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Enhanced version of Season 6, Episode 2: LA X, Part 2-Enhanced

Produced by: Met|Hodder

Part 2, Act 1

Jacob left the guitar case with Hurley
when the two met in an LA taxi, as seen
in the Season 5 Finale, "The Incident."

Juliet was discovered alive
deep down in the wreckage
of the Swan station.

Sawyer dug his way down to rescue Juliet
but she died in his arms.

Sayid was shot when he and Jack
were trying to escape the DHARMA barracks
with the hydrogen core, as seen
in the Season 5 Finale, "The Incident."

Hurley saw Jacob in the jungle
and Jacob told Hurley
the only way to save Sayid
was to bring Sayid to the Temple.

Jin knows the way to the Temple's outer wall
because he was there with the French team
as seen in the Season 5 episode
"This Place is Death."

The smoke monster dragged Montand
a member of Rousseau's French team
down into the declivity of the wall.

Montand's arm was ripped off
when his team tried to pull him out.

This is Montand's skeleton.

The book in Montand's pack
is Frygt og Bæven by Søren Kierkegaard.
The English translation is "Fear and Trembling."

It is an interpretation
of the Biblical story of Abraham
being commanded to kill his son, Isaac.

Kierkegaard acts as a defense attorney
for Abraham and discusses
fundamental issues in moral philosophy.

This is where Ben fell through the floor
into the lower chamber, as seen
in the Season 5 episode, "Dead Is Dead."

In the chamber, Ben was judged
by the smoke monster and allowed to live.

Kate hears whispers, which are always a sign
that the Others are nearby.

The Others are the island's original inhabitants
and have live on the island for some time.

Jack, Kate, and Hurley heard whispers
just before being ambushed by the Others
as seen in the Season 2 Finale
"Live Together, Die Alone."

Part 2, Act 2

This is not a flashback

or a flash-forward.

This is a flash "sideways."

It presents what would have happened
if Oceanic 815 never crashed.

This is the pen
that Kate pickpocketed from Jack

when she bumped into him

coming out of the bathroom on the plane.

Kate is being escorted
by U.S. Marshal Edward Mars
who arrested Kate in Australia
for the murder of her abusive father.

Mars is bringing Kate back to the U.S.
to stand trial, as seen
in the Season 1 episode, "Tabula Rasa."

After the Oceanic 6 were rescued
Kate was acquitted at her trial
as seen in the Season 4 episode, "Eggtown."

Kate cannot stay in one place
and has a history of running from the law.

Kate first escaped the Marshal's custody
in the Season 2 episode, "What Kate Did."

Kate later avoided arrest
but was responsible for the deadly shooting
of her childhood boyfriend
as seen in the Season 1 episode, "Born to Run."

Miles used to work for Sawyer
when they were in the DHARMA Initiative.

The two were part of the security team.

Miles was born on the island
when his parents were members
of the DHARMA Initiative.

Miles was a baby during the evacuation
which his father, Dr. Pierre Chang ordered
to get women and children off the island
in the Season 5 episode, "Follow the Leader."

Since Miles was a little boy
he has had the ability to talk to dead people
and has been able to hear them, as revealed
in the Season 5 episode, "Some Like It Hoth."

Jack, Kate, Hurley and Jin
have been captured by the Others.

This is the Temple.

Ben sent a group of the Others here
calling it the last safe haven on the island
as seen in the Season 3 Finale
"Through the Looking Glass."

Part 2, Act 3

Jack's father, Christian, died in Sydney.
Jack was escorting his father's body
back to Los Angeles.

This moment is different
from the Season 1 episode, "White Rabbit"
which revealed the coffin fell out of the plane
and landed on the island.

This is the Temple master, Dogen.
He speaks English, but prefers to communicate
through his interpreter, Lennon.

This is Cindy, the Oceanic 815 flight attendant.

The second plane Cindy alludes to
was Ajira Fight 316, which
brought the Oceanic 6 back to the island
as seen in the Season 5 episode, "316."

This is an ankh
the Egyptian symbol for eternal life.

The Taweret statue
was seen holding an ankh in each hand
in the Season 5 Finale, "The Incident."

Hurley brought the guitar case with him
on Ajira Flight 316 from LA to the island.

Hurley flashed back in time to 1977
then flashed to the present day island
and kept the case with him the entire time.

