"LA X, Parts 1 & 2" is the 1st episode of Season 6 of Lost and the 104th/105th produced hours of the series as a whole. It was originally broadcast on Feb 2, 2010.


Previously on Lost

At the Swan construction site in 1977, Jack awakens to find Kate pulling Sawyer away from the shaft that Juliet fell into. At the bottom, Juliet awakens, pinned beneath several tons of wreckage, and begins to cry. Seeing the Jughead core nearby, she grabs a rock and begins slamming it, yelling at it to go off. Finally, after 8 strikes she appears to be successful, and a white flash envelops everything.

Flash-Sideways timeline

(See Differences between flash-sideways timeline and original timeline)


Jack and Rose greet again near each-other on the plane.

Aboard a different Oceanic Airlines flight, a different Jack Shephard gazes out the window at passing clouds. Cindy, a flight attendant, asks him how his drink is, then smiles when he admits it's not very strong. She gives him a small bottle of vodka and asks him to keep it between them.

Suddenly, the plane begins shaking, and the pilot announces they are running into some turbulence ahead. Rose, the woman across the aisle, assures Jack it's normal, and jokes that her husband always says planes are meant to be in the air. They chat for a while before the turbulence worsens, and Jack grips the armrests with an expectant look. However, the plane passes through, and Bernard returns safely from the bathroom.


Desmond appears on Flight 815.

Jack gets up to go to the lavatory, and inspects himself carefully in the mirror, noticing a bleeding sore under his shirt collar. Going back to his seat, he meets a man named Desmond Hume in the seat next to him. Both characters struggle to remember whether they have met before. The view then shifts out the window and down into the ocean, where the remains of the Island are shown, now completely submerged beneath the Pacific Ocean and crusted over with sea life. Underwater, the remains of the DHARMA Barracks are visible, and a DHARMA shark is seen swimming near Tawaret's four toed foot.

6x01 TakingAdvantage

Sawyer warns Hurley about his lottery win.

Jack heads to the forward lavatory, where Edward Mars waits for his "friend." Kate bursts out of the door and runs into Jack, apologizing before the Marshal hauls her back to her seat.

Kate receives her meal, but the Marshal won't allow her a knife or fork. Just then, Sawyer brushes past the Marshal, and Kate hides her hands under her tray table, presumably to conceal her handcuffed wrists. Sawyer shares a meaningful look with Kate before apologizing and moving on. Sawyer goes back to his seat, where Leslie Arzt is pestering Hugo Reyes to do an impression of a character in his Mr. Cluck's commercial. Arzt finds it hysterical, then asks how a guy like him came to own a major corporation like Mr. Cluck's. Hurley replies that he won the lottery and happens to like chicken, leading a downcast Arzt to quickly excuse himself. Sawyer warns Hurley not to share his lottery win with strangers, saying it will make them try to take advantage of him, but Hurley brushes it off: he says he's the luckiest man alive.

6x01 BooneAndLockeAgain

Boone and Locke exchange their reasons for being in Australia.

Smiling, Sun gazes at Rose and Bernard a few rows ahead; she tells Jin that they look so happy together. In response, Jin reminds her to button the top of her sweater.

John Locke reads a safety brochure, leading Boone, sitting nearby, to say it won't be any use if the plane goes down. John replies a good pilot could negotiate a water landing, and the fuel tanks would keep the plane afloat until the survivors could get onto the liferafts. They strike up a conversation: Boone explains he was in Australia to get his sister out of a bad relationship, but she didn't want to come back with him. Locke says he went on a walkabout for ten days in the Australian outback, which greatly impresses Boone. Boone remarks if the plane does crash, he'll stick with Locke. Frogurt is sleeping in the seat next to Locke.

6x01 AmIAlive

Charlie is revived by Jack, wondering if he is alive.

Cindy makes an announcement asking for any doctors on board to press their call buttons, and eventually comes over to ask Jack for help: one of the passengers has been in the lavatory for half an hour and is no longer responding to any knocks. With the help of Sayid and a flight attendant, they force open the door to find Charlie Pace, who is sitting unconscious on the toilet. Jack can tell something is blocking his airway and cannot reach it, he then tries to use the pen in his pocket to perform a tracheotomy and realizes it is mysteriously gone. After a few minutes, Jack and Sayid manage to clear his airway, which was blocked by a baggie of heroin, and revive him. However, he isn't happy when he realizes he is still alive.

