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Eternal Recurrence or "See Ya In Another Life, Brotha"

On the plane, Bernard while speaking to Rose makes a reference to a laundry cycle:

BERNARD: "Remind me to hold it next time, will ya? I almost died in that bathroom."
BERNARD: "Now I know how the laundry feels when it's in the dryer." [1]

The dryer is an allusion to "Man of Science, Man of Faith" where the spinning drum of a clothes dryer symbolizes the cycle of Recurrence. Bernard uses "died" as a slang term, meaning he "almost" suffered a great agony. He then employs the cycling laundry to metaphorically describe the source of the agony.

Flash Sideways theories

Significance of the Space Between "LA" and "X"

Alternate world

The X could signify an alternate dimension. For example, our version of Los Angeles would be LA prime, a new version could be LA X (or A, B, C, etc.). The thought being that while Jack's intention was to reset their own history with the Jughead detonation; the destruction of the Island in 1977 could set a course of events that radically changed all time and history. So Oceanic 815 would land in Los Angeles in 2004, but it would be a completely different version of Los Angeles than they expected. In comic books, "X" is often used to designate an alternate universe. Both Marvel and DC have used "Earth X" in reference to parallel worlds, so "LA X" could mean an alternate version of LA.