte?

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