6x01 SafeLanding

Oceanic Flight 815 lands safely in Los Angeles.

As Charlie is led in handcuffs to his seat, he angrily tells Jack he was supposed to die [1]. Jack returns to his seat, and notices Desmond has gone missing. Rose and Bernard, having been asleep, don't know where he is, nor do they remember anyone sitting next to him. They buckle up as the plane begins its descent into Los Angeles. Sayid looks at a photo of Nadia, while Jin inspects the watch he is supposed to deliver. Finally, the plane touches down; police come to escort Charlie away, while the others gather their belongings and disembark. Jack and Locke are the last two passengers on the plane, and Jack watches as two airline employees bring a wheelchair on board and lift an apparently paralyzed Locke into it.

At Los Angeles International Airport, Jack is paged to an Oceanic Airlines desk, where a company representative informs him that his father's coffin apparently was not put onto the plane in Sydney, and they are uncertain of its current location. Jack is clearly upset.

Jin and Sun attempt to go through customs and the officials are frustrated at their language barrier. They find the watch Jin is transporting, and, failing to understand it is a business gift continue to search his bag. Finding a pouch containing stacks of undeclared cash, Agent Smalley leads Jin away for questioning. Agent Anne advises Sun if she knows some English and can explain it would clear things up, but Sun appears not to understand.

In an small Oceanic Airlines office, Jack speaks back and forth on the cell phone with his mother, who apparently has told Jack she had never wanted to hold the funeral that quickly (in two hours) and we hear Jack say he just wanted to get it over. Jack meets Locke, who is finishing up filling out paperwork on his case of knives, which the airline had also misplaced. Jack tells Locke Oceanic lost his father because they can't locate his coffin. Locke tells Jack Oceanic has no idea where Jack's dad is; the airline lost his dad's body, not his dad. Seemingly grateful to hear this perception of the ordeal, Jack notices Locke's condition and asks him about it. "My condition is irreversible," Locke says. "Nothing is irreversible," Jack replies. He offers him a free consultation, gives him his business card and holds the door open for Locke to wheel out.

Meanwhile Kate talks the marshal into letting her go to the bathroom, where she attempts to pick the handcuffs with a pen she pick pocketed from Jack during their encounter outside the lavatory. When the marshal discovers the spring to the pen on the floor, he demands she come out and Kate shoves open the bathroom stall door, knocking him down and causing him to his head on the sink, knocking him unconscious. Kate escapes with the marshal's gun, but is seen by two women who enter the restroom and call for help as Kate tells them that he had tried to attack her. Kate runs into an elevator, and finds Sawyer inside. Sawyer notices her handcuffed wrists, despite Kate's attempt at concealment with the marshal's coat Kate stole after knocking him unconscious. Ganson and Calhoun, two TSA employees, come on the elevator and are alerted there's been a security issue. Sawyer presumes Kate is involved, and the next time the elevator opens, Sawyer holds the door and says "ladies first" so that Kate can get away before the TSA employees realize who they're looking for. Once out of the elevator and in baggage claim, Kate notices airport employees looking for the marshal's attacker. Kate sneaks into an employee's only area. From there, Kate runs outside and tries to get a cab. She is told by an angry Neil "Frogurt" there is a line, and Kate gets in line behind Hurley. When Edward Mars sights her, Kate hops in the back of someone else's cab. When the cab driver says he already has a passenger, Kate pulls a gun on him and tells him to drive. Sitting beside Kate in the back seat of the cab is Claire.

At the Swan and the Temple

Following The Incident, Jack drops the bomb into the hole, but nothing happens. Juliet's hand slips from Sawyer's and she falls down the hole and then detonates the bomb. Everything goes white.

6x01 Kate Eye

Kate wakes up right after the bomb went off in the jungle in a tree.

Out of the white, Kate's eye opens. The sound is muffled, she falls, but grabs on. She's in a tree, and climbs back onto the tree. She yells and then shakes her head and messes with her ears. She climbs down out of the tree. She yells, "Hello?" and it echoes. She finds Miles. They trek back to the Hatch to find it completely obliterated, as it was after Desmond turned the fail-safe key in the season 2 finale. Kate sees both Jack and Sawyer lying in the grass. She chooses to go to Jack's aid. Jack shakes his head and wakes up. Sawyer kicks him and he falls down into the hatch hole. Kate climbs down into the hole and Sawyer yells at Jack, "You were wrong!". Kate tries to hold him back.

