The main characters in Lost have killed many other people over the course of the show. Many kills were cases of self defense and the defense of others either individually or in combat. Many were murder. Of those some are premeditated, some are spur of the moment; some are manslaughter. At least one, that of US Marshall Edward Mars was euthanasia.

This article lists all kills we see the main characters directly commit. It does not include kills that were (1) indirect or (2) merely referenced in dialogue, such as:

  • Hurley and Sawyer burying Nikki and Paulo alive. ("Exposé")
  • The Submarine explosion caused by Sawyer, which killed Sun, Jin, Sayid, 2 Tripulants and possibly Frank. ("The Candidate")
  • Sayid's mention to Charlie about how he was a member of a firing squad in Iraq. ("Outlaws")
  • The Basra incident in which Sayid may have been part of, as mentioned by Juliet. ("One of Us")
  • The collapsing deck incident, which Hurley felt was his fault. ("Dave")

Main Character Off the Island On the Island Kill Count
Man in Black


No known kills 39
Sayid Jarrah

5x15 Sayid shoots

Mr. Eko

2x10 Eko Monster

Benjamin Linus

5x12 TheFinalShowdown

Jack Shephard


No known kills 6
James Ford


Claire Littleton

6x03 ClaiRousseau

No known kills 4
Ana Lucia Cortez

2X20 AnaLuciaIsland

Juliet Burke

5x04 BadassJuliet

No known kills 4
Kate Austen

5x16 Kate cover for Jack

Jin-Soo Kwon

Jin dharma

Michael Dawson


No known kills 2
John Locke


No known kills 2
Charlie Pace


No known kills 1
Hugo Reyes


No known kills 1
Desmond Hume

3x17 ExplainingToHurley

No known kills 1
Richard Alpert

5x16 ProtectingMyLeader

No known kills 1
Sun-Hwa Kwon


No known kills 1
Nikki Fernandez and Paulo

Paulo nikki find the pearl

No known kills 1


  • Out of all the main characters, Shannon, Boone, Walt, Faraday, Miles, Frank, Charlotte, Libby and Ilana have not killed anyone onscreen, although:
    • Shannon attempted to kill Locke. ("The Greater Good")
    • Daniel pointed a gun at Richard.
    • Miles pointed a gun at Jack. ("Confirmed Dead")
    • Daniel and Charlotte carried guns with them when they first arrived to the island.
    • Ilana pointed a gun at Sayid ("He's Our You"), Frank Lapidus ("Dead Is Dead") and The Man in Black ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2") on different occasions. She almost killed Ben as revenge for Jacob's murder, but eventually had a change of heart ("Dr. Linus") ("He's Our You")  ("Dead Is Dead")  ("LA X, Part 2") ("Recon")
    • Frank carried a gun several times since his second arrival to The Island.
    • Nikki was part of the plan to kill Howard Zukerman, though it was Paulo who technically killed him. ("Exposé")
  • Although Claire is a main character since Season 1, her first on-screen murder was shown in the last season, Season 6. ("What Kate Does")
  • Some of the main characters attempted murder in several occasions:
  • While there have been a number of times in which a main character has killed another main character, Jack and the Man in Black are the only two main characters that have killed each other.

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