(Fan created content. Distinct from hoaxes and parodies)

The Opening Screen to the Program

LOST Countdown, is a fan simulation of the Swan's computer system. It features both the countdown timer, an execute button, and the computer monitor, all of which are operational. The program was created by DGee Soft, with Skia's Widget providing graphic work.

The LOST Countdown simulates the Swan computer and countdown clock. The simulation is interactive, and text may even be entered into the monitor, all windows may be dragged, system failure results in a "disaster" effect, and the default option of Shutdown and Failsafe result in a restart. The interface includes a functional blinking cursor ">:".. A help guide is included. Other miscellaneous references to Lost are implemented in the graphics and animation.


The Program at runtime

The LOST Countdown is not online to download; the writers are searching for a download host as of January 2008, and may be contacted at or at the Lostpedia user talk page User talk:David Gee for information on downloading or hosting.

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