Knives occur frequently on Lost. Below is a list of significant appearances.

Knives Description
Lockcase complete.jpg Locke's Knife
Main article: Locke's knives
Spyderco Harpy.jpg Locke's Knife
Locke always had a Spyderco Harpy knife clipped into his jacket
1x04knifesawyer.JPG Sawyer's Knife
"Walkabout" Throwing the Master Bowie Locke informed the survivors of Flight 815 how to survive by his simple answer: "We hunt". Trivia: This scene was humorously lampooned in a commercial by KFC Hawaii.
1x13BooneShannonJunglePromo.jpg Locke's Knife Variety
"Hearts and Minds" Locke whacked Boone over the head with the handle of a knife, knocking him out cold. After tying him up, he left the Master Bowie knife just out of Boone's reach. In a vision, with Shannon's safety in mind, Boone was able to contort himself just enough to get Locke's knife and to cut himself loose.
Spe1.jpg Locke's Knife Variety
"Special" Locke taught Walt to throw the Master Bowie, telling him to "use his mind's eye."
2x22 locke.jpg Locke's Knife Variety
"Three Minutes" Locke used a knife to cut off his splint.
Hurley canteen.jpg Locke's Knife Variety
"Further Instructions" Hurley caught the SOG Tigershark knife thrown by Locke
3x20-fruit-locke-ben1.jpg Locke's Knife Variety
"The Man Behind the Curtain" Locke cut a mango with a knife while speaking to Ben
3x22 jack naomi promotional.jpg Locke's Knife Variety
"Through the Looking Glass, Part 2" Locke threw the SOG Tigershark knife at Naomi, hitting her in the back.
LockeS4a.jpg Locke's Knife Variety
Locke's promotional image for season 4 prominently featured a knife in a sheath at his side
Naomiandkate1.jpg Locke's Knife Variety
"The Beginning of the End" Naomi held Kate at knifepoint with the SOG Tigershark knife she took out of her own back
2x07 USArmyKnife.jpg Other's Knife
"The Other 48 Days" Ana Lucia found a US Army knife on one of The Others. She believed it to be around 20 years old. This knife resembled a knife owned by Kelvin Inman.
S2E20 Ana Lucia Henry.jpg Other's Knife
"Two for the Road" Ana Lucia slid the US army knife to Ben, to cut himself loose.
1x15-jack-apple.jpg Jack's Knife
"Homecoming" Jack used a knife to cut fruit in the caves as Kate arrived to talk to him
2x07-fruit-goodwin-ana.jpg Goodwin's Knife
"The Other 48 Days" Goodwin cut fruit for Ana Lucia in a tense moment where he held the knife close to her as he handed her fruit, when she already suspected he was an imposer.
2x11-fruit-ana-vincent.jpg Ana Lucia's Knife
"The Hunting Party" Ana Lucia ate, and cut some mango for Vincent.
3x15 KateJuliet.jpg Juliet's Knife
"Left Behind"Kate spotted a knife in Juliet's pocket and tried to steal it. Later, she attempted to use the knife to pick the lock of her handcuffs.
3x16 fruit table.jpg Knife
*"One of Us" Sun and Hurley prepared food with knives at the survivors' camp.
3x19 promo.jpg Ben's Knife
"The Brig" Ben handed Locke a knife, suggesting he kill Cooper, "the quicker, the better."
GreatestHitsMugger.jpg Mugger's Knife
"Greatest Hits" Nadia's mugger brandished a knife.
4x11 Mystery Tales.jpg Richard's Knife
"Cabin Fever" There was a knife among the items that Richard Alpert showed the young John Locke
5x16 Jacob's knife.jpg Jacob's knife
"The Incident, Part 1" Jacob used a long-bladed knife.
Main article: Jacob's knife
606-18.jpg Special Dagger
"Ab Aeterno" The Man in Black gave Richard Alpert a special dagger that he claimed could kill Jacob. "Sundown" Over a century later, Dogen entrusted the dagger to Sayid, telling him it could also be used to kill the Man in Black.
Main article: Ancient dagger

- Claire used a knife to attack Kate ("Recon")

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