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Kris White is the ABC-employed [1] producer and frontman of the Official Lost Podcast. Kris also records and produces Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse's portion of the podcasts from the Disney lot. He can also be heard in the the opening and closing of many other ABC podcasts as the announcer. His last name is mentioned in the November 06, 2006 podcast. He was first seen in the January 30, 2007 video podcast.

In the May 4, 2007 podcast, he also reveals that he works on other official podcasts, including Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty.

In the March 10, 2008 podcast it said that Kris works at ABC, Disney channel and marketing. He does lots of things to help promote, publicize, market, podcast and extend the reach of the Lost empire and other Disney products "to the far corners of the globe including Romania".


  • In an interview with Jay and Jack on their April 28, 2010 podcast, Kris White said that he often uses Lostpedia for research before podcasts. [2]
  • He occasionally sports a soul patch.

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