is it true that the survivors cant recall anything about the crash? We have seen the crash in flashbacks (which apparently are some sort of rememberance) and didn't even some of them talk about the crash - like what they felt when the tail broke off? Of course these go only as far as the depressurization of the plane - the crash itself was not seen. but maybe that distinction should be clarified? --aurora glacialis 16:21, 13 March 2006 (PST)

I mentioned this in Jack's 'talk' section.

We are visually given a blank on the crash. The survivors don't talk about the crash.

We see more of how it was with the tailenders, them being in the water and the violence of the crash and maybe thats to reinforce our imagination of how the fuselage hit too.

It is brought up that it seem unlikely so many survived the crash of a plane splitting up into sections and landing on a dry beach where the survivors just crawled out. If they did indeed crawl.

Jack blacked out before the tailend was torn off but Kate remembers it.

Oddly Jack wakes up away from the beach, unharmed and almost placed in a grove with no/little sign of how he got there, let alone fell from any great height.

Also we don't find Kate & Vincent on the beach.. to which i was suggesting that they might have been placed on the island, rather than fallen.

We don't know how much time passed between the breakup, the splash-down, the arrival of the survivors on the beach at all.

We assume that all flashbacks are 100% unbiased and show what really happened at all times. But what if they are false or an interpretation of how someone saw the situation.


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