Kirk Skadden was an Oceanic Airlines staff working at the baggage service office in Los Angeles International Airport.

After the safe landing of flight 815 in the flash sideways world, an officer at the courtesy desk informed Jack that the body of his father has gone missing. Jack then went to the baggage service office, where he met Locke, whose luggage was also lost. As a staff there, Kirk handled Locke's lost luggage form, and gave him a receipt afterward. ("LA X, Part 2")


Kirk's staff badge

  • Kirk was seen wearing a staff badge, but it was not clearly shown in the episode. After the show ended, the staff badge prop has become the possession of Jonathan Mankuta, who played a background Other in season 6 and worked as a prop crew for the show. He later sold some of the props he owned, including the staff badge, on Facebook, and a photo featuring the prop has revealed the character's name.
  • According to Kirk's staff badge, he was a pilot of Oceanic Airlines, but it has been crossed out intentionally by highlighter. Probably because the character was supposed to be a staff of the baggage service office, and it's not somewhere a pilot should be working at.