6x01 FromJacobToHurley

Jacob appears to Hurley an hour after his death.

Hurley and Jin are next to a Dharma van with Sayid, who is bleeding from the bullet wound in his stomach. Jin steps out of the van. Hurley points out that the sky turned from day to night. Jin informs Hurley he has just found a flashlight. He also adds that they must have time-traveled, as the experience was very similar. At the remains of the Swan Station, Jack concludes that the bomb must have gone off, but Sawyer yells back that they wouldn't still be here if the bomb had actually gone off. Juliet is suddenly heard screaming from underneath the amassed wreckage. The survivors attempt to move the wreckage, but there is an I-beam blocking the way. Sawyer orders Jin to return to the van in order to use it to lift the I-beam away. Meanwhile, at the van, Hurley is tending to Sayid when Jacob appears from the Jungle. He tells Hurley that he died an hour ago. Jacob then tells Hurley he needs to take Sayid and the Guitar Case (which he gave to Hurley in the previous episode) to the Temple.

Sawyer cradles Juliet's body, holding Jack accountable for her death

Jin, together with Hurley and the injured Sayid, return to the Swan where they manage to remove the wreckage covering Juliet. Sawyer climbs into the hole beneath the wreckage and briefly talks to Juliet. Juliet mumbles something about getting coffee sometime and smiles as she says, "We can go dutch." She then seems to realize where she is, and her last words are "I have to tell you something important". She then dies from her injuries.

Sawyer vows to Kate that he will kill Jack for being responsible for her death. After tending to Sayid, Jack realizes that he will die, until Hurley tells them that he can help. The group leave for the Temple - guided by Jin - and leave Sawyer and Miles behind to bury Juliet. After she is buried, Sawyer orders Miles to communicate with her, in order to find out what important news she wanted to give him. After a brief commune with Juliet, Miles informs Sawyer that the news was "It worked".


Cindy informs the others that Hurley and his crew are Oceanic 815 passengers

The remainder of the group make their way to the Temple. The group enters the temple via a hole at the base of the wall. Inside they find a skeleton missing an arm (Montand) and take the skeleton's book, a French copy of Søren Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling. While making their way through the tunnels beneath the Temple, the survivors are captured one by one in the darkness by the Others. This group of Others take the captured group to the Temple proper, where they are introduced to Dogen, the Japanese leader of this particular group, who talks through his interpreter Lennon. Cindy informs her fellow Others that Hurley and crew were on Oceanic 815, as she was. She doesn't seem at all flustered when Dogen orders them to be shot. Hurley quickly tells Dogen that Jacob sent him and told him to bring the guitar case. The guitar case is opened, revealing a large wooden Ankh which Dogen promptly smashes. Hidden inside the ankh is a piece of paper. Dogen reads it and asks for each of their names. Hurley demands to know what the paper says and Lennon tells him that the Temple dwellers will all be in trouble if Sayid dies.


A large spring is found inside the temple.

The Others bring Sayid into the Temple, where a large spring bubbles in the center, Lennon comments that the spring is not running clearly. Dogen approaches the water, cuts his hand and then submerges it in the water, noting that the water did not heal it. After informing Jack that there are risks, Dogen orders his followers to submerge Sayid in the water and turns over a sand timer. As Sayid appears to be revived the Dogan refuses to lift him out of the water until the timer is finished. It soon appears that Sayid is drowning. Jack protests but when he tries to stop them he is prevented. After the last sand grains fall Sayid is lifted lifeless from the water. Dogen announces to the shocked group that "your friend is dead". He leaves the survivors alone to mourn Sayid. Sawyer and Miles are also brought to the Temple at this point, after being caught in the jungle. Cindy enters along with Zach and Emma, the children from the tail section, and asks them to give the survivors some food.

6x01 What happened

Sayid asks "What happened?".

Hurley visits Dogen, where it is revealed that he understands English, but refuses to speak it as he dislikes "the way it tastes on my tongue". After a brief conversation, Hurley reveals that Jacob is dead, which shocks Dogen and Lennon who rush out of the room. The Others are suddenly panicked, and lay the black powder around the Temple as well setting off rocket flares, which are seen from the beach. They reveal that they are not keeping the survivors in, but rather keeping "him" out.

While trapped in the Temple, Lennon wants to speak with Jack in private, but Jack argues and fights several of the Others, they suddenly stop and turn to see Sayid, sitting up and very much alive. He pauses, confused, and says "What happened?"

