Kim Kondracki was an ER doctor at the Marina Medical Center Long Beach who helped a wounded Desmond after he was shot by Ben. ("The Variable")

Flash sideways

In the flash sideways Kim Kondracki worked as a school nurse at Washington Tustin High School in California. It was rumored she was having an inappropriate affair of sexual nature with Principal Reynolds on school grounds. Alex Rousseau told this to Dr. Linus during their tutoring lesson one morning at the school library. ("Dr. Linus") Nurse Kondracki later treated Ben after he was beat up by Desmond Hume. ("What They Died For")


  • Editors of Lostpedia have assumed the ER doctor from "The Variable" to be the same character in the original timeline as the nurse in the afterlife, although the name of the first character has never been mentioned. The assumption is based upon the fact that both characters are played by the same actress, and are both medical personnel living in L.A. who treat someone after a confrontation between Desmond and Ben (Desmond in the original timeline, Ben in the flash-sideways timeline).