Kawela Bay is a filming location on the north shore of Oahu. The unique banyan trees are nearby this beach and are on the property of the Turtle Bay Resort. The beach and banyan trees are featured in:

  1. 1x02 "Pilot, Part 2" Banyan tree scenes
  2. 1x08 "Confidence Man" Sawyer swimming at the beach and tortured at the banyan trees
  3. 4x06 "The Other Woman" Juliet and Goodwin's beachside picnic

The beach is adjacent to another filmed beach, Waiale'e Beach.

Banyan trees

Banyan (Ficus subgenus Urostigma) is a type of tropical fig with a distinct growth pattern of aerial roots. The trees often begin as a seedling that has sprouted on another tree. As the tree grows, the roots grow over the trunk of the host. The roots, growing thick and woody and fusing where they meet, become a cage-like structure surrounding the host, which eventually dies. When the dead host rots away, a hollow space remains.

Banyans have appeared in numerous episodes in Lost. For example, the empty cage of roots around the space where the host tree formerly existed has been used as a refuge against attacks by polar bears and the Smoke Monster. The hanging roots are also visible in many jungle scenes. In addition to the ones at Kawela Bay, other filmed trees are located on the Judd Trail and Manoa Falls Trail.

Numerous banyans are to be found on Oahu, where Lost is filmed, although it is a non-native and introduced species to Hawaii.

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