At the statue

Inside the statue, Jacob's Nemesis (as Locke) picks up the bloodied knife Ben had used to stab Jacob. He tears off a piece of fabric from the floor and uses it to clean the knife. He tells a visibly disturbed Ben that he can stop staring at the fire and that Jacob is gone. Ben asks why Jacob didn't fight back. Jacob's Nemesis replies that Jacob must have known he was beaten and asks Ben to go outside and tell Richard that he needs to talk to him. Ben inquires as to what they have to discuss. Jacob's Nemesis states that it is between himself and Richard.


Ilana and Richard argue about entering the statue

Meanwhile, outside, Ilana and Bram discuss entering the statue with Richard. Richard tells them firmly that they cannot go in, and that only those summoned by Jacob may enter. Ilana replies that she and Bram were brought to the island by Jacob, and thus should be allowed inside. Ben comes out and is immediately set upon by Ilana and her men. Richard becomes furious with Ben, and shoves him onto the beach next to Locke's corpse, revealing to Ben for the first time that Locke is indeed dead. After a brief discussion, Ilana orders her men to enter the room with Ben, despite Richard's protest.

Inside the statue, the four men including Bram enter Jacob's chamber and point their guns at Jacob's Nemesis. They ask him where Jacob is, and upon informing them that Jacob is dead, they become enraged and fire several shots at Jacob's Nemesis. One shot appears to strike him, after which he disappears behind a column. As one of the men investigates the room, he finds the bullet that was thought to have hit Nemesis lying on the ground. Confused, he turns around, just as the Monster enters the room.

Ben Lost

Ben is shocked when the Nemesis reveals himself as the Smoke Monster

There is a brief fight, but the Monster quickly overpowers three of the four men, killing them. Bram produces a container of ash which he proceeds to hurriedly spread around himself in a circle. This circle protects Bram from the Monster's direct advances towards him, so the Monster dislodges a chunk of rock from the statue interior, which knocks Bram out of the circle of ash. Bram, now vulnerable, is grabbed by the Monster and thrown through Jacob's tapestry, where he is impaled on a piece of wood, and killed. During the entirety of the fight, Ben cowers in a corner, looking on in shock. At the conclusion of the fight, Jacob's Nemesis (once again as Locke) reappears behind Ben and states that he is "Sorry that you had to see me like that," thus definitively revealing the link between the Monster, Jacob's Nemesis, and the post-Ajira Flight 316 Locke.

Sun and Frank eye the Nemesis warily

The flares from the Temple are seen from the beach as Ben and Nemesis leave the statue. The remaining Others lift their guns to shoot at the Nemesis, but are promptly halted by Richard from taking action. Richard confronts the Nemesis, who responds to Richard that it is good to see "you without your chains." Richard is stunned and replies "You?!," indicating some familiarity with who the Nemesis is. Nemesis promptly knocks Richard out and hoists him onto his shoulder. He turns to the rest of the Others, including Sun and Frank, and shouts angrily that he is "very disappointed with all of you," before making his way past the real John Locke's body.



