"We read the forums so you don't have to"

LOSTCasts was a semi-weekly podcast that delved into the various theories and the mythology on the island after every episode of Lost aired. The podcast's informo motto was: "We read the forums so you don't have to."

LOSTCasts developed discussions based on research on the forums, frequent references to external academic sources such as Wikipedia and even reviewed books that appeared on the show or been mentioned by the producers as sources of inspiration.

Stats of the show: Number of podcasts: 91
Debut: September 25, 2005
Location: Texas, United States

The podcast was avaliable for download at lostcasts.com as well as on iTunes, and is also part of the Lost Podcasting Network. Note: as of 2016. http://www.lostcasts.com was not available.

Hosts and guests

  • LostCasts was originally hosted by John Keehler, Brian Linder and Robert Stone.
  • Linder left after Episode 31.
  • Matt Jones is a frequent guest host on the show.
  • Joy was invited as a guest host in Episode 25 to provide a feminine outlook to the show.
  • Josh Felts appeared as a guest host on Episode 6.


LOSTCasts statistics show that they had 22,000 listeners and subscribers on the month of May 2006, when Lost season 2 was airing in the U.S.. According to their Frappr map, they have listeners in at least 10 countries, such as U.S., U.K., Austrailia, Brazil and more.

Pre-Season 3 plans

Prior to the airing of Season 3, the hosts of LOSTCasts took time to read several books referenced in the series and recorded bookclub-like episodes. They reviewed Gary Troup's Bad Twin, Aldous Huxley's Island, and Richard Adams' Watership Down. A new design for their website is also in the works.


  • During Season 2, Jorge Garcia (better known as the actor who plays "Hurley" on Lost), left a voicemail message on more than one occasion. On Episode 15, Jorge called in to clarify a forum post he made to the Fuselage, where he listed LostCasts last in a list of Lost podcasts that he enjoys, admitting that the list was in no particular order. Then on the Episode 30 Theory Cast, Jorge left a message in order to resolve a humorous misunderstanding concerning an actor featured in the Season 2 finale of Lost.
  • On November 21, 2006, Lostcasts first made it to the iTunes Top 100. Since then, they have appeared regularly in the Top 100.
  • Lostcasts was listed in an AP article as one of the more popular "Lost"-themed podcasts.
  • On the 34th podcast "Season 2 DVD Review", the hosts quoted the Lostpedia article on The Valenzetti Equation for their segment on the Sri Lanka Video.
    • In the same podcast, the hosts plugged Lostpedia as a reliable source for LOST information.

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