Part 2, Act 4

Jin was sent to deliver the watch
by Sun's father, Mr. Paik.

Jin works for Mr. Paik, who appears to be
a mafia boss in South Korea
as revealed in the Season 1 episode
"House of the Rising Sun."

On the island, Sun revealed
she secretly learned English
so she could leave Jin at the Sydney airport
and disappear to a new life.

This area is the courtyard
on the other side of the Temple
from the reflecting pond.

These are natural springs
surrounded by an ancient structure.

Because the water is dirty
Dogen is testing it.

Dogen hoped the water
would heal his cut hand, but it did not.

Jack blames himself
because Sayid was shot when he helped Jack
escape the DHARMA barracks
with the hydrogen bomb.

After Sayid shot young Ben Linus
Juliet knew the Others could heal Ben
as seen in the Season 5 episode
"Whatever Happened, Happened."

Juliet knew this because she was an Other
and had lived on the island
for three years before flashing back in time
and working for the DHARMA Initiative.

Kate brought young Ben to Richard Alpert
and asked Richard if he could heal Ben.
Richard said he could, but he warned Kate
that Ben would never be the same again.

Richard took young Ben inside the Temple
but we never saw how Richard saved Ben
until now.

Part 2, Act 5

This is Neil Frogurt, an Oceanic survivor
who was killed on the island
during a flaming arrow attack, as seen
in the Season 5 episode, "The Lie."

This is Claire Littleton, an Oceanic survivor
who came to LA
to give up her unborn baby for adoption.

Zach and Emma are both Oceanic survivors
whose parents died in the 815 crash
as seen in the Season 2 episode
"The Other 48 Days."

Ben stabbed and killed Jacob
in the Season 5 Finale, "The Incident."

The ash is used as a protective barrier
to keep the smoke monster out.

Ash was also used around Jacob's cabin
as seen in the Season 3 episode
"The Man Behind the Curtain."

But Ilana and her team
discovered the circle of ash had been broken
which allowed the smoke monster
to take over the cabin.

Locke and Ben
are in the foot of the Taweret statue
where Ben killed Jacob, as seen
in the Season 5 Finale, "The Incident."

Ben witnessed Locke
turn into the smoke monster
and kill these men.

In the Season 5 Finale "The Incident"
Jacob told Ben that he had a choice.

Ben could do what Locke asked him to do
or Ben could leave Locke and Jacob
and let them discuss their issues.

Ben killed John Locke
in the Season 5 episode
"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham."

Locke was pushed out a window by his father
and fell eight stories
as seen in the Season 3 episode
"The Man from Tallahassee."

Locke survived the fall
and was paralyzed only from the waist down.

Locke sabotaged several attempts
to get off the island.
Locke destroyed the transceiver
in the Season 1 episode, "The Moth."

Locke later blew up the Others' submarine
in the Season 3 episode
"The Man from Tallahassee."

Part 2, Act 6

This moment mirrors a similar moment
in the Season 2 episode, "What Kate Did"
when Sawyer suffered a gunshot wound
and Kate nursed him back to health.

The Others abducted Jack, Kate and Sawyer
and held them in cages, as seen
in the Season 3 Premiere
"A Tale of Two Cities."
There has always been a romantic tension
between Kate and Sawyer
which was consummated
in the Season 3 episode, "I Do."

Sawyer swore to Kate that he would kill Jack
if Juliet died.
He blames Jack because it was Jack's plan
to detonate the hydrogen bomb.

Jack had a complex and troubled relationship
with his father, Christian.

Jack is a spinal surgeon
and worked at the same hospital as Christian
who was Chief of Surgery.

Jack got Christian fired
for operating on a patient while intoxicated
as seen in the Season 1 episode
"All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues."

The incident drove Christian to fly to Sydney
and drink himself to death
as seen in the Season 1 episode
"White Rabbit."

There is irony in Jack's current situation
because Jack could not find his father's body
after Jack found the coffin
broken open in the jungle on the island.

In the Season 1 episode, "Walkabout"
Locke revealed that he had a case full of knives
which he and the survivors would use
to hunt wild boar on the island.

This is Richard Alpert
an advisor to the Others.
Richard knows what the warning sign means.

This is Ilana, who came to the island
with a team to protect Jacob.
Ilana and her team arrived too late
Ben had already killed Jacob.