  • Damon and Carlton promised that a new device would be introduced at Comic-Con. This appears to be the "flash sideways" (as Carlton Cuse calls them[1]) to a timeline where 815 never crashed introduced in this episode.
  • Cindy, Zach and Emma appear for the first time since the Season 3 episode "The Brig".
  • Claire appears for the first time outside of stock footage since Season 4's episode "There's No Place Like Home, Part 2", after a 17 episode absence.
  • The flash sideways "whoosh" is different to the previous flashback sound. It bears a striking resemblance to the noise a plane makes.
  • Unusually, there was no guest cast list given before the airing of the episode in the ABC press releases, to avoid spoiling the episode.
  • As of this episode, Jack and Kate are the only characters to appear in every season premiere of the series.
  • John Locke assuages Boone's anxiety about a crash landing on water by telling him that with a good pilot and calm seas not only that they all can survive a ditching on water the plane could land intact and could float on the water with the fuel tanks providing buoyancy for sometime, enough for everyone on board to make it into life rafts. This may have been a inside reference to the controlled ditching of US Airways Flight 1549 in New York City's Hudson River on January 15, 2009 due to bird strikes and subsequent dual engine failure. The plane floated totally intact (but slowly sinking) and the passengers made it out onto the wings waiting to be picked up by the tourist and transport ferries converging on the site. There were no fatalities.
  • Sayid's passport, shown at LAX, is an Iranian passport instead of being Iraqi.
  • Michael Dawson and Walt Lloyd are not shown--perhaps because they are not on Oceanic Flight 815 in this alternate timeline or are sitting in a different section of the plane. Walt is 10 in 2004 so the role would have to be played by someone else since he would be 16 in 2010.
  • Shannon, Nikki, Paulo, Scott, Steve, Sullivan and other characters from previous seasons known to be on board Oceanic 815 were not seen, although Shannon was referenced by Boone.
  • Desmond was seen by Jack to be on the flight, but he was not on it originally. In the original timeline he was on the island, working at the Swan Station. It's not known whether Desmond was actually on the flight as he appears and disappears with only Jack actually noticing him.
  • Ana-Lucia Cortez, Libby, and Eko, who were in the tail section, were not shown to be on the flight.
  • The first episode of season 1 and 6 starts from Jack's POV.
  • This is the first season premiere since the Pilot where Jin actually appears with speaking lines. He did not appear in season 2, 3 and 5's opening episodes, and had no lines in season 4's opener, making him the original cast member credited in all seasons to appear the least in season premieres.
  • When viewing the address shown on Jack's business card (8444 Wilshire Blvd) on Google Map's Street-View, you can see a film crew. It is not clear if this is a Lost-related shoot. The Street-View image at the intersection of Wilshire and Hamilton also appears to have been recorded at a different date than the surrounding four sections, as evidenced by the changing text on the nearby marquee and the disappearance of the crew.
  • This is the first and likely final time that Jack, Kate, Locke, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, Jin, Sun, Claire, Boone, Desmond, Charlie, Ben, Juliet and Arzt have appeared in the same episode since season 3's "Exposé."

  • This is the first, last, and only 2 hour season premiere of Lost.
  • One of the Ankhs the four toed statue was holding is now visible to its right, underwater.

Production notes

Bloopers and continuity errors

  • When Sayid is removed from the spring, his hair is soaking wet. Just a few seconds later, when he's being laid on the ground, his hair is much drier.
    • This may be intentional.
  • When Sawyer finds Juliet at the Swan site, her hands move into various positions between shots, though she is obviously unconscious at the time.
  • The landing sequence displays a twin-engine aircraft but actually the plane approaching the gate has four engines (you can see the engine shadows). The actual plane at the gate is an Airbus A340. Oceanic 815 is supposed to be a Boeing 777.
  • The sequence where you can see the landing gear on touch down shows four wheels on the main landing gear. A Boeing 777 has six wheels.
  • The correct Boeing 777 is shown in the scene where the plane is shown on approach from the front.
  • When Charlie is being taken from the plane by policemen, he looks left to Jack and all the passengers are facing him. In the next image, Jack looks right, but all the passengers faced opposite.
  • When Sayid is being taken down the steps in the temple to the water, a background extra removes the stretcher twice between the shots.
  • Jack is carrying one side of the stretcher up until the time when Kate moves out of sight under the Temple wall. When Jack becomes concerned for her, he grabs the flashlight from Hurley and goes after Kate. However, he never set down his side of the stretcher or handed it off to anyone else.
  • When the plane shakes for a second time, footage from the previous storyline can be noticed as luggage starts to fall out of the overhead compartments, the next shot the luggage is no longer falling, and the latches of the compartments are still closed.

