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©2010 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"LAX" is an orchestral composition that plays at the end of "LA X, Part 1". The simple melody in C stays harmonically diatonic with a chord progression of |I|iii|I|iii|IV|vi|IV|V||I|iii|I|iii|IV|vi|II7|V.

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Seth Norris announces that Flight 815 is coming in for a landing. Hurley straightens his seat. Sayid looks at his photos of Nadia; Jin looks at his rolex. Boone lifts his meal tray. Cindy straps herself down. The plane lands.

Police enter the plane, but they pass by Kate. Instead, they collect Charlie, who glares at Jack as he leaves. The stewardesses help him with his guitar case. The passengers get up to leave, and Boone shakes Locke's hand as he goes. Jack stays just long enough to see attendants lift Locke into a wheelchair.

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The piece is a new variation on the life and death and home themes.


The theme reappears in "Closure" and "Parallelocam".

Title significance

The title refers to the eponymous airport which was the destination of Oceanic Flight 815. It also provides a hint to the nature of the flash sideways, as the titular airport and the flash sideways are both the final destinations of those onboard 815.