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LOST Widget refers to either:

  1. The LOST Widget available for download at ABC.com
  2. The LOST S3E07 Widget, a Yahoo! Widget created by Luckybeitia.
  3. Various Yahoo Confabulator Lost Widgets - Some of these Lost widgets (for PC/Mac) emulate a countdown timer, such as:
    1. "Lost" by Allen Wu [1]
    2. Hatch Experience Game‎

ABC.com Lost Widget[]

According to ABC.com, this widget plays video clips, displays a gallery of photos, has a news feed, and a countdown clock until the next episode. The widget is able to be added to social network tools such as blogs, Facebook profiles, MySpace pages, and iGoogle homepages.

Lost S3E07 Widget[]


LOSTS3E07 running.

This widget counts down for the Lost episode 7 back date, in February 2007, intended for use during the three month hiatus after the mini-season finale ("I Do"). The widget displayed how much time was left until February 7, 2007 22:00:00, the LOST back date.

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