Recurring themes

Recurring themes
AnimalsBlack and whiteCharacter connectionsChildrenCoincidenceDeathDeceptions and consDreamsEconomicsElectromagnetismEyesFate versus free willGamesGood and bad peopleImprisonmentIsolationLeadershipLife and deathLiterary worksMirrorsMissing body partsNicknamesThe NumbersPairingsParapsychologyParent issuesPregnanciesPsychologyRainRedemptionRelationshipsReligionRevengeSalvationSecrets
  • Juliet dies. (Life and Death)
  • Sayid dies and comes back to life. (Life and Death) (Rebirth)
  • Kate cares for Sawyer. (Relationships)
  • Charlie nearly dies from choking (i.e. he could not breathe), but is revived. (Life and Death) (Irony)
  • Sawyer threatens to kill Jack. (Revenge)
  • Sawyer calls Juliet "blondie". (Nicknames)
  • Sawyer calls Cindy "Earhart" on the plane. (Nicknames)
  • The scene with Kate on the tree opens with her eye. (Eyes)
  • Sawyer tells Hurley he shouldn't tell people he won the lottery because people will take advantage of him. (Deceptions and cons)
  • Jacob's Nemesis is wearing a black shirt throughout the episode. (Black and White)
  • While Jacob's Nemesis explains his motivations to Ben, he leans infrequently back into the darkness and forward into the light cast by the hole in the roof of the statue base. (Black and White)
  • Kate comes across the corpse of Montand whose arm is missing. (Missing body parts)
  • Jacob's Nemesis speaks to Richard about being in chains. (Imprisonment)
  • Charlie says that he was "supposed to die". (Fate versus free will)
  • The secret hidden in the guitar case was an ankh which secretly contained a piece of paper. The ankh is a symbol of eternal life. (Secrets) (Religion)
  • The monster kills Ilana's group. (Life and Death)
  • Jacob's Nemesis says he wants to "go home." (Imprisonment)
  • When they enter the hole in the wall, they find a book on the dead french man's body. (Books)
  • In the alternate reality where Oceanic 815 does not crash, many of the main characters past and present still make contact with each other. (Character connections)
  • Jack's father's coffin was lost and never landed in Los Angeles. (Parent Issues)
  • Locke gives Boone a detailed description of a walkabout he never took. (Deceptions and cons)
  • Kate steals a pen from Jack, which she attempts to pick the lock on her handcuffs with. (Deceptions and cons)
  • Kate and Edward Mars go through security at LAX at a booth labeled 4F. (Numbers)

Storyline analysis

Storyline analysis
  • Kate attacks US Marshal Edward Mars. (Crimes)
  • Sawyer blames Jack for the death of Juliet and threatens to kill him. (Rivalries)
  • Charlie is arrested for bringing drugs on the plane. (Crimes)
  • Jack's decision to drop the bomb is questioned, particularly by Sawyer, and even by himself. (Leadership)

Cultural references

Cultural references
(direct references only)
ArtAutomobilesGamesHistoryLiterary worksMovies and TVMusicPhilosophyReligion and ideologiesScience
  • Earth X: The "X" in 'LA X' stands for an alternate reality. It is commonly used in comic books including Marvel Comics which have an alternate history/timeline called "Earth X". (Books)
  • Haroun and the Sea of Stories: Desmond is reading this book by British Indian writer Salman Rushdie. "It is a phantasmagorical story set in a city so old and ruinous that it has forgotten its name". It is an allegorical story about a 10 year old boy in an imaginary world called "Kahani" and his father is the story teller. After but after his mother leaves his father, the father is unable to tell stories anymore. There is a water genie who controls the Ocean of the Stream of Stories. (Books)
  • Fear and Trembling: The book encountered in the Temple is "Fear and Trembling" (original title: Frygt og Bæven), an influential philosophical work by Danish philosopher, theologian, and psychologist Søren Kierkegaard, published in 1843 under the pseudonym Johannes de silentio (John the Silent). In the book, through alternative re-tellings of the Biblical story of the Binding of Isaac, Kierkegaard examines the role of faith and its relationship with morality and ethics. The title is a reference to a line from Philippians 2:12, "...continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling." (Books)
  • "Crocodile" Dundee: Boone compares Locke to the main character of this 1986 Australian comedy film set in the Australian Outback. (Movies)

Literary techniques

Literary techniques
ComparativeIronyJuxtapositionForeshadowing PlottingCliffhangerPlot twist Stock characters:  ArchetypeRedshirtUnseen character
Story:  FlashbacksFlash-forwardsFlash sidewaysFraming deviceRegularly spoken phrasesSymbolismUnreliable narrator 
  • In the alternate timeline, Boone tells Locke "If this thing goes down, I'm with you." In the original timeline, this led to his death. (Irony)
  • In the alternate timeline, Jack offers John Locke help with his disability and shakes his hand. (Irony) (Juxtaposition)
  • On the alternate Flight 815, a calm Rose reassures a nervous Jack. Rose says "You can let go now," a substitute for the original "I'm letting you off the hook." (Irony)
  • Ben was healed at the temple after Sayid shot him. Now Sayid is healed in the pool after he has been shot by Ben's father.(Irony) (Juxtaposition)
  • Boone asks Locke if he's just "pulling his leg". (Irony)
  • A character named Bram is killed by being impaled by wood, like how a vampire is killed by a stake. (Irony)
  • "Locke" is revealed to be the Smoke Monster, who is one and the same with Jacob's nemesis. (Plot twist)
  • Sayid is revealed to have survived his treatment by the Others, despite the initial suggestion of his death. (Plot twist)
  • Charlie says he was supposed to die. So although it is an alternate reality the notion of destiny is still intact. Desmond attempted to save Charlie multiple times and failed and ultimately Charlie resigned to the fact that he must die. In this alternate reality Charlie references this same theme.
  • Jack tells Locke that "nothing is irreversible". Jack seems to be unaware that he himself managed to change the course of time, even if in an alternative timeline. (Irony)
  • The Police code "341" that we can hear in the elevator is : "Discharging Firearms".

