Keith Baker was a metafictional character who appeared in Bad Twin, a novel written by Oceanic Flight 815 passenger Gary Troup.

Keith Baker (nickname "Moth") was a trusted friend of Alexander Widmore, having studied at high school with him. He worked at Hap's Marina on Peconiquot Island, and was interviewed by Paul Artisan during his search for Zander. He described Clifford Widmore as "God's Gift", and it was revealed that Zander had given him power of attorney over his own assets.

Moth was later killed before Artisan could speak to him again when a boat he was working on, called "Escape Hatch", fell and crushed him. Foul play was suspected when the police learned that the cradle had been tampered with.


  • Nicknamed "Moth" because he was a little guy who came out at night and sort of flitted around.
  • His death marked the first murder on Peconiquot Island in 47 years.
  • A ferry crewmember called Moth a good guy.
  • Police found a half pound of marijuana, a ton of books on philosophy and politics, and a round trip ticket to Key West when they searched his place.
  • He was the one who was supposed to meet the man at the Floridito Restaurant.
  • Moths were a recurring motif in Lost.