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LOST Widget refers to either:

  1. The LOST Widget available for download at ABC.com
  2. The LOST S3E07 Widget, a Yahoo! Widget created by Luckybeitia.
  3. Various Yahoo Confabulator Lost Widgets - Some of these Lost widgets (for PC/Mac) emulate a countdown timer, such as:
    1. "Lost" by Allen Wu [1]
    2. Hatch Experience Game‎

ABC.com Lost Widget

According to ABC.com, this widget plays video clips, displays a gallery of photos, has a news feed, and a countdown clock until the next episode. The widget is able to be added to social network tools such as blogs, Facebook profiles, MySpace pages, and iGoogle homepages.

Lost S3E07 Widget

LOSTS3E07 running.

This widget counts down for the Lost episode 7 back date, in February 2007, intended for use during the three month hiatus after the mini-season finale ("I Do"). The widget displayed how much time was left until February 7, 2007 22:00:00, the LOST back date.

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