Episode references

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
  1. Do not answer the questions here.
  2. Keep the questions open-ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer.
For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: LA X, Parts 1 & 2/Theories
  • Did Dogen know that Sayid couldn't be saved despite trying?
  • Why is Claire on the Oceanic 815 flight? Did she meet the psychic Richard Malkin in Australia?
  • Why is Kate hanging in a tree after the bomb goes off?
  • What does Juliet mean by "it worked"? If it was the boom, then why are they still on the Island? Are they in an alternate universe?
    • Why does Juliet say "We should go get coffee sometime. We can go dutch" before dying?
  • Why is Jacob's nemesis disappointed with the Others?
  • How does Jacob know about Jin's meeting with the French team in 1988?
  • Why did Charlie say he was "supposed to die?"
  • To whom are the Temple Dwellers sending the signal?
    • What exactly does the flare's signal mean?
  • Why do the Others think that Jacob's nemesis is coming to the Temple?
  • Why were the Temple Dwellers so willing, almost eager to murder four lost people who wandered into their camp?
  • What is the significance of the blood on Jack's neck in the plane bathroom?
  • Where is the coffin containing Christian Shephard?
    • Where is Christian's body? Is it even still in the coffin?
  • Where is John Locke's box of knives?
  • What is the significance of the hand-carved ankh inside the guitar case?
    • How did Dogen know that the ankh contained a message?
    • What exactly did the message say?
  • What is the significance of the water in the Temple?
    • What does Dogen say to Lennon when asked why is it no longer clear?
  • What is the cause for the water’s color?
  • Why are they concerned about the water’s color?
  • What it the water supposed to do when it’s clear?
  • Why did they drown Sayid before he was saved?
  • What is Miles contemplating when he looks at Sayid's body? Was he trying to communicate with Sayid's spirit?
  • Where does Richard recognize Jacob's nemesis from?
    • When, where and why was Richard in chains?
  • Who put Richard in chains and why?
  • Why does Jacob's nemesis want to go home?
    • What is "home?"
  • Where is Jacob's nemesis taking Richard?
  • How did Desmond end up on Flight 815, and where did he go?
  • Why didn't Jack remember Desmond inside Oceanic 815, whereas he did remember him instantly at the Swan Station?
  • Was Desmond really there?
  • What are the specific causes of the differences between the flash-sideways timeline and the original timeline?
    • Why is the Island underwater?
  • When and how did the Island sink? If someone sunk it, then who and why?
  • If the Island is underwater, then what happened to Ben, DHARMA, Rousseau, the Smoke Monster, Jacob, and the Others?
  • Why did Jacob help save Sayid's life?
  • Why did Jacob tell Hurley where to go to save Sayid instead of someone who already knows where the temple is?
    • Why are the Others at the Temple in trouble if Sayid dies?
  • Why didn’t they bring Juliet to the temple to try to save her? Would the water have worked on her?
  • Why is it that everything that happened on the Island is happening in this supposed alternate universe? (Boone saying that he would stick with Locke if the plane crashed, which he did in the alternate universe, and Charlie saying that he was supposed to die, which Desmond said he had to in the alternate universe)
  • Why did Kate leave the Halliburton case in the bathroom rather than taking it with her?
  • Was it for the better or for the worse that Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on the Island?
  • Who was the person he looked like in “The Incident” in season 5?
  • How and when did that person get to the Island?
  • Was his landing on the Island an accident or intentional? If intentional, then why? If it was an accident, then how did it happen?
  • How long was that person on the Island and why did they die?
  • Why did Agent Anne adress Sun as Ms. Paik instead of Mrs. Kwon?
  • Who fires in the aeroport ?

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