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Kyker working under the LAPD was assigned to the case of Hurley who was suspected of a triple homicide. Kyker and his partner were called to Hurley's house when Hurley was hiding there, they spoke with Hurley's father who told them that he did not know of Hurley's whereabouts.

However the detectives began to wait outside Hurley's house, until Hurley ran outside shouting that he was a murderer and allowed himself to be arrested at night. The detectives took him into custody. ("The Lie")


  • The role was a non-speaking part, therefore, the actor wasn't credited in the episode.
  • Kyker's name wasn't mentioned in the episode, but the police business card he given to Hurley's father had his name on. Although the card wasn't shown clearly in the episode, it was later sold in the lost auction, and pictures of the item revealed the character's name as Kyker.
  • Kyker was named after the property master of the series, Rob